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by FoodDrifter

“Where do we get “the best butter chicken” or I am craving for soufflé – where do I get it now? Which is the best hotel in the city? Where do I go to for my next vacation?

And most important of all what do I eat while on vacation?” When you’ve been asked these questions throughout the day by so many people around you, then you know exactly how our everyday life is.

If our life were ever chronicled in a few words, it can all be summed up in eating good food and going off in search for it in different parts of the world. Different cuisines, experimental food, exotic locales and to end it with comfort food is what keeps us going. Distances have never been long in our head and we cover them just to end it with a lip-smacking meal.

FoodDrifter Duo

The Food Drifter Duo – United by love of food and traveling where there’s never a conversation incomplete without the food reference. This particular ‘F’ word rules us both.

Neidhi – Globetrotter & caffeineaholic. Her main motto is to acquaint people about ‘different cuisines’ and enlighten people to appreciate good food. Travel Plans seem to figure in her every month planning and the biggest question is what to eat next. Exploring different cuisines is the best way to meet her.

Ashis – Thinks every restaurant is nearby for him to go try out. He’s a purist when it comes to food and loves being part of discussion about that “dish”. He goes ‘wow’ like a minion at a great meal and never likes leaving anything on his plate. Loves going off in explorations for the big thing.

So what made us start Food Drifter? This is our journey from us to you. We love food absolutely, breathe, eat and crave for it. And this is a just a small peek into our lives.

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