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Rocky and Mayur need no introduction in today’s time. If their onscreen life were to be chronicled it would just end up with good humor and lots of eating. They literally are the biggest foodies we came across and it was lovely interacting with them and taking them to the various places to eat during the Hyderabad shoot of FoodMad.

Concu Cakes Shoot

FoodMad focuses on specific set of food cravings across the country. The Hyderabad edition was also shot around to feature some of the cravings – Deep Fried food, Chocolate, Exotic food, Iconic food, Spicy food and different kinds of rice items. It was an experience to sit with the FoodMad team and narrow down on the restaurants for each of these cravings.

Brunch Shoot At Olive Bistro

It’s a treat in itself to watch Rocky and Mayur at work, the endless jokes, the camaraderie and pure impromptu talk translates onto the screen, exactly how they are. We hung around watching them shoot in Hyderabad over the two days. They showed keen interesting in understanding the different businesses and also encouraging the restaurant owners to improvise and grow further.

Rocky And Mayur At Oh So Stoned

FoodDrifter were asked to be part of the show for one of the segment. Our first time on camera and they just bonded us into the entire shoot, which felt more like a conversation than being in front of camera. A tweet after the shoot from them appreciating our efforts was the icing on the cake.

Rocky And Mayur Tweet

Here below is an excerpt from an article we had done for Hans India, Sunday Edition. Dated: 2.11.2014

FoodDrifter For Hans India

FoodMad Season 2 airs in December on NDTV GoodTimes.

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