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Indian Chinese/Indo-Chinese or whatever else nomenclature you might give it is our comfort food. Tell me the number of times you’ve come back home one day, opened up your food delivery app and ordered for Schezwan fried rice and chili chicken. Or picked up a parcel of hakka noodles and Manchurian on the way back from work and sat down to relish it in front of the TV. The best part is you go to China and actually order for chili chicken or Manchurian or even say Hakka noodles, the only thing you’ll get is a look of bewilderment.

Deccan Pavilion

We as Indians have adopted our own version of Chinese food. So much so that this Indian-Chinese cuisine is actually the most popular foreign cuisine in India, surpassing the likes of Italian or Mexican. It is only fitting that Deccan Pavilion at ITC Kakatiya pays a tribute to this love for Indo-Chinese food.

The Indo-Chinese food festival has been incorporated as part of the regular dinner buffet at Deccan Pavilion. We had a chat with the Chef Kamal and it was exciting to know that they have their entire one week’s menu panned out differently. So you might end up with the Chicken Manchurian on one night and a Schezwan Chicken the next.

Indo Chinese Food Festival

The night that we visited, we absolutely relished on the Talumein Soup. And with a side of prawn crackers, this was absolutely fabulous. They might have been labelled as a Dimsums, but one opening the basket, what awaited us actually Momos. Sweet Corn soup, Momos, Chicken Dragon Balls, Deep batter-fried Mushroom, yes this was the beauty of Indo-Chinese all along.

Food At The Indo-Chinese Festival At ITC Kakatiya (6)

Food At The Indo-Chinese Festival At ITC Kakatiya (4)


As part of the main course of Fish in oyster sauce, lamb meatballs in schezwan sauce, stir fried vegetables and lots more. The Fried Rice was perfect with a topping of the oyster sauce. For deserts it was a sweet ending with Darsan, honey noodles with vanilla ice-cream.

Food At The Indo-Chinese Festival At ITC Kakatiya (5)

Food At The Indo-Chinese Festival At ITC Kakatiya (3)

Food At The Indo-Chinese Festival At ITC Kakatiya (1)

The Indo-Chinese Food Festival is on at Deccan Pavilion, ITC Kakatiya till 15th May as part of the regular buffet during nights only and priced at 1500+ taxes. The buffet includes other varieties as well.


Address : Deccan Pavilion, ITC Kakatiya, Begumpet, Hyderabad
Phone No. : 040 33165113

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After watching 7 seasons of Masterchef Australia, and loving it, all you can dream of is ever getting to wear that apron and be in a professional kitchen and have these amazing chefs help you learn and live around the thing that you are most passionate about, FOOD. And Sheraton helps you live this dream of yours. I don’t think I have ever been this awestruck ever in my life and I am forever grateful to the amazing team of Sheraton for making it possible.

Sheraton Culinary Academy (16)

Sheraton Culinary Academy (15)

Sheraton Culinary Academy (5)
But first let’s cut to a scene….
You’re in an awesome, fancy restaurant with perfect decor and set up (Bene), wearing your very own chef’s apron and hat with your notepad and pencil. Sitting on one of the three small tables facing one big kitchen counter, which is full of all kinds of Italian pastas and every other ingredient in small white bowls, very cookery show like, lit stove, knife holders and all. Behind the counter is standing Bene’s very own Italian chef, Giusseppe Lioce.

There you have it.. Your Masterclass, Sheraton style!

Sheraton Culinary Academy (3)

Sheraton Culinary Academy (4)

Sheraton Culinary Academy (9)

The very friendly, very interactive chef demonstrated to us his three signature dishes.

Firstly he started off with making the dough, the base and most important part of most dishes. The ingredients and techniques involved in making the deceptively simple looking dough perfect. Simple and fabulous..
We got to try our hand at making Pasta.. Basil and pesto.

Sheraton Culinary Academy (8)

Sheraton Culinary Academy (7)

Sheraton Culinary Academy (12)

Again simple and lip-smackingly delicious. Everyone almost licked their plates clean off. Third was a dessert.. Almond cookies . Equal parts almond flour and sugar, little bit of almond essence and butter. Bake for 20mins at 160degrees and you have your cookies.

Sheraton Culinary Academy (14)

Sheraton Culinary Academy (10)

As if these weren’t enough, the chef invited is to join him and his friends on the poolside and have some amuse-bouches along with drinks. And that turned out to be one of the best parts of evening. Not only the food tasted like little bits of heaven and the drinks were just right, we had one of best views of the city. Perfectly lit buildings and metro passing through frequently, but quiet. It was one of those perfect set ups to just laugh, have some drinks and delicious food and unwind with your friends. The end to the evening couldn’t have been written any better.

Sheraton Culinary Academy (1)

And I can’t thank Sheraton and team, for another perfect evening. I don’t pick favorites but they are making it really hard not to.You must visit them.. Not just for the perfect decor of their restaurants or the delicious food they serve or even the ever attentive staff or because they have the best view in the city.. But because if you decide on spending an evening with them , they make sure it is remarkable and they give you enough reasons to remember it always!

Sheraton Culinary Academy

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Oakwood had never registered in my head as a place I should definitely be stopping by. I always considered Oakwood as another hotel who would be putting up their food only for the convenience of their in-house guests and not something to be raving about. Having stayed in quite a lot of service apartments while travelling the country, this is a perception which had formed gradually. But Oakleaf did change my perception when it came to the food at Oakleaf.

The buffet laid out during lunch is fairly simple, but it’s their a-la-carte menu which is impressive. Covering a wide range from salads to desserts, Indian and Chinese to Continental and also a little bit of tadka thrown in between. With a menu like that it would be wise to say that their strength lies in their continental fare.

Starting off with the Shanghai Spring Rolls, Bruschetta and Wok tossed Chili Fish, I did find the inquisitiveness of their chefs to be dishing out good food. If I had taken a room at Oakwood, I would definitely not be looking out and be snuggled in bed ordering this kind of food upstairs to my room.

Shanghai Sring Rolls

Wok Tossed Chilli Fish

It was the Mutton Fry which was our clear favorite among the starters. Having that right kick of solid pepper, the only thing I missed that day at Oakwood was probably a chilled glass of beer to go along-with. It would be safe to say that I didn’t quite safe to say that I left my manners on the side and neatly polished off the last pieces onto my plate.

Mutton Pepper Fry

The Salads were largely there on the menu as healthy and flavorful options. But I’d still and continue to rave on about the Roasted Tomato Basil soup, I had at lunch that day. I know how hard it is to get a simple soup of Roasted Tomato Basil soup right, but this was bang on and packed a lot right flavors in a bowl.


Roasted Tomato Basil Soup

Asian Chicken Salad

Greek Salad

Among the Main course the highlights were the Achari Jhinga, Grilled Polenta with Mushroom Fricasse and Dum ka Murgh. The rice in the Seafood risotto had been completely cooked, let alone being al-dente. But I’d safely say the Indian course fared much better. The Chinese menu included Broccoli, waterchestnuts and mushrooms in a soya ginger sauce, Schezwan lamb and Burnt Chili Garlic noodles.

Grilled Polenta With Wild Mushroom Fricasse

Dum ka Murgh

Seafood Risotto

Hing And Jeera ka Chatpata Aloo

Chinese Main Course

Chicken Caesar Burger

Now to the highlight of the lunch, the Baked Yoghurt which left me wanting more. It was perfectly set, beautiful texture and one of the good ones I’ve had in so long. Especially with the summer heat, this felt like a perfect refreshing dessert. Oakleaf have got most of their menu right and have done a great job in changing my perception of service apartment food. It wouldn’t surprise me if they slowly start to get a clientele who trickle in just have food and not stay there alone.

Baked Yogurt

Address : Survey Number 115/1, Financial District, Nanakramguda, Opposite ICICI Bank, Gachibowli
Phone Number : 040 33165310

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I’m a self-confessed Beer lover and don’t mind having a chilled pint to beat this summer heat. A beer in mind needs a burger on the other. And lo and behold the setting the Beer, BBQ and Burger festival was born. Sheraton Hyderabad has been constantly coming up with a variety of changes as part of it’s menu at Feast and the Burger and BBQ is yet another amazing addition.

Beer Burgers And BBQ

Sides (2)

Sides (1)

Sides (3)

The Burgers and BBQ are part of it’s regular buffet menu and one is spoiled for choice with the varied menu. Among the vegetarian Burgers are Spiced Beans Rancher, Sun-dried tomatoes & Basil white bean burger and Soya ginger infused tofu. The sun dried tomatoes and basil was the pick of the lot with the sourness of the sun dried tomatoes and freshness of the basil shining through.

Burgers (3)

Burgers (2)

But what’s a burger without meat. I mean it’s okay to have vegetarian options when it comes to Burgers but meat is where a true Burger shines through. The Louisiana style fried chicken slammers, Chicago style pulled pork grinder, Nizami spicy Lamb and fajita chicken & lemon garlic burgers wrap up the non-vegetarian options. We were hugely partial to the Nizami style spicy lamb burger and it was smoothly washed down with a chilled beer in hand.

Burgers (1)

The Barbeque were an absolute delight with the Lamb Chops having been perfectly made. The BBQ come with a huge range of option of marinade to choose from with the chefs willing to dish your choice of meat with the particular marinades. My choices would be a combining Chicken with the Jerk seasoning, lamb chops in smoked BBQ or a beautifully done fish steak in basil pesto lime.

Barbeque (1)

Barbeque (2)

The Burger, BBQ and Beer festival is the perfect menu to unwind with friends and family. The burgers are all beautifully handcrafted and the barbeque delectably done. The festival is one till the 26th of April 2016 at Feast.

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United Kitchens of India has become one of our favorite new restaurants in the city. Don’t let the bright sign fool you, coz once inside, opens up a world of food and drinks. As you cross over the bridge to be ushered in, the interiors are quite swanky and bright. The outside cabana-styled our seating is our favorite spot. But here in this post we aren’t getting into discussion about their amazing food and ambience. It’s going to be about their Liquids. Yes, those shiny cocktails which has us going ‘Ooooo’ (minion like….) every time we order one.

Cocktails (2)

We list out below our 5 favorite cocktails off the United Kitchen of India menu….

Lotta: When it comes to Master Mixologist Sharad Arora, his legacy of the Lotta precedes him. A mean cocktail would be an understatement to describe the Lotta which has won several awards. I do love the infusion of tenderness of the coconut in the white rum. Mint Julep, Basil and Passion Fruit come together in a lotta to give it the much needed freshness. We have tried variations in dark rum too and must say, they add to the flavor.


Gulaboo: For people who like Whiskey and yet don’t like to drink it neat, the Gulaboo is for you. Rose Water, fizz and fresh rose petals give the whiskey a slight hint of sweetness which isn’t overpowering at the same time.


Espresso Martini: This classic-stylish and killer drink is a real potent drink. It has quite the kick of sweetness and rich. The Espresso Martini at United Kitchens of India adds a tinge of hazelnut to give it their own sweet twist.

Espresso Martini

Gin Fizz: The Gin Fizz is my personal favorite here. On a sunny day this should be the drink in your hand. It’s extremely refreshing and is like drops of sweet nectar going down the throat. UKI makes the Lemon Sorbet fresh with every order, so I know for a fact that I’m going to get neatly packed one in my glass. The gin is infused with lemongrass in the Gin Fizz.

Road No. 45: The Road No. 45 is United Kitchens of India’s signature drink. Named after the road they are located on i.e Road No 45, Jubilee Hills, the cocktail brings in a balance of sweet and sour with elderflower syrup, mixing together the richness of bubbly and gin.

Other notable mentions include the Sufiana, Narangi Chaska and the Twisted Mojitos which come in choice of flavors like Plum & Passion Fruit/ Mandarin/ Raw Mango/ Kiwi & Fennel/ Fig & Tamarind.

Twisted Mojitos (2)

Cocktails (1)

They also have some amazing range of Beer Cocktails if you’ve exhausted through their vast cocktail menu.

Beer Cocktails

(Pics by FD Team – Arjun D)


In the video below Mixologist Sharad Arora shows us how to whip up a mean Sufiana, their take on the Absinthe.


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I remember my first Yum cha experience at Singapore. In middle of China town, was a small restaurant called Yum Cha where lunch would be buzzing with people to experience Yum Cha. Unlimited 40 varieties of dimsums and pork buns served on trolleys with hot tea. I can still distinguishingly remember  the jingle of the bell of the trolley as the Dim Sum lady passed by.My favorite was of course Char Siu Bao (barbequed pork buns ) and Xiā jiǎo (crystal clear shrimp dim sums).

Yum Cha Food Festival At Inazia (1)

Yum Cha Food Festival At Inazia (2)

Over the years, Bao and dimsums went on to become comfort food and Sheraton Hyderabad gave us the perfect opportunity to try the Yum Cha experience right here at Inazia. Chef Ninja ensures the Asian flavors are intact and brings out the unique authentic flavors right here in Hyderabad. Inazia offered variety of Yum Cha on your table and as their tagline simply put it across as “A whole lot of Yum and a little bit of Cha”.

Yum Cha Food Festival At Inazia (18)

Yum Cha Food Festival At Inazia (9)

Yum Cha Food Festival At Inazia (8)

Yum Cha Food Festival At Inazia (10)

We decided to sample our all-time favorite and started with Chun Guen. These fried spring rolls with vegetable and glass noodle were crispy and with a little dip of the sweet chilli and they were the most wanted dish on the table already. We moved on to bok choy which again was cabbage with oyster sauce. We then moved on to Ji Rou Shao Mai, a simple steamed chicken dumpling.

Yum Cha Food Festival At Inazia (14)

Yum Cha Food Festival At Inazia (12)

Yum Cha Food Festival At Inazia (15)

Yum Cha Food Festival At Inazia (13)

Yum Cha Food Festival At Inazia (7)

Yum Cha Food Festival At Inazia (6)

They also have an option of set menu along with dimsums and we started with hot and sour soup. Although I personally hate the spicy hot soups, these were balanced flavors and I managed to finish my bowl. If you love the flavor of the sea, do try the zicai danhua tang which is seaweed and egg soup.

Yum Cha Food Festival At Inazia (5)

Yum Cha Food Festival At Inazia (4)

Yum Cha Food Festival At Inazia (11)

Yum Cha Food Festival At Inazia (16)

For main course, we had the sichuan qiang chao ju ting. The stir fried chicken was served in sichuan sauce and complemented shu cai chao main which is stir fried noodles with vegetable with a generous helping of garlic. The ever famous x.o. chao fried rice with shrimp can be accompanied with you zha ta yu, a fried fish dish made with a base of chilli sauce.

The lunch ended with tian mi mi. These decadent homemade crispy honey noodles with a side of ice-cream makes for a great palate cleanser after a superb meal.

Yum Cha Food Festival At Inazia (3)

You can choose from 7 varieties and get 12 (3 varieties) starting at Rs. 750++ or the set menu at Rs. 1600++.

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In our previous post on Rivaayat, a beautiful food festival which has it’s roots surrounding many of the lost and traditional dishes of India, we had in length discussed of the strong thought process gone into creating it. It had many takers the first time that Kanak at Trident had hosted it almost a year back.

Rivaayat (2)

Chef Manik Mangotra and his team are back again with the Rivaayat food festival verison 2.0 along with addition of various new dishes to the menu. I’ve always admired the research that the Chef and his team have gone to set up this exquisite menu. After visiting various khaansamas (masterchefs) across India, this royal experience that is Rivaayat which itself translates to revival.

Many of my old favorites of the last food festival were back on the menu and we of course were elated. Starting off with the appetizers from the Rampur kingdom. The succulent Rampur Seekh Kebab were absolute melt in the mouth and the Rampuri Paneer Tikka made for a great vegetarian appetizer. The Kumbh ki Galawat can be a little deceiving but fret not it’s actually a vegetarian minced mushroom galawat. I’ve always grown to associate the Galawat to be made from minced meat but this sure caught me off guard with it’s deliciousness.

Rampuri Seekh Kebab


Moving ahead with the main course, we’ve been pretty partial to the Aloo Gosht. Potatoes cooked along with the lamb always gives it a defining taste which makes the Aloo Gosht a must order. Along with some simple plain rice or garlic, this is one dish I can thoroughly enjoy without needing anything else on the side.

Aloo Gisht

Pindi Chole

Bharwan Amchuri Bhindi aur Pyaaz was a favorite among everyone at the table last time and this time too each of us seated loved it thoroughly. There is no denying that the addition of raw mango slices which weren’t around the last time made it so much better. A Mughlai dinner isn’t complete without having Butter Chicken which was creamy, mildly spiced and had a lovely lingering sweetness when had with butter naan. Also special mention to the amazing Lucknowi Dal which had been whipped up by the chefs. It was in so long that we had a great dal.

Bharwan Amchur Bhindi Aur Pyaaz

Butter Chicken

Stuffed with the range of appetizers and a heavy and scrumptious main course, there was little space left for desserts. But a small bite off the Dry Fruit Dudhi Halwa and I was stumped. It was extremely and for a person who loves dry fruits, this sure is going to be sinful.

Dry Fruit Dudhi Halwa

The Rivaayat food festival is on at Kanak from 16th March – 30th March for Dinner.

Rivaayat (1)

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Sundays are made for Brunches. Who wouldn’t love the idea of getting up lazily on Sunday morning, have a cup of coffee/tea and head out for a grand spread of food that you can lay your eyes and hands on. You can walk across the entire restaurant floor making the most difficult choice of which dish should be picked up first on the place. As you have seen, we have had a previous debate on our article [ ala carte vs buffet] but we love our brunches as much as our ala carte on the table. Novotel Airport is synomous with its huge Sunday Brunch.

Swimming Pool

Carving Station On Entry

We have visited it couple of times before to enjoy the pool, cocktails and enjoy the meal till late afternoon and drive back home. The distance actually makes up for a nice little getaway away from the city and their weekend stay + brunch can be perfect relaxing weekend plan.

Salad Bar

Salad Bar (4)

Salad Bar (5)

Oysters (3)

Oysters (2)

Oysters (1)

We were invited to try the new chapter of their Sunday brunch. Hungry and short drive later, we actualy managed to reach around 12 to see the Chefs still setting up the the huge spread. We occupied our table and instantly asked the Chef – to make our decision easy by letting him choose what we should start our meal with. Quick scan around the brunch and there were more than 90+ items with live grill, children’s play area In the garden, almost 25 items around the dessert section.

Salad Bar (2)

Salad Bar (1)

Salad Bar (3)

The chef introduced us to some of the breads that are made in house and we popped some freshly laid garlic and coriander rolls. These change every week and we managed to get some good bread rolls every time we have been there.


A quick look at the live soup station and the menu included khow suey. This is one of my favorite dishes that sets a bench mark for the restaurant if its on the menu and I wasn’t disappointed. Light flavored soup served with generous portion of fried garlic, onions and I managed to devour at least 3 portions of it.

Khow Suey

Quickly we moved on to try few of the live station starters – Kati Roll, dim sum, tempura along with a glass of freshly made mojito. They even had a kids only menu on the corner with veg spring roll, crumb fried chicken, mini doughnuts in chocolate and sugar sprinkle and mini cup cakes that was very enticing even to try as grown up.

Kid's Menu (2)

Kid's Menu (1)

Although not part of the menu on display at times, you can still get your portion of Sunday eggs and pancake. We ordered sunny side up along with their freshly grilled sausage and barbecued chicken and some avocado artichoke salad and this got us feeling healthy already. We then decided to take a quick glance and jump on the main course.

Main Courses (1)

Main Courses (3)

Main Courses (2)

We usually prefer continental dishes during brunch buffet but couldn’t help ourselves to a generous portion when we saw nalli nihari, rarah murgh, prawns malai curry with plain rice. The flavors were localized to suite the spicy palate but we enjoyed the nalli nihari with naan. Switching back to our original love for continental dishes, we decided to try the roasted chicken with poached tomato, order some risotto fresh off the live station.

Main Courses (5)

Main Courses (7)

Main Courses (4)

Main Courses (6)

We were already full by the time we packed in second set of main course but having eyes set on the dessert table since start, we managed to get few delectable dishes on our plate. The best was of course the crème caramel, perfectly sweetened along with lamington and hot chocolate fudge. If you decide to have all the desserts first like the next time we did, you won’t be able to even reach the main course.


Creme Caramel

Desserts (1)

Desserts (2)

The menu keeps changing and the Chef at Novotel Airport spoke of innovating and creating different dishes just for Sunday brunch so people can sit back and let chef create the wonder that is the humongous lazy Sunday brunch.

Address : Novotel Hotels, Hyderabad Airport, Shamshabad, Hyderabad
Phone : 040 66503000

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It’s in recent times that a lot of regional dishes have been getting a platform to showcase their dishes through Pop-ups. Many such pop-ups are held in Mumbai be it the Bohri, Assamese and so many more among them. When we think of Himalayan Food, the first which comes to mind is those of either Jammu or Kashmir. The Wazawan and Kashmir Brahmin food has been getting its due but the idea of Himachal food hasn’t struck yet with the masses. That’s when the #HimalayanPopUp at Bidri comes of utmost importance. To be honest I’d heard of some of the Himachali dishes earlier while reading through articles, but never really got a chance to taste them personally.

Methi Macchi

Sepu Vadi

The Himalayan Pop-up at Bidri, Marriott is being curated by Sherry Malhotra and Chef Yogendra Pal. With my first tryst with Himachali food, a lot of the dishes came out as simple and refreshing. High on flavor, low on spices and more so to do with fresh produce. I found that a lot of the dishes on the menu are made using Yogurt and upon enquiring with Sherry she said that each household has their own cattle, hence the abundance of milk and yogurt across seasons which is used in the food.

Chef Yogendra Pal And Sherry Malhotra

The menu is a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Both the sides have options aplenty. We started with the Channe ki Tikki. The pan-fried tikkis made of chana or chickpeas were delicious to munch on with a filling of fresh fenugreek and tomato relish. The Patode makes for a great snack before a meal. Made of Arbi (colocassia) leaves, these were delicious especially for a person like me who enjoys arbi.

Channe ki Tikki

Moving on to the non-vegetarian side of starters, I can easily say that the Dahi ke Chaap floored all of us at the table. The lamb chops had been braised in buttermilk and fennel seeds and were full of flavor. It was rustic and easily one of the best stuff I’ve had in a long time. You definitely have to get your hands tucked in to relish the chaap, with the meat having been cooked beautifully with the flavor of mustard oil standing out with each bite. The Macchi Fry is made originally using trout but at the Himalayan Food Festival made use of Seer Fish and was pan-fried with freshly ground spices that you got it uniformly over with each bite.

Dahi ki Chaap

Macchi Fry

Like stated earlier, most of the Himachal food makes uses yogurt and buttermilk. They sure do like their food tangy and that aspect of cooking was inherent in every dish we had that night. The Chaa Gosht is made with buttermilk added to the mutton gravy best had with Babru. The Babru is similar to the bature and real heavy. I had like one and I had been complete full by then.

Chaa Gosht

Among the vegetarians dishes were Channa Madra where the boiled chickpeas are cooked in a tangy gravy along with lotus seeds. Replace the chickpeas with potatoes and you have the Aloo Palda with the gravy a little dense compared to the Madra.

Chana Madra

Main Course

Sepu Vadi was the one dish with left me with a lot of memories from the Himalayan Pop-Up at Bidri. It was simple yet heavenly and one I couldn’t stop telling the others at my table to try. These Urad Dal dumplings are first steamed and then cooked in a spinach puree. I couldn’t control myself from taking a little extra helpings of the vadi.

Main Courses

Kali Dal

Among other dishes that night were the Bhey (Lotus Stem cooked in yogurt), Kaale Chaane ki Maani and Methi Macchi.


Dahi aur methi ki macchi

The dinner ended on a sweet note with Meetha Baath, a popular dessert which is sweetened basmati rice flavored with saffron and garnished with dry fruits. The Khus Khus aur Makhane ki Kheer had the flavors beautifully blended and the perfect end to a glorious meal.

Meetha Chawal

Khus Khus Aur Makhane ki Kheer

It takes passion to come up with such a unique menu and kudos to Chef Yogendra Pal and Sherry Malhotra for bringing the food of Himachal Pradesh to the city of Hyderabad. Regional cuisines of India is where some of the most interesting dishes lie and it’s time they come out at the forefront. The #HimalayanPopUp for me was just not only about the food but the unique insight into a cuisine yet unknown.

The Himalayan Pop-Up is on at Bidri till the 28th of February, 2016

Address: Marriott Hotel, Tank Bund Road, Necklace Road, Hyderabad
Phone: 040 27522999



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Syn – Asian Grill and Bar at Taj Deccan is one of the few restaurants where we’ve gone multiple times and stands the test of time. The sushi is one of the best in the city, the Asian brunch is limitless and pure indulgence and I like the fact that they’re constantly innovating in terms of the menu. Even after multiple visits to the place, I know that I’m going to find something extraordinary as part of it’s menu at Syn.

Syn Asian Grill And Bar

Syn is artistically pleasing to the eyes and looks beautiful during dinner time. It’s like an aqua feel with neon lights criss-crossing through the roof panels and yet soothing at the same time. Chef Rishi Manucha this time has come up with a simple and yet delicious range of Bánh Xèo’s as part of their menu.

Syn Interiors

Syn - Outdoors

Syn - Outdoors (1)

I did try a lot of Bánh Xèo’s during our trip in Vietnam. The day almost always started off with a bowl of pho and as I walked down the streets of Hanoi, I couldn’t help not reaching out for a Bánh Xèo once in a while. The Bánh Xèo is a must-have along the streets of Vietnam and you can hear the sizzles of the batter on the hot skillet as each cart keeps dishing out orders. It’s due to this ‘sizzle’ sound that it’s named Bánh xèo, literally meaning “sizzling pancake.”

Table For The Night

Bánh Pan Seared Tenderloin Rendang (2)

There is a lot of influence of French cuisine in the Vietnamese food culture and the Bánh is among the most noticeable of them. It resembles the French crepe but crisply with a stuffing of your choice. Contrary to people’s thinking, the actually gets it’s color from turmeric and not from eggs. In fact eggs are not even used to make a Bánh Xèo.

Bánh Pan Seared Tenderloin Rendang (1)

Among the various filling in the Bánh Xèos at Syn, we quite liked the Bánh Baby Shrimp and Bánh Asparagus and Water chestnut. Apart from the choice of meat and vegetarian filling, each of the bánhs are stuffed with onions, bean sprouts and fresh greens are provided on the side to fill as per your liking. I quite liked the sauces which had been given alongside with the Rendang sauce being a favorite among them. I did miss a bit of Nuoc Cham (fish sauce) while having my Bánhs.

Bánh Asparagus And Water Chestnut

You can savor the Bánh Xèos at Syn – Asian Grill and Bar, Taj Deccan from 19th – 28th February, 2016 | 7PM-12AM.

The menu for the Bánh Xèo is as below.

Bánh Xèo Menu

Address: Taj Deccan, Road 1,Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.
Phone : 040 66663939

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