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Shiro is a well-established restaurant which seldom needs further praise. So we walk into Shiro on a weekday evening and the place is exquisite. You can see why the place is so well known for its rich taste as it has been designed with an eye for detail.

The Shiro Collection (6)

We were greeted by the GM and Sous Chef Sameer Juvekar as we took our seats at our table. They have an ongoing dumpling festival called ‘The Shiro Collection’. The Shiro Collection concept marries the love for the rainy season with Dumplings. Imagine sitting over a hot cup of flavored tea as you savor the little, light, steaming hot dumplings. A lot of thought has been out into designing the menu for The Shiro Collection. It had initially started out as a trial of 80 kinds of dumplings has been perfected down to 40 in their elegantly designed chiseled menu. The dumplings include all kinds from Steamed, Pan-fried, an assortment of baos, vegetarian, non-vegetarian, there is something in it for everyone.

The Shiro Collection (5)

Teas have always been an integral part of Asian culture. We tried the Jasmine Tea which was full of flavors and soothing at the same time. The Roses in Bloom gives the uplift to the beauty of roses in a cup. If you could ever taste rose, then this is how it’s to be treated. The dumplings combined with the flavored teas make for a great relaxing eating-out option.

The Shiro Collection (12)

Now with the hot cup of our favorite drinks by our side we started off our night with the various dumplings on offer. The Crab Meat Dumpling has a beautiful texture and packs a lot of flavor within. The Prawn Sweetcorn Dumplings is effortlessly good but with the inner fillings being mashed together the distinctive flavors don’t stand out a bit. But the stand-out has to be the  Prawn In Thai Herbal Sauce. No starch, exquisitely cooked with a light level of acidity and a gorgeous sauce to get us drooling. We couldn’t have enough of it and especially with that Thai Herbal Sauce being so brilliantly done.

The Shiro Collection (11)

The Shiro Collection (9)

The vegetarian options do not seem to be lacking at all. The Broccoli Dumplings give it a crispy and crunchy coming off the water-chestnuts filling while the Fried Mushroom packs the punch of a well-stirred mushroom with hints of garlic. Also loved the Crystal Dumplings which have a generous filling of shitake mushrooms, carrots, zucchini and Chinese cabbage.

The Shiro Collection (10)

The Shiro Collection (8)

Next up on our tables were the Steamed Bao which can either be opted for with a Chicken Bulgogi or Vegetable filling. Deliciously moist and texture, these paired sweetly with the flavored teas. There is a lot more to the ‘The Shiro Collection’ menu to be explored. And all this over a hot cup of tea of course. Although there is no term called ‘too many Dumplings’  but to add to the lovely menu, we also have the delicious Pork Ribs with a sweet chili and blackbean sauce.

The Shiro Collection (2)

‘The Shiro Collection’ food festival is on till the 28th of July 2015. As a wise man said “Lovely conversations have happened over a cup of tea”. Why not add some dumplings to those conversations and enjoy the beautiful season.

The Shiro Collection (3)

Address: Shiro, Bombay Dyeing Mill Compound, P Budhkar Marg, Worli, Mumbai
Phone : 022 66511207 / 022 66511208

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The best part about Mumbai is that I can take a nice walk silently down the road, soaking up the culture still be amazed by how much the city has to offer. My favorite destination has been the effervescent and yet surprisingly blissful walking down Fort area. It was one of those times when a stroll down the elegant Ballard Estate, the business end of Mumbai gave way to it’s prized possession. A cheery red and white signage, paints peeling off the walls and yet a long line flowing onto the boulevard and you’ve arrived at Britannia And Co.

Britannia & Co.

Luckily I had reached early before the tourist, office goers, visiting Parsis filled up the restaurant and took a quiet table at the doorway. The cheerful Mr. Boman Kohinoor was at the entrance chatting up with the guests that were slowly trickling in and winding his way around the tables too. The high-point of visiting Britannia is actually catching with Mr. Kohinoor at times. A devout Anglophile, almost pushing 92 years, Mr. Boman Kohinoor is an encyclopedia of stories to catch up on. Some of his views are passé about the colonial times spent under the Raj but it reflects the mutually co-operative understanding the Parsis and the British enjoyed. After all it took Rashid Kohinoor, the founder of Britannia only 24 hours to get his F&B license on the condition that he give his café an anglicized name.

Britannia And Co.

The waiter took my order as Mr. Boman came over to my table to enquire if all was good. He takes his time to explain the dishes on his menu to the first-timers. My order was for the Chicken Berry Pulav. Move over Biryani, coz when at Britannia, then the Berry Pulav is a must have. Many label Britannia & Co. to be over-hyped. But at a time when many Parsi eateries have closed shop, Britannia and Co. stands tall because it serves the best on a plate.

The Berry Pulav is made of light fluffy rice mingled with chicken breast and chicken mince balls mixed with delicately spiced gravy topped off with the little red jewels. They pay special attention to the ingredients they use like the berries or barberries for the Berry Pulav, as they are especially imported from Iran and is actually a cross between pomegranate and cranberries explains Mr. Boman Kohinoor.

Chicken Berry Pulav

As I had my Berry Pulav and sipped on my Spiced Ginger Pallonji’s Soda, I couldn’t help noticing the sagging cardboard cut-out of Prince William and Princess Kate which adorned the end of the balcony. There is so much more to the food at Britannia and Co. The amazing Salli Boti, Patrani Machi and loads of Egg dishes are hard to resist. There’s a no nonsense nostalgia to the menu itself too. But the Puddings at any Parsi café are an old-fashioned affair. The Caramel Custard is brilliance in a bowl and a must try. Not too sweet and floating on a bed of burnt caramel, I couldn’t have asked for a better dessert.

Caramel Custard

A visit to Britannia and Co. isn’t just about the food but also about the heritage it carries on it’s shoulders. Right from the nifty little chats with Mr. Boman Kohinoor to the flaking pastel paint and whiteboards on the walls to the antique clock ticking away in the middle of the restaurant, the place is overrun with so much history. Britannia & Co. truly is an iconic place.

Pallonji's Spicy Ginger

Address : Britannia & Co. Restaurant, Ballard Estate, Opp New Custom House, Mumbai
TEL:022 2261 5264
Hours: 11:30 am – 4:00 pm

They do not accept Credit and Debit Cards. Payment mode is cash only.

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As you enter Kurries & Burries, the first thing you notice is the café’s simple decor. The café is small and overtly crowded with teenagers, couples and families. Situated down the road from Wilson College, a group at the next table are busy taking selfies.  Throughout our time at the outlet of Kurries & Burries, not a single table had been left empty with one group outpouring onto a table soon as it vacated. The line outside was impressive enough to justify the popularity that is Kurries & Burries.

Kurries & Burries is what I would describe elevating amateur food to restaurant quality. There is passion which bursts forth in the food for a café that prides itself to be the only outlet in Mumbai serving Asian and Mexian food under the same roof. It might sound strange to be operating two significantly pole apart cuisines under one roof but it surprisingly works at Kurries & Burries.

Kurries & Burries Menu

Orders had been taken swiftly and I got to sit down with Kushal Todi, the mastermind behind the outlet to pick his brain till the food arrived. K&B started out as an ambitious project which was later turned over into a full-fledged business model. They make their own curries and pastes and almost all the recipes are developed by Kushal’s mom and then innovated by the chefs. Each dish is under development and tested for 3 months before being launched. But to reform an idea into reality, needs a whole dose of passion and courage. And the talk with Kushal reaffirmed that passion does drive a brand with an outlet being jam-packed in 3 months of existence.

Crackled Spinach Chilly Paneer

The orders had started to arrive one by one to our table. Sipping on the Mango Mocktail, and I could finally give a sigh of relief. The sigh of having traveled a distance and then handed the best refreshing drink is like heaven on earth. The perfect amalgamation of Pineapple and Mango pulp makes it work wonderfully in sync together in a glass. With each sip that you take, you get a flavor of Mango which is followed by a tint of Pineapple feel hitting your taste buds. The good amount of crushed nuts topped on the drink gives u something further to munch with each sip that you have.

Mango Mocktail

Do good things come packed in Tortillas? Yes they very much do and you’ll have one of the most amazing ones right at Kurries & Burries. The Mex-Wich is outstanding.  That’s the super-awesome package of Mexican Beans, Salsa, Sour cream, Paneer marinated in Mexican Sauce, crushed Nacho Chips all sandwiched together between a Tortilla feels like. Ohh Wait! It isn’t over yet as the Mex-Wich is grilled & deep fried and then covered with Cheese Sauce & topped with Salsa, Sour cream and served with Mexican sauce on the side to go by. It’s the hottest selling dish and absolutely ‘Delicioso’.


The Crackled Spinach Chilly Paneer turned out to be pretty average. The Paneer was good but there was too much oil coz of the deep fried cottage cheese and spinach. The Thai Green Curry arrived at the table and completed the order for the evening. A perfect medley of vegetables, lemongrass in a beautiful delicate broth of coconut milk with the perfect blend of spices and went perfect with a bowl of rice.

Thai Green Curry And Rice

Adam Richman Aficionados, Kurries and Burries has the perfect challenge for you. The Big Daddy Challenge which relives the Man vs. Food contest, packs it with the ultimate K&B Fusion. A 16″ Burrito weighing over 1 Kg containing Beans, Salsa, Sour Cream, Cheese Sauce and also Asian starters like Crispy Baby Baby Corn, Kung Pao Potatoes and much more. Sounds Doable? Then give it a try at K&B and get your bill waivered off.

I left Kurries & Burries with a pleasant smile. To actually have a complete vegetarian meal and walk out content seldom happens with us and Kurries & Burries, I must say you hit a sweet spot. The pricing is extremely economical and students get a special discount too during weekedays. Mexican And Asian never felt so good under one roof.

Phone : 022-23671800
Address: 29/A, Jethabhai Govindji Building, Opposite Merchants Club, Metro Motors Lane, Rangekar Road, Chowpatty
Website: kurriesandburries.com/

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There is a current growing trend of all-day cafés. The atmosphere and the spacious seating to enjoy your contemporary food in the company of good friends and family is a welcome change. 212 All Day Café & Bar has become one of my favorites after just one visit to the outlet. So much so that I’m already eager to go back once again.

Located in the Phoenix Market City, Kurla the moment you enter 212 All Day Café & Bar, the first thing you notice is the spaciousness and the vibe it exudes. You take a break from the chatter of the mall crowd and the door of the café segregates it well. The music playing in the background make you want to tap your feet under the table with it’s rhythm. I was having an extremely tiring day, and I wanted to just relax and soak in the atmosphere, I left my drink selection to the manager. He flawlessly whipped up a mocktail of his own, off the menu which he calls the Panther’s Punch and I felt re-energized. The flavors were perfect and is sure to refresh you. Order the Special to know the mysterious flavours of the drink.

212 All Day Café & Bar Interior

The best part about 212 All Day Café & Bar is their All Day breakfast selection. From waffles to selection of eggs the menu is simple yet elegant. In fact worth mentioning is that 212 Café have kept their menu small but each of the items are definitely worth it. A few sips of the Panther’s Punch and I was ready with my order. Starting off with the Watermelon and Goat Cheese Stack, the salad was delicious. The cheese sprinkled in the right amount and is the perfect summery salad on a warm day.  The watermelon cubes had been stacked neatly on the plate, almost like Jenga-esque style.

Watermelon and Goat Cheese Stack

The Crumbling Crostini’s were splendid, topped with Tomato and basil along with wild mushrooms and a feta mousse. In fact this was the dish which I loved the best of them all. The only small wiggle I found was they could have scooped the crostini’s a little bit more as to accommodate the topping better. That way when I take a bite, it doesn’t spill off the other end. If the next time you ever drop by 212 All Day Café & Bar , do remember to order this lovely dish even if you are a hardcore non-vegetarian and swear by meat. It’ll definitely take you by surprise as to how well prepared this is.

Crumbling Crostinis

The Seared Chicken skewers are served with a lovely piquante tomato chutney. The best part about it has to be the sauce where I got little hints of white wine and other herbs hitting the top of my palate. But the crumbling crostinis were so good that I actually started to have them with the piquante tomato chutney.

Seared Chicken Skewers

I love pizzas and eat them whenever I to a restaurant. And when they are those beautiful stone hearth, thin crusted flat breads then all the more the better. The manager obliged to let us have a half and half with one side being the Barbeque Chicken and the other the Spicy House Special. I love their own sauce and it is elegantly prepared with finesse and delicate flavors. The barbeque chicken toppings too had been perfectly done but somehow I was having my better experiences with vegetarian slice. A simple Spicy House Special with onions, corn, capsicums and mushrooms with a spicier side of jalapeno and chili was delicious. Being already so full, I still ended up going for a second slice of it.

Spicy House Special Pizza

Burgers are like my comfort food. The handmade burgers are made using fresh brioche buns and served with a side of salad and fries. Now after the Crumbling Crostini, I found my next best dish. It was a simple and yet elegant Shroom Burger. As you bite into it, the melted gruyère cheese flows right onto your fingers and leaves you licking. And filled inside it all is a Portobello and garden mushroom sauté. The ingredients that they use here are top notch. The BBQ Chicken burger was good too. Thank heaven I had only the sliders coz I can imagine the divine calories I had filled up on already.

Burger Sliders

With no more space left, but i was tempted and decided to jump on to the desserts. No meal for me is complete without it. I settled for a Carrot Cake and it was arrived  with delicate flavors of cinnamon and the dessert spoon went right through. But the icing on the cake, literally had to be the small carrot shaped fondant sitting on top. I expected it to be the usual fondant, sweet and sugary but this one had been spiced and a spoon of the carrot cake with a bite of the carrot-sized spiced fondant was all I needed for the end to my perfect dinner.

Carrot Cake

I am going to be back there for a lot more. Like already noted, 212 All Day Café & Bar has a small menu but the best part is they are all good on it. To be back there eating breakfast for dinner and juggling up my meal courses.


Address: F-97, First Floor,Phoenix Marketcity Mall, LBS Road, Mumbai
Contact: 022 33956166
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/212AllDay

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Youthful, Unpretentious, Vibrant and Uncomplicated. These are what Turning Point aims to capture with the launch of it’s pre-mixed Sangrias. Ashwin Deo who has worked in many wineries around the world formed the Trinity Vintner’s Pvt Ltd in 2011. They launched their signature Turning Point and JLT in under guidance from winemaker Mark Dworkin. The Turning Point range of wines are being sold across many outlets in India.

Ashwin Deo

The main idea of Turning Point wines is to appeal to the new age wine drinkers and each of the bottle of Turning Point wines is doing that with their fun packaged colorful bottles. They explain their wines through three words on each bottle. This is very attractive strategy and uniquely different from the usual naming and packaging conventions of most wines. They have 5 wines as part of the Turning Point Collection and each carries along with it that adjective which describes it best.

Turning Point Shiraz – Spicy, Smooth, Sublime
Turning Point Shiraz Cabernet – Luscious, Luxe, Lyrical
Turning Point Rosé – Sensuous, Summery, Sassy
Turning Point Sauvignon Blanc – Fresh, Fruity, Fabulous
Turning Point Chenin Blanc – Crisp, Candid, Chic

We were invited to Café D’Wine in Khar which has an extensive wine collection and prides itself in being one of the best Winebars in Mumbai.

The Turning Point Chenin Blanc, pale in colour and slight grapefruit taste was the perfect start for the evening. Light on the palate and crisp, it went perfect with the Pita and Hummus.

As we move forward, the Turning Point Sauvignon Blanc, was served. This turned out to be refreshing and Crisp on the palate. Light bodied and served with cheese stuffed mushrooms,  bruschetta and fresh tomato and cottage cheese crostini. These felt like the perfect companion.

The Turning Point Rosé  is perfect for any evening delight.


Turning Point Shiraz, deep ruby colour, it has exquisite taste and feels light in the mouth. This felt more acidic than the rest and I am not very appreciative of this particular wine.

The Turning Point Shiraz Cabernet was smooth and goes well with spicy food. It definitely is simple and full bodied,  tasted fruity on the palate and will go well with Indian food and red meat.

Turning Point Cabarnet

But were the wines just enough?  Ashwin Deo always wanted to explore further and here we get the Pre-Mixed Sangrias packaged in funky bottles. Sangria has over the last few years become the largest selling cocktail in the country with all the leading hotels and bars serving them by pitchers! It is this trend that has been captured in a 330ML bottle by Turning Point Wines.

Ashwin Deo always felt Wine has a huge potential and wanted to experiment with wine much deeper in the market. He wanted everyone to accept the wine drinking culture and make them more fun to have along with their food. After an extensive 3 years of research on various flavors the ready-to-drink Sangrias were launched.

Pre Mixed Sangrias (1)

We had a chance to sample the pre-mixed sangrias. One each from the red and white wine variants and found them to be quite a novel concept. With super fun bottling and competitive pricing coming to about Rs 135/-, this might as well be the next party Drink. Turning Point sangrias has innovation and that chic look going for it. And that makes for a neat way of sipping down your wine. “Off From A Bottle”

Gift Box


Tuning Point Wines are priced at Rs. 375 for 375 ml bottle and Rs 675 for 750 ml bottle.

You can find them at – http://www.turningpointwines.com/

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Most of us want to whip up exquisite dishes made on Masterchef and other cooking shows. The chefs create a beautiful recipe and we are eager to recreate them for dinner. And then starts the search for the ingredients. From one outlet to another we drive in search of it. I have given up too many times for lack of ingredients to create the dish that I intend to. The other issue always is buying large quantities of spices, vegetables and not knowing what to do with the left overs.

Kung Pao Chicken Tacos

The concept of iChef aims at satisfying your craving for that fancy meal. One fine day, craving for some gourmet food and I decided to look up online to see if I can get to sample something different. I stumbled upon iChef and I was amazed with the concept. iChef is not just your regular restaurant delivery service but channelizes your inner Nigella or Ramsay. It puts the ‘i’ before the chef quite literally. You are the creator of the dish and they provide you with all the ingredients and recipes to cook them at your own pace at home.

Beans Falafel Shawarma

With such curiosity I decided to order the two best-selling dishes of the week, Kung Pao Chicken Tacos and Khow Suey. Now Khow Suey is an unique recipe because not many restaurants actually serve it in my area and also the ones I have eaten around aren’t as authentic as they should be.

Khow Suey Ingredients

The delivery came right around dinner time. Neatly packaged ingredients with fresh herbs and sauces. I quickly opened the yellow curry paste container and it tasted fresh. The kaffir leaves and other veggies were all crisp and fresh too. They send you the exact recipe to follow step-wise along with the ingredients and this makes cooking the dish so much easier. While the pot of water was put to boil the noodles on the stove, I sat down to cut the carrots, capsicum, chillies for the Khow Suey.

Fresh Veggies

Once the noodles had been cooked and drained & after cooling with cold water, they were kept aside. To the pan, added the cut vegetables with addition of all the spices and Pre-mixed curry paste. Added coconut milk and the stock powder which were part of the kit. Once the mixture had started to thicken, the noodles were added to be cooked along for a few minutes. Garnished with Basil and peanuts to enhance the taste and I had a complete meal ready in less than 30 minutes.

Cooking Khow Suey

iChef is an inspiration of it’s US counterparts like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh and brings the same fresh gourmet food to reality in Mumbai. Sneha Arya, the person behind ichef decided to share with us more about iChef. Below is some excerpts of the talk I had with her.

Khow Suey 1

FD: What made you launch iChef?

Sneha: After I graduated from university and came back to India in April last year, I found a gap between demand and supply of gourmet ingredients. I would often plan dinners at my house where I wanted to make something fancy to wow my guests but found it extremely arduous to do so in India. I particularly remember that for my birthday, I wanted to make a Mediterranean salad which needed feta cheese and zaatar spice, both of which were extremely hard to find. I ended up finding zaatar spice only in Crawford Market which came at an exorbitant price of Rs 1500/Kg. I only wanted to use 50 gram but the minimum packaging I had to buy was 1 kg so I was left with 950 grams of an extremely expensive spice that I never used again.

After doing some research online, I came across the meal-kit delivery concept that was extremely popular in the West. I asked a couple of my friends in the US to try one of these services and they absolutely loved it. My brother, Chirag Arya, had recently started a chain of restaurants called Wok in the Box so I already had a foot in the door.

FD: How do you select the recipes and who curates them?

Sneha: We list 6 different recipes every week – 3 veg and 3 non veg. We decide our recipes two weeks in advance. The chef and the management team together ideate on the recipes and we shortlist meals on a variety of factors. Some of the factors are analytically drawn from past dishes, seasonal ingredients, global festivals, recipes trending online and popularity of cuisines. We have two full time chefs, Shehzade Daruwala and Ajit Mhatre who have extensive work experience and exposure working with different cuisines.

Recipe Booklet

FD: From where do you source your ingredients because we noticed the extra care which was taken to maintain the freshness of the ingredients in the meal kit?

Sneha: We believe in working with the local community and all the vegetables and fruits are supplied by local farms directly. For exotic dry ingredients, we work with a range of major distributors across the country.

iChef definitely makes for a very unique concept of bringing the different cuisines of the world under one portal: made by you, for you. Imagine surprising your date or your friends with your cooking skills to their surprise. We have also tried their Buffalo Chicken Wings and Kung Pao Chicken Tacos and have been elated every single time with the results. They change their menu every week thus giving a chance to be trying our hand at different dishes every other time.

Buffalo Chicken Wings


Visit – iChef.in

Contact – 022-65680555. They deliver all over Mumbai. 

Drop in a comment to tell us how your experience was if you have tried them.

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Shopping in Phoenix Market city is a hectic affair. You just want to let go and relax after a shopping spree and enjoy a delicious meal. We decided to do just that and Rainforest Resto Bar caught our eye.  The decor at the entrance brings out the “Experience the Amazon Rainforest” while you eat in true style.

As you enter Rainforest Resto Bar, leaving the humdrum of the mall chatter and to a fresh conversations inside Rainforest. The first thing  that hits you is the waterfall. The sound of the water and the soothing music lets you get acquainted with the surroundings. They scream rainforest jungle theme to their core with their delectable interiors, Huge tree behind the table and a perfect bar with an eclectic set up ambience. Now who wouldn’t want to ease into one of those chairs at the bar as the set music plays in the background with a drink in hand.

Rainforest Entrance

Expectations were a bit cliché when we were handed out the menu card. Seeing as to the setting we were in, the names of the dishes would be jungle-themed too? But that wasn’t case. Surprisingly it showcased a menu of exquisite Italian and Chinese dishes with a good set of cocktails and mocktails. Starting off with the drinks of the night, Cosmopolitan and Watermelon Margarita. They were served with a nice serving of the peanuts and the addictive cheeslings. The Cosmopolitan was a tad on the sweet side while the Margarita was strong and perfect, the way we like it.

Watermelon Cosmopolitan

The specialty of Rainforest Resto Bar has been the Chicken Angarey Kebabs. In a few minutes post our orders for the appetizers, the Chicken Angarey Kebabs had arrived. Now the ambience is a lot dark, but stealing a quick glance at the Kebabs and they looked juicy. And swish there was a ‘fire effect’ on top as the dish lit up. The fire effect makes up for the show factor of the dish and secondly imparts a nice flavor to the kebabs. It was a lot spicier than we expected it to be but the chicken was succulent and we were left craving for more.

A Visually Lit Up Angaarey Kebabs

Chicken Angaarey Kebabs

Next we decided to try some Seafood. Now who doesn’t love a good Prawn Cocktails. They are the perfect when shared round a table as you sip on your drinks. The Prawns Cocktails is another of Rainforest Resto Bar signature dishes and the presentation speaks for itself. Served along with Garlic Chili Mayo, the prawns were extremely juicy and melt in the mouth. The garlic Chili Mayo raised the bar for the dish and is the perfect accompaniment to the dish served.

Prawns Cocktail

Next up we moved on to some Italian and ordered the Penne Pasta in Aye Quattro Sauce with Rawas. The sauce was creamy and perfectly done and definitely hit the right notes. The rawas fish was cooked with delicate flavors and complemented the pasta sauce. This can actually be a complete meal as it fills your stomach with the sauce and the fish.

Moving on to the Chinese side of the menu, the Pan Fried Noodles in Oyster Sauce was brilliantly done. It is simple and yet played on the lines of elegance with the soulful crunchiness of the Pan Fried Noodles served with mixed vegetables. The chicken in the Oyster Sauce was the typical chinese flavor you’d expect and was appetizing.

Not much can go wrong with a Sizzling Brownie and it was a delicious end to a satisfying meal. The sizzle of the hot chocolate sauce as it was doused on the hot plate is music to the  happy ears. The brownie made in house with their own secret recipe was gooey, moist and deliciously done.  It was an unexpected good end to a Mall Day.

Sizzling Brownie

Taking a break in the jungle is a good idea after all. They have 3 different location where you can enjoy your meal. The setting is perfect for date nights too.

They have Happy Hours from 12 pm to 8 pm and a range of different offers every other day. Do look out for the special children’s menu.

Address : 3, Phoenix Market City, LBS Road, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai
Phone : 022-30151019

Photo credit – FD Team –   Neishaa & Tara

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A pure vegetarian restaurant and it has us meat lovers scampering out the door or hesitantly give in to go to the restaurant.  Despite the initially hesitancy we did want to drop by Burma Burma for the very fact that they serve pure Burmese only cuisine, as the name suggests.

Burmese cuisines derives its influence from the Chinese, Thai and Indian flavors to an extent so we were really curious to experience the food. A reservation at Burma Burma is really hard to get and upon trying to book one, we were kind of not surprised for when we were told that they were fully booked. Since, we were going to be in the vicinity, decided to drop by to check the place and see if we could manage a table. Upon entering and asking a staff, who very courteously informed as to that there were no tables vacant but that we could wait at the Herbal Tea Bar, in case a spot opens up. The Tea Bar space is huge and definitely a nice way to spend some relaxed afternoon but we were hungry and were just about to leave when the hostess informed of an empty table. This was certainly a point of elation because by now we really wanted to gorge on the delicious looking around at food being served.

Burma Burma

The ambience is pure modern, chic with a beautiful wooden décor with vibrant colored umbrellas hanging from the ceiling as you look up to the vast array of beautiful artifacts which adorn the display behind the bar. Everything so brightly fits in to uplift a wholesome dining experience. The atmosphere is soothing despite of the outlet being packed with patrons. The menu too is quite extensive, which we noticed as we started off on our order.

To start off, we ordered Brown Onion & Roasted Chilly Bun, Samuza Hincho Soup and to wash them down were the Burmese Blossom and the never-go-wrong Lemon Iced Tea.

Brown Onion & Roasted Chilly Bun

Brown Onion & Roasted Chilly Bun – The steamed Bun with toasted sesame on top explodes right with all flavors and brilliant to start with. The spicy onion with the roasted chilli adds the contrast and makes for a good appetizer to begin with.

Samuza Hincho Soup is specialty soup of the restaurant. The spicy soup reminded us of the Tom Yum soup but with a tad Indianisation of flavor with samosas dunked in. It had a lovely texture although we prefer less peas and more of the green vegetables in the soup. The balance of flavors was perfect and you are left asking for more. This definitely is a great way to start of your meal.

Samuza Hincho Soup

Burmese Blossom – A mix of cranberry, watermelon and more in a perfect blend for a refreshing drink. Lack of alcohol makes you try different mocktails and this was definitely one of the good ones we tried. Not serving alcohol might be the only downside of Burma Burma just that the vibrancy of the place makes you want to order a beer as you set off without a passport on a Burmese Country journey.

Brown Onion & Roasted Chilly Buns

For now everything had been so perfect with the dining at Burma Burma and we were ready for our main course to arrive on our tables and what can go wrong with a simple order of Street Noodles and Spicy Veg. Curry. The Street Noodles resembled the noodles that you would get at any street food cart back in Thailand and Burma. A regular stir fried noodles, would have expected a lot more flavors but this tasted like the regular noodles which in a way might is a good thing.

Street Noodles

The Spicy Veg. Curry is very simple take on the mix veg curry Burmese style. It lacked the punch but it was good when eaten with the street noodles and the mix of flavors between them were good.

Spicy Veg. Curry

Durian Ice Cream for dessert and this was a highlight of the meal. We for one know that Durian is really an acquired taste. Having had it during our travels through South-East Asia, it has the similar texture to the custard apple, but you definitely are left with a tingling sensation after a few scoops. If you can get over the smell of Durian, it actually is a great fruit to have. It is so smelly, that in some south east countries, it’s illegal to be peeling Durian in public. The Ice-Cream here served in Burma Burma is deliciously presented and a great take on what the Asians believe to be their ‘King Of Fruits’.

Durian Ice Cream

The meal for 2 set us back by Rs.2100  and it was a gastronomic experience to eat out at Burma Burma. And the best part of it is that we had such an amazing experience and forgot that it was Vegetarian only.

Burma Burma
Kothari House, Allana Centre Lane,
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A pinch of salt passed around to partake before start of the meal. Where the meal doesn’t start until everyone has been seated around the thaal. Where the first course of the meal usually tends to be the ice-cream and then continues on. Bohri Cuisine has been relatively new to us. The only other time to have dined out to experience Bohri Cuisine was when Radisson Blu had a Bohri Food Festival during their anniversary festivities in Hyderabad.

A Traditional Bohri Thaal

But to be experiencing Bohri Culture first-hand was indeed exhilarating. The Dawoodi Bohra’s are a sect of Islamili Shia Islam originated in Yemen, who later spread to India and Pakistan. In India, they primarily settled in Gujarat (Surat) before spreading out. Being from Yemen, there is a lot of Arabic and Middle Eastern influences to the cuisine.

At The Bohri Kitchen

Bohri Food has primarily two sides to it. The meethas (sweets) and kharas (savouries). A traditional Bohri meal consists of several courses of meethas and kharas which are served alternately. But the first course of a meal has to be the dessert, usually ice-cream. Their love for ice-cream is unending and is almost a must part of the meal, unless a special occasion when it’s the sodannu, a rice dessert with lots of ghee and sugar.

A Traditional Bohri Thaal 2

The Bohri Kitchen or TBK in short is an experimental concept which has been started by Munaf Kapadia at their home in Colaba, Mumbai. Community eating on a single thaal has been always been part of Bohri Cuisine. And this concept helps people bond over a common love for food which forms the backbone of TBK. The most authentic of Bohri food is served at their house as they host guests to some delicious dabba gosht and countless courses of meals.

Munaf And Mrs Nafisa Kapadia As They Explain About Bohri Culture And Cuisine

As we asked Munaf as to why TBK? Why the idea to open The Bohri Kitchen? Munaf had always wanted to monetize his mother’s skills. Mrs. Nafisa Kapadia is an entrepreneurial chef who has years of cooking skills. She is the backbone of TBK, who conceptualizes the menu and the masterpieces of the Bohri Cuisine to be served as guests. The father, Mr. Turab Kapadia does all the shopping personally from the Colaba/Crawford markets for the best produce to be used.

Table Setting 1

As the mother-son duo greet the guests to a brief introduction of Bohri Culture and Food before everyone starts off on a gastronomical journey. Starting off with the customary passing of salt around, which is supposed to activate the taste buds. A rose infused Watermelon Cooler follows next and many more kharas are brought in. There is the delicious keema samosas, nargis kebab (hidden inside is a surprise boiled egg).

Mutton Paya Soup

The Kaari Chaval, the most respected dish of the Bohri Main Course dishes made with Bohri Kari Masala, Coconut Milk and tamarind is astonishing. Also part of the main course is the traditional dabba gosht. The Dabba Gosht is a concoction of mutton, mixed vegetables, eggs and pasta all placed together before being baked. No one actually knows how macaroni actually came to be an integral part of the Bohri Cuisine, but it’s all there.

Kaari Chawal

To end it all with a bowl of Fruit Salad. The unending range of fruits is al there. Oranges, Mosambis, apples, bananas all in custard to make a heavenly sweet end dessert. And considering that no meal is complete without the saunf, which is customary to partake after a meal.

Fruit Salads For Desserts

The Bohri Kitchen has been opening up the doors of it’s home to the invigorating experience of Bohri Culture. The menu changes every week to make sure you explore the cuisine with every visit.

They host batches of 14 and can also be contacted if a batch of 6+ want to do their own menu version of it at TBK. It’s like creating your own customary TBK.

Munaf Kapadia Washes Hands Of The Guests At End Of The Meal

Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/thebohrikitchen

Photo Credits: From The Bohri Kitchen FB Page

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Cravings for a Pizza and we look at each other and go CPK in unison. The routine fare is usually the cheesy crust, the regular toppings and the same order at the nearest outlet. So you can imagine why California Pizza Kitchen has become a favorite in recent times. A new definition to word Gourmet, these pizzas are as fresh as it can be defined in a food dictionary.

So what is it about California Pizza Kitchen that has us going gaga during our recent outings? It hits all the right taste buds from the first bite. Packing in a lot of freshness, the taste of every ingredient and all the flavors topped on a beautiful thin-crust pizza and most importantly walking out completely light and happy and satisfied.

Chicken Carnitas Pizza

More of an upmarket American Diner with high chairs and conversations over Pizza making up for the most of it. Not to be of course steered away from the Akon and David Guetta tracks playing in the background but you know right from the look at the menu that this is where cheese must have finally attained peace, on the crust of pizza being dished out from the ovens in California Pizza Kitchen.

The Chipotle Grilled Chicken

Best known for serving innovative and traditional pizzas but don’t be veered away from its delicious appetizers.

The Chipotle Grilled Chicken – It’s a master dish cooked in the kitchen. Chicken Strips perfectly griddled packed with a fabulous smoky flavor from the chipotle peppers served with sides of herb ranch dressing and in-house salad is a definite must-try.

Chipotle Grilled Chicken

Spicy Chicken Supreme – Not to be steered away from is yet another appetizer that is our favorite. A typical panko coated chicken breast pieces fried and tossed in tangy barbeque sauces you could actually feel the crispiness with every bite. It might sound all regular in the description but the flavors feel so fresh when had with the tortilla salad and ranch sauce.

Spicy Chicken Supreme

Chicken Carnitas Pizza – Our usual order has been the same ever since we laid our hands on it the first time. Completely hand tossed crust pizzas topped with crisp marinated chicken strips, gouda and mozzarella cheese with the perfect layer of cilantro pesto, it is a marvelous pizza that can’t be missed.

Chicken Carnitas Pizza (1)

Watermelon Ice Tea – Accompanies our perfect meal every time. The fresh hand-crafted refreshing Watermelon Ice Tea just completes the meal. Seldom have we come across an ice tea so refreshing that has us smiling at each other with content with every sip.

Watermelon Ice Tea

Desserts…now that’s an area which is hard to not have in spite of already having one of the most satisfying meals.

Sticky Toffee Pudding – The Sticky Toffee Pudding is one of the best here at California Pizza Kitchen. Hot toffee pudding with pecan nuts completely doused in rich and buttery caramel sauce is a melt in the mouth and yes it might just be a bite of heaven.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Masterchef Australia crazy? They also have a MasterChef Special Italian Menu till 18th Nov 2014 in their outlets and we sure are going to be back to try some of those already interesting sounding flavors from the enticing menu.

Damn all this writing is already making us crave for just that “one more” slice form the kitchens of California Pizza Kitchen.

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