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Taking a note out of a personal experience, the other night I was sitting with a couple of people as we discussed about the best places we’ve dined out the past one year. And for all of us, Kanak at Trident featured highly on the list. For me Trident signifies calmness. A walk down the corridors to soothing music is a break away from the din of the traffic horns which Hyderabad seems to love doing.

It’s Peace and the place I’d head over with a loved one to have a lovely dinner over some beautiful conversations. Trident turns two this month and Chef Manik and his team at Kanak have curated a beautiful menu bringing back memories of what makes them a standout.


The revamped menu started off on a beautiful note with the Kadak Roomali. The crisp roomali had been sprinkled generously with chopped onions, tomatoes, cheese and spices. To give it company was the Desi Patiala Peg. A cocktail concoction of whiskey, cinnamon, cardamom and caramel, this definitely provide a punch. The flavors are subtle yet the cinnamon gives a nice lingering aftertaste.

Desi Patiala

Kadak Roomali

Now for memories from their Rivaayat food festival. The Rivaayat food festival had been an eye-opener with the Chefs focusing on revival of traditional dishes across India. If you’ve read our review on it, you’ll know how much we’d loved it and so the Soye ke tootak was no exception. The semolina coating was crisp with a light spice filling of soya beans. Among the other appetizers are the Kashmiri seekh gilafi which is a minced lamb seekh kebab specialty. It was soft and a light touch of ginger provided the necessary flavor. The stand-out among the starters for us was the Murgh Kalmi Kebab. It was pure bliss with a woody charcoal flavor of the chicken with it being perfectly marinated and grilled with garlic, pepper and black cardamom.

Soya ke Tootak-Murgh Kalmi Kebab

Gilafi Seekh Kebab


Haleem though an Iranian dish but the Hyderabadis have made it part of their heritage. Mostly available only during the holy month of Ramzan but Kanak is one of the few places to feature it on their menu all round. The meat to wheat content was optimal was deliciously smooth. The Bengali preparation of Paturi Macchi followed next. The fish is first marinated in yellow mustard and then steamed in plantain leaves. This way all the flavors are infused into the tender fish.


Paturi Macchi

The Murgh Handi Korma was simply brilliant this time at Trident. A rich creamy gravy of spices and nuts with chicken it goes great with a side of garlic naan. I’d loved the Bharwan Amchoori Bhindi during the Rivaayat festival, but this time around it had a little too much amchoor making it a little more sour than needed.

Bharwan Amchori Bhindi Aur Pyaaz

Murgh Handi Korma

Desserts are the always the best part of a meal. For the night, Kanak had Akrot aur Badam Halwa. The walnuts gave it a delicate crunch and was extremely rich in taste. This was served with saffron Rasgulla. It certainly meant we were a little bit of dessert-ified.

Akrot Aur Badam ka Halwa

Trident turns two which is quite an early birthday, but it has achieved so much in those two years. And with such outstanding dishes being churned out of the kitchens at Kanak, it shall be a happy dining in always.

Phone Number: 040 6623 2323
Address: Trident Hyderabad, Opposite Cyber Towers, Hitech City

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It’s been a few months since Sheraton opened it’s doors in Hyderabad. I remember the tour that the guys at Sheraton took us around to see their upcoming InAzia and Chime. Trust us you guys, there is a real beauty being built behind those closed doors. And once the concept of InAzia, a lounge which transforms to a club by the night is done, it sure will be the most happening place to be at.

Mirch Mumtaz

As with the hotel, the food at Feast too is on a transformation phase and with each visit, there is something new to offer. The ongoing Roast and Reds food festival shows promise. It’s a beginning of a journey for Feast itself. Soon as you walk in through the doors of Sheraton at Gachibowli, Feast lies on your immediate left with lots of options on the food spread. The Farmer’s Market Brunch at Feast is a one of a kind brunch to take place in the city, where you can shop and dine at the same time.

Tandoori Veg PLlatter

The menu for the Roast and Reds Food Festival shows so much promise. It’s an eclectic mix of continental, Indian and Chinese take on roast. A look at the Indian section and you have options with lots of variety. Trust me, they will not leave you disappointed if you’re a meat lover. Firstly let me start off with a little bit for the vegetarians. The Tandoori Veg platter might sound a little meh in terms of name but wait till you get the spice hit off the Hare Mutter ki Shammi. Lately vegetarian food seems to be attracting me a lot and I ain’t complaining with such variety of options. The stuffed mushrooms were polished off within seconds and for a hard-core meat eater, the Magaj broccoli needed a little bit of convincing for me to eat.

Chicken Keftas

Lamb Chops

Now over to some real food i.e Meat. Galauti Kebabs are hard for me to resist. Extremely soft minced meat with the apt amount of spices and a bit of polish of the garam masala to give the spice hit. Ohh, they were perfect. The Dohara Seekh Kebabs were good too, but they had a hard time following up after the Galauti Kebabs to tantalize my taste-buds.

Sour Dough Wrapped Prawn with Paprika Aioli

Pork Chop with Burnt Pineapple Glaze

Being an Asian-food aficionado, it was hard controlling my smile once the sour dough wrapped prawns and Indonesian Roast Duck arrived. The prawns were brilliantly marinated in fresh basil and deep friend. All it needed was a dash of lime and a dunk into the paprika aioli. The duck needed a little bit of marination to seep in but was alright. The Lemongrass Grilled Chicken plated like lollipops on a shoot of lemongrass carried loads of flavor of the lemongrass but it wasn’t overpowering.

Lemongrass Chicken

Indonesian Roast Duck

The next dish to come out of the kitchen at Feast, Sheraton needs a little bit of drum-roll before it reaches the table. Once a wise man said that if nothing is going right, add a little bit of barbeque to your life. That’s why we have the barbeque to uplift everything to a level of delicious. The chicken wings had been extensively marinated in barbeque through the night, with the sauce taking every chance to seep inside. It’s then roasted in the oven and what I had was heavenly.

Asian Prawns

Asian Main Course

There were also the Chicken Shish Taouk, Lamb and Chicken Keftas on the menu of Roast and Reds food festival. If you’re a meat lover, then this definitely warrants a drop-by. And if you’re not, the drop in to be converted into one.

Turkish Keftas

Kashmiri Gosht with Kesari Pulao

Address : Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel, 115/1, ISB Road, Financial District, Nanakramguda, Gachibowli, Hyderabad
Phone : 040 49251111

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Hampi is one of the trips you need to take in a lifetime. The entire town of Hampi is dotted in ruins of the Vijayanagara Kingdom on the banks of the Tungabhadra river. It’s classified as an UNESCO World Heritage site. For a tourist to be living among of the ruins of what was once a mighty kingdom, has a charm of it’s own.

Tungabhadra River

To navigate Hampi, it’s important to keep one small thought in mind especially for a foodie. The Tungabhadra River bifurcates the town. While one bank accommodates the temples and hance non-vegetarian isn’t allowed on this side. But once you take the ferry to the other side of the river, everything is allowed. Being a Temple-town, alcohol isn’t sold in Hampi but you can carry your own booze and also some smaller hotels do provide beers on the other side of the river.

In this post we take a look at what to and where in Hampi.

  1. Mango Tree: Mango Tree was a landmark by itself. It was once nestled beneath a huge mango tree, boasting of river views which is still unmatched. But a lightning struck taking away the iconic mango tree but the spirit of the restaurant still lives on. Now situated in the bazaar lane right in front of the Virupaksha Temple, Mango Tree continues on to serve delightful thalis.

Meals At Mango Tree

  1. Gowthami Guest House: Our favorite is to live of the other side of the bank of the river. Gowthami Guest House is one of the must visit hotels in Hampi. They grow their own produce and the chefs in the kitchen are mostly travelers looking to make a living to fund their journey. This has benefits. One the food is as authentic as possible. And two, the food is even more tastier with their organic produce.Gowthami Guest House
    An Israeli Menu
    Teas At GowthamiMust Try: They make the most amazing Pasta and especially go for the ones with Pesto Sauce. German baked goods with lots of cheese. An Israeli Laffa which is almost like the shawarma but packed with even more ingredients inside. And yes don’t forget their relaxing teas. They truly give meaning to the word Chillin’. They also have some delicious breakfast with options like German Bread, Hash Browns and many different kinds of omlettes.Alfredo Penne At Gowthami
    Breakfast At Gowthami
    German Cheese Bread
  1. German Bakery : The first bakery soon as you embark to the other side of the Tungabhadra is the German Bakery. It’s just an extension of a house and he closes shop pretty fast. He makes really good Rum Balls and German Cake. You can find all kinds of bread, cookies and cakes. But you need to be in time before they are polished off.German Bakery
  1. Laughing Buddha: This is a tiny terrace seating on the first floor of a housing complex. It feels very makeshit and is mostly crowded for the Hookahs and one of the few places which serve Beer. But do order their Shipudim Plate. It’s an Israeli platter of Pita Bread, Fries, Fresh Hummus, Barbecue Garlic Chicken Nuggets and fresh salad.Shipudim Platter

The essential thing to remember in Hampi is that you’re there to relax and soak in history. Take a walk among the ruins or among the sugarcane fields. Hampi is also one of the largest producers of sugarcane and it is a whole other feeling to sink your teeth into fresh sugarcane. And for some light munching by the river, there are always some local products like the below one.

Hyderabadi Biryani Flavor Snacks

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Each time I noticed my favorite character on TV puffing a huge round of smoke, off the thick end of a Cigar, it’d amaze me. “I’m definitely going to have one of those” I thought. I remember my first cigar had been along with a friend. It left me quite astounded (and also a little more of cough) by the size and amazed.  I mean have you ever seen the Godfather smoke a cigarette? Nope he lights up nothing else but a Cigar. A glass of his favorite cognac in one hand and meticulously moving smoking his Cigar as he finishes off matters for the day.

Rocky Patel Range Of Cigars

Then began my love for the Cigar. I haven’t smoked a lot many though as of now, but have had the fortune of experience a few of the good ones. Nothing better compliments a cigar than a glass of Cognac. There is the feeling of exclusivity of being part of the Cigar and Cognac club.

Henessey Cognac

So you can imagine how elated I was on being invited by Westin to be part of the Cigar & Cognac club that night. The invitation was for a select few of their patrons with the seating right beside a beautifully lit pool at Prego, and things picked off.


Starting off the evening with a glass of Hennessy Very Special. As I gave it a light swirl, the waft fresh toast with roasted almonds lingered on lightly. I then got a subtle vine fruit aroma as I got the glass closer for my first sip. On the palate – the Hennessy Very Special brings with it a dimension of vanilla, all rounded off with an exuberantly fresh and floral finish. Now that the Hennessey had daftly cleared my palate, it was time to light up the Rocky Patel Vintage 1990. The Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 is a mild cigar which leans more towards the milder side. It has a nutty, kind of caramel essence. The Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 has been placed in the Top 25 Cigars of the Year by Cigar Aficionado’s.

Rocky Patel 1

Cigar Conexion

Now to my favorite Hennessey and that’s the Hennessy V.S.O.P. Many cognac aficionados prefer the Hennessy V.S.O.P for it’s strong flavors yet delicate notes. With the first fragrance you perceive spices like vanilla, clove and cinnamon. Then the delicately tossed notes follow, arising from the maturation in oak barrels. The Hennessy V.S.O.P is really smooth, harmoniously creating a blend of maturity and vigor.

Henessey Drinks

To give wondrous company to the Hennessy V.S.O.P was the Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve. It’s quite a thick cigar featuring the non-traditional wrapper leaf grown in grown in Costa Rica around a core of Nicaraguan & Honduras Tobaccos. These give it an earthy, almost leathery flavor with hints of coffee. It’s medium bodied with a fine balance of cedar, toast, coconut and cocoa bean. If lingers long enough, you can find a subtle finish of anise.

Rocky Patel Range of Cigars

The evening was well-spent over delicious tapas and conversation revolving around food, travel and a slight hint of politics thrown in the mix. Nevertheless the Cigar and Cognac Club by Westin opens up so many mediums, a group of exclusivity with discussions which can only happen over a glass of fine cognac and an occasional puff of smoke.

Tapas For The Night

Prego - The Westin Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Oh So Stoned has been steadily climbing it’s way into people’s hearts. Their fun ice-cream creations and delicious desserts have been one of our favorites in the city. Now with the launch of their new outlet, they’ve introduced “The Munchies”. We shall be hosting a Date with Vijay Deverkonda at the new outlet of ‘Oh So Stoned’. From his rich boy portrayal in ‘Life is Beautiful’ to winning hearts with his character Rishi in the superhit film Yevade Subramanayam, he’s been steadily making his mark. Contest details are below.

The new Oh So Stoned outlet in Jubilee Hills, brings with it the same vibrant atmosphere but with lots of new creations. Their ‘Dig It’ features a sinful conception of softy ice-cream, almonds, wafers, choco chips and so much more in a large mug. The Munchies menu is the most interesting of them all. You get to choose your own base of Fries, Wedges, Macaroni and Onion Rings with your own choice of sauce. Depending on your mood it can be The Italian Job or some Balle Balle with Punjabi by Nautre. A little bit of smokiness from the Smoky Barbecue or a cheesy dip with The Jamaican Jerk.


What more are you waiting for? Enter the contest below to win a free Coffee Date.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Oh So Stoned! Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Saturday the 11th was one crazy night for us at FoodDrifter. It was the 6th Ramzan FoodWalk during this month as part of the Ramzan FoodWalk series. The overwhelming response that we had received had us excited. Considering that this was going to be the last FoodWalk for this month we decided to go big. A whole lot of goodies and contests, games and of course innumerable food stalls planned to make the night exhilarating.

The FoodDrifter Food Map -   - Pic Courtesy Ankit Becks

The best part of the night was having 100+ enthusiastic crowd who descended upon the Old City to be part of the FoodWalk. The FoodWalk commenced at Hotel Nayaab, opposite the Madina Building at 8 PM. Hotel Nayaab is famous for it’s delicious Kesar Chai. The subtle flavor of Saffron in the tea leaves a sweet tingling taste over your palate. The foodies also gorged on Haleem and Paya with Munshi Naan and we moved over to the next stop at Shadab. Shadab is quite famous for it’s Biryani, but it also serves some exquisite Falooda and Lassi. Haleem check two at Shadab and our FoodWalk moved to Hotel Shehraan.

Seekh Kebab At Shehran -   - Pic Courtesy Ankit Becks

Instruction Time  - Pic Courtesy Ankit Becks

Fish Fry, Apollo Fish, Boti Kebabs, Seekh Kebabs, Dahi Wada, Khajoor, Pakodas were just a few of the food that were savored as we made our way to Nimrah to relish on some Irani Chai as we soaked in the beauty of Charminar. During Ramzan, the sights and energy in Old City is at it’s peak. You have to be there to feel the goose bumps that it can give you.

Fish Fry & Fish Cutlets

Irani Chai and Osmania Biscuits are a match made in heaven when in Hyderabad but Tie Biscuits also make for a terrific accompaniment. The after it was hardcore non-vegetarian binge eating. Chicken 65, Tandoori Chicken, Pista House Haleem and lots of Hyderabadi desserts like the Qubbani ka Meetha, Dil-e-Firdous and Phirni. For the last stop of the night with the clock almost hitting 2 AM, we ended the gastronomic FoodWalk at Shah Ghouse with it’s scrumptious Biryani.

Something For The Vegetarians - Pic Courtesy Ankit Becks

Sweets - Pic Courtesy Biswajit Mohanty

The FoodWalk was the best we have done till date because of the amazing set of people we got to meet. Eating out is all about sharing stories and enjoying conversations over food. The enthusiasm and above all the contests were a lot of fun. Special thanks to Oh So Stoned, Saffron Mantra, Lemon Tree Hotels, TinyOwl, Built2Cook and Sweet Experience, Deli 9 Bistro for the dining vouchers and gifts which made it more fun for the participants.

To End It All With Biryani  - Pic Courtesy Ankit Becks

We shall be back with a bigger event. More interesting ones coming up on our Facebook Page.

The FoodDrifters

Photo Albums On Facebook:

1. FoodDrifter Ramzan FoodWalk 2015

2. FoodDrifter Ramzan FoodWalk By Ankit Becks

3. Hyderabad Trails By Jeet’s Photography

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It’s mid-June, finally a reprieve from the summer heat and the monsoons have descended. The entire city of Hyderabad is decked up for the holy month of Ramzan. Every year the month of Ramzan means an entire month of fasting and also Haleem, the beloved dish that Hyderabadis await to gorge on this time of the year. Even though a lot of hotels have now started serving it round the year, but the zaika of this Hyderabadi dish can be felt only during the month of Ramzan. Topped with fried onions, mint and several other versions that each hotel has given its own twist, there is no beating Hyderbad’s love for Haleem and Biryani.

Haleem At Kebab Theater, Lemon Tree Hotels

It’s that time of the year when people ask “Haleem Khaye?” or “Where do you get the best Haleem?”. So we’ve made a list of top places famous around the city of Hyderabad for you to try and indulge your tastebuds. The list is not ranked,  and it lists the top in no order.

  1. Pista House: The past few years has seen the rise of Pista House as the brand ambassador of Haleem for Hyderabad. Some might consider it just a little above-average, the global appeal of Pista House is unmatched to any other eatery. They also deliver outside Hyderabad through Gati Courier. The original outlet is at Charminar but many makeshift stalls are set up around the city. The green tubs are hard to miss. They also have a vegetarian version.
    Pista House Haleem
  2. Shadab: No visit to Charminar is incomplete without a drop-in at Hotel Shadab. The Haleem at Shadab is served with Zabaan and boiled egg. It’s a little bit spicier than the regular Haleem.
  3. Green Park Hotel: ‘Once Upon A Time’, the specialty restaurant of Green Park, Ameerpet serves Haleem throughout the year and also has it part of their midnight buffet. The Haleem is extremely smooth and very well made.
  4. Café 555: Many of the city’s locals swear by Café 555. The best part about the Haleem at Café 555 is the variety of innovations you get along with your Haleem. Haleem topped with Chicken 65, Zubaan etc… are just to name a few of those. The shorba on top is the extra punch you’ll need to give the flavor to the haleem. A lot of bones lately has been a drawback for me personally.Cafe 555
  5. Café Bahar: The original Café Bahar at Basheerbagh is famous for it’s brilliant Biryanis and it’s Haleem. They have great combos during the Ramzan season and you get a bottle of coke with your Haleem too.
  6. Hotel Iqbal: One of the few hotels which serve authentic Hyderabadi food as part of their menu. The Haleem at Café Iqbal is completely different than the regular fare you get around Hyderabad. They serve the Iranian version of the Haleem made with real saffron.Haleem At Cafe Iqbal
  7. Alhamdulillah: Along with the amazing Tala Hua Gosht that Alhamduilillah is famous for, they also serve a delectable Beef Haleem.
  8. Hotel Rumaan: Rumaan in Tolichowki is famous for the beef version of the Haleem. Opened till late into the night, the Haleem is priced very moderately and attracts the people who like the heavier meat.Hotel Rumaan
  9. Hyline: The Haleem at Hyline, Koti is meatier and the aroma of the spices and ghee oozes with every spoon. One of the must try places during Ramzan.
  10. Nayaab Hotel: Nayaab’s take on Hyderabad’s most famous Ramzan dish is a bit spicier than the regular ones. Topped off only with fried onions and a dash of lime, there is also a generous amount of oil added to give it that extra seasoning.
  11. Grand Hotel: Grand Hotel’s version might not be the best, but it certainly is one of the oldest eateries serving Haleem since 1946. It’s riddled with a lot of bones and also bland comparatively.Hotel Grand Haleem
  12. Madina Hotel: Eons ago, precisely 70 years back, Madina Hotel in Patherghatti, Charminar used to be the only hotel around serving Haleem commercially in Hyderabad. It still continues to have it’s loyal customer base till date. After the fire gutted the main hotel they never have been able to resurrect. But for those glorious times they get a special mention.
  13. Shah Ghouse: The friendly rivalry between the biggest hotels to serve their customers during Ramzan spills onto the streets quite literally. The waiters of Shah Ghouse can be seen waving the menu, to invite them in both at their Charminar and Toli Chowki outlets. It is flavorful, light but like many of the eateries lately, they too seem to have gotten a lot more bones in their Haleem.Shah Ghouse
  14. Hotel Niagara: Niagara Hotel is one of the city’s oldest and famous Biryani Joints. It also serves Haleem 365 days a year and sees great-takers during the Ramzan month.
  15. Chai Shop, Taj Banjara: In the mood for some great coffee and Haleem, the Chai Shop in Taj Banjara is open 24 hours and also serves Haleem throughout the year. It is served along with a sheermal.Haleem At Chai Shop, Taj Banjara
  16. Bawarchi: Bawarchi is a name so synonymous with Hyderabad that it’s given rise to so many replicas throughout the city. But the original outlet at RTC ‘X’ Roads serves some of the most delectable Haleem during the Ramadan month.
  17. Lajawab Haleem: If you ask any of the locals around the Barkas as to which is their destination for Haleem is? They’ll redirect you towards Lajawab Chicken Center right opposite Mataam-Al-Arabi which makes a delicious Chicken version and also one of the best Suleimani Chai in the city.
  18. Sarvi: The Irani Haleem served at Sarvi is sure a crowd-puller. Located on Road No. #11, Banjara Hills, the Haleem is made of mutton and wheat alone. The spices used are more flavorful and with a dash of lime wedge on top, a bowl of Haleem is scooped clean in minutes.Sarvi
  19. Hotel Sohail: Famous for it’s divine Malai Paya and many other Hyderabadi dishes, the Haleem at Hotel Sohail in Malakpet is quite amazing. Topped off with diced cashews, diced mint leaves and caramelized onions, it tastes heavenly.
  20. Mandar: The Yousuf Tekri complex houses some legends of the Hyderabad eatery scene and then there is Mandar. It is one of the oldest outlets serving the dish and is also famous for it’s exquisite Biryanis too.

Every nook and corner of the city has stalls set up during the Ramadan and there is no denying the passion that Hyderabad has for it’s Biryani and Haleem. Lately there has been different variations like the Fish and low-calorie Emu interpretations too. Do let us know your favorite Haleem outlets below in the comments.

We shall be conducting a Haleem Walkathon during the month of Ramzan. Like our page FoodDrifter or mail us at fooddrifter@gmail.com for further updates.

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The best part about Mumbai is that I can take a nice walk silently down the road, soaking up the culture still be amazed by how much the city has to offer. My favorite destination has been the effervescent and yet surprisingly blissful walking down Fort area. It was one of those times when a stroll down the elegant Ballard Estate, the business end of Mumbai gave way to it’s prized possession. A cheery red and white signage, paints peeling off the walls and yet a long line flowing onto the boulevard and you’ve arrived at Britannia And Co.

Britannia & Co.

Luckily I had reached early before the tourist, office goers, visiting Parsis filled up the restaurant and took a quiet table at the doorway. The cheerful Mr. Boman Kohinoor was at the entrance chatting up with the guests that were slowly trickling in and winding his way around the tables too. The high-point of visiting Britannia is actually catching with Mr. Kohinoor at times. A devout Anglophile, almost pushing 92 years, Mr. Boman Kohinoor is an encyclopedia of stories to catch up on. Some of his views are passé about the colonial times spent under the Raj but it reflects the mutually co-operative understanding the Parsis and the British enjoyed. After all it took Rashid Kohinoor, the founder of Britannia only 24 hours to get his F&B license on the condition that he give his café an anglicized name.

Britannia And Co.

The waiter took my order as Mr. Boman came over to my table to enquire if all was good. He takes his time to explain the dishes on his menu to the first-timers. My order was for the Chicken Berry Pulav. Move over Biryani, coz when at Britannia, then the Berry Pulav is a must have. Many label Britannia & Co. to be over-hyped. But at a time when many Parsi eateries have closed shop, Britannia and Co. stands tall because it serves the best on a plate.

The Berry Pulav is made of light fluffy rice mingled with chicken breast and chicken mince balls mixed with delicately spiced gravy topped off with the little red jewels. They pay special attention to the ingredients they use like the berries or barberries for the Berry Pulav, as they are especially imported from Iran and is actually a cross between pomegranate and cranberries explains Mr. Boman Kohinoor.

Chicken Berry Pulav

As I had my Berry Pulav and sipped on my Spiced Ginger Pallonji’s Soda, I couldn’t help noticing the sagging cardboard cut-out of Prince William and Princess Kate which adorned the end of the balcony. There is so much more to the food at Britannia and Co. The amazing Salli Boti, Patrani Machi and loads of Egg dishes are hard to resist. There’s a no nonsense nostalgia to the menu itself too. But the Puddings at any Parsi café are an old-fashioned affair. The Caramel Custard is brilliance in a bowl and a must try. Not too sweet and floating on a bed of burnt caramel, I couldn’t have asked for a better dessert.

Caramel Custard

A visit to Britannia and Co. isn’t just about the food but also about the heritage it carries on it’s shoulders. Right from the nifty little chats with Mr. Boman Kohinoor to the flaking pastel paint and whiteboards on the walls to the antique clock ticking away in the middle of the restaurant, the place is overrun with so much history. Britannia & Co. truly is an iconic place.

Pallonji's Spicy Ginger

Address : Britannia & Co. Restaurant, Ballard Estate, Opp New Custom House, Mumbai
TEL:022 2261 5264
Hours: 11:30 am – 4:00 pm

They do not accept Credit and Debit Cards. Payment mode is cash only.

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As you enter Kurries & Burries, the first thing you notice is the café’s simple decor. The café is small and overtly crowded with teenagers, couples and families. Situated down the road from Wilson College, a group at the next table are busy taking selfies.  Throughout our time at the outlet of Kurries & Burries, not a single table had been left empty with one group outpouring onto a table soon as it vacated. The line outside was impressive enough to justify the popularity that is Kurries & Burries.

Kurries & Burries is what I would describe elevating amateur food to restaurant quality. There is passion which bursts forth in the food for a café that prides itself to be the only outlet in Mumbai serving Asian and Mexian food under the same roof. It might sound strange to be operating two significantly pole apart cuisines under one roof but it surprisingly works at Kurries & Burries.

Kurries & Burries Menu

Orders had been taken swiftly and I got to sit down with Kushal Todi, the mastermind behind the outlet to pick his brain till the food arrived. K&B started out as an ambitious project which was later turned over into a full-fledged business model. They make their own curries and pastes and almost all the recipes are developed by Kushal’s mom and then innovated by the chefs. Each dish is under development and tested for 3 months before being launched. But to reform an idea into reality, needs a whole dose of passion and courage. And the talk with Kushal reaffirmed that passion does drive a brand with an outlet being jam-packed in 3 months of existence.

Crackled Spinach Chilly Paneer

The orders had started to arrive one by one to our table. Sipping on the Mango Mocktail, and I could finally give a sigh of relief. The sigh of having traveled a distance and then handed the best refreshing drink is like heaven on earth. The perfect amalgamation of Pineapple and Mango pulp makes it work wonderfully in sync together in a glass. With each sip that you take, you get a flavor of Mango which is followed by a tint of Pineapple feel hitting your taste buds. The good amount of crushed nuts topped on the drink gives u something further to munch with each sip that you have.

Mango Mocktail

Do good things come packed in Tortillas? Yes they very much do and you’ll have one of the most amazing ones right at Kurries & Burries. The Mex-Wich is outstanding.  That’s the super-awesome package of Mexican Beans, Salsa, Sour cream, Paneer marinated in Mexican Sauce, crushed Nacho Chips all sandwiched together between a Tortilla feels like. Ohh Wait! It isn’t over yet as the Mex-Wich is grilled & deep fried and then covered with Cheese Sauce & topped with Salsa, Sour cream and served with Mexican sauce on the side to go by. It’s the hottest selling dish and absolutely ‘Delicioso’.


The Crackled Spinach Chilly Paneer turned out to be pretty average. The Paneer was good but there was too much oil coz of the deep fried cottage cheese and spinach. The Thai Green Curry arrived at the table and completed the order for the evening. A perfect medley of vegetables, lemongrass in a beautiful delicate broth of coconut milk with the perfect blend of spices and went perfect with a bowl of rice.

Thai Green Curry And Rice

Adam Richman Aficionados, Kurries and Burries has the perfect challenge for you. The Big Daddy Challenge which relives the Man vs. Food contest, packs it with the ultimate K&B Fusion. A 16″ Burrito weighing over 1 Kg containing Beans, Salsa, Sour Cream, Cheese Sauce and also Asian starters like Crispy Baby Baby Corn, Kung Pao Potatoes and much more. Sounds Doable? Then give it a try at K&B and get your bill waivered off.

I left Kurries & Burries with a pleasant smile. To actually have a complete vegetarian meal and walk out content seldom happens with us and Kurries & Burries, I must say you hit a sweet spot. The pricing is extremely economical and students get a special discount too during weekedays. Mexican And Asian never felt so good under one roof.

Phone : 022-23671800
Address: 29/A, Jethabhai Govindji Building, Opposite Merchants Club, Metro Motors Lane, Rangekar Road, Chowpatty
Website: kurriesandburries.com/

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 To describe my experience at Shivaji Military Hotel I would have to go back to a conversation. When filming for an episode of FoodMad in Hyderabad with Rocky and Mayur we were between shoot as usual hung up on a food conversation. That’s when Rocky tells me of the amazing Biryani he had at Shivaji Miltary hotel when long back he had been shooting for HOMP. I told myself then “Take a mental note, this is one hotel to visit when in Bangalore.”
Shivaji Military Hotel 1

But the thought seemed to have been long lost in my memories when I hadn’t visited Bangalore for quite sometime. During my recent visit, soon as I landed I headed over to a friend’s house. Though tired off the bus journey and his home being in Old Airport Road, he suggested that for lunch that we go to Shivaji Military Hotel. That’s when I got excited and remembered the promise to myself I had taken a long time back to visit this establishment.

Shivaji Military Hotel

So off we were on the bike criss-crossing through the traffic all the way to Jayanagar to get our fix off the Donne Biryani. Now even though we too had to use the maps and still did find it a little difficult to locate but the easiest is to look for the Indian Oil Petrol Pump and the lane with Shivaji Military Hotel is right opposite that. Now the crowd wasn’t immense as expected and we were guided to our table shortly. So first orders off the single page pamphlet-like menu was for the Mutton Fry and a Chicken Donne Biryani.

Served On Dry Leaf Paper Plates

The table had been cleaned from the before customers leftovers neatly and a new leaf had been set for us to partake. A service waiter walks around handing out cups and filling with Rasam for the Biryani. The ‘Rasam’ served is mostly Chicken and Mutton Stock and goes extremely well with the Donne Biryani. The Mutton Dry arrived in no time and was the best goddamn Mutton Dry I had in a long time. We both were left munching on the gorgeous succulent mutton and forgot about taking a break in between altogether.

Mutton Dry

The Chicken Biryani was full of flavors and the aroma of it all hit my nostrils soon as the ‘donna’ was placed in front of me. “Donne” means big sized cups /bowls made from areca nut palm leaf . These are eco friendly disposable plates and cups. As Biryani is served on these plates/bowls it is popularly known as “Donne Biryani”. Unlike authentic biryani’s, this biryani is not layered nor cooked in dum. This is very similar to preparing any Pulao but its cooked with mutton/chicken stock. But all the flavors envelope every single grain of rice. The best taste actually turned out to be mixing the Biryani with the rasam and a squeeze of the lemon wedge given along with.

Mutton Donne Biryani

Now what we ordered wasn’t enough obviously and so we called out to the waiter to get another donne of the Mutton Biryani and Chicken Dry. The Chicken Dry was lip-smacking good. With loads of the curry leaves, it had a nice tangy south-Indianish flavor to it. The Mutton Biryani seemed to have been just cooked and was piping hot while served. The flavors hadn’t penetrated enough yet and the mutton still required some time to soak in the stock.

Chicken Fry

I wouldn’t classify what I had at Shivaji Military Hotel to be Biryani but more leaning towards Pulao. But to have not gone to Shivaji would be a missing out on some great stuff that they be serving out to the people from the time of the Military Cantonments to the common man. Dining at Shivaji Military Hotel is an experience. The recipes are a close guarded secret and only passed on thorough generations in the family. I still salivate thinking of the amazing Mutton Dry I had in Shivaji Military Hotel and will go back no matter the distance to have another piece of it.

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