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The black clouds in the distance were fast approaching. The looming rain was bound to break out, clouds ready to shed the load that they’ve been carrying. I looked into the distance, lost in my thoughts – in retrospect. That’s when most of the answers led to opening a can of beer. Isn’t a glass of beer answer to most questions?

A quick pop of the can of Hunter and I was back to enjoying the lovely weather. As I popped open the can of Hunter, I couldn’t but help noticing their tagline – ‘Honestly Smooth, Refreshingly Strong. How true were they to their tagline? I was just about to now find out. India is a market ruled primarily by strong beers. Some of them total swile and some of them just plain undrinkable. Hunter is the best among a lot of Strong Beers.

Hunter Beer 2

Despite being a strong beer, you can get a lager-ish taste from Hunter Beer. The moment I poured it in my glass, the clean white head formed right on top, which dissipated quite quickly. The pale, strawy color, I quite liked the beer for its smoothness coming off the unique brewing of handpicked ingredients. The first sip off my glass and I could feel the smooth and crisp taste of the lager. It does help greatly that the hops used in Hunter Beer are the ‘Hersbrucker’ variety which are directly imported in from Germany.

Hunter Beer 1

I truly enjoyed my glass of Hunter beer and would recommend this to all the strong beer lovers out there. I do occasionally pick up a bottle of strong beer and Hunter has been a good choice among the innumerable ones which have inundated the Indian market. It does help that they’ve come out as Winners in the Monde Selection Quality Award and the beer itself finds the right balance between malts and hops.

Hunter Beer 3

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ITC as a brand has been well-known for it’s products under diverse portfolios. Under their ITC Masterchef brand they’ve now introduced 5 new spice mixes. The masalas were prepared after extensive research on local flavors to bring forth the taste of South India. The blends especially are made with the intention of making cooking easier for home-chefs and at the same time not holding back on the traditional flavors.

ITC Masterchef (5)

The variants include Guntur Koora Karam, Konaseema Kodi Koora, Madurai Sambar powder, Rayala Miriyala Charu and Shahi Garam Masala. I personally have been using the Rayala Miriyala Charu and it gives me such an ease while cooking. Being a bachelor, this makes my life in the kitchen so much easier and thus having time to concentrate on other activities. Steaming hot rice, a bit either of the Charu or Sambar made using the ITC Masterchef series, pickle or papad and I’m set.

I was happy to be invited to judge the final round of Home-Chef series by ITC in Hyderabad. They’ve been doing the series in each of the metros and there had been an overwhelming response in Hyderabad. 10 Home-Chefs from diverse backgrounds met for the final round at GVK One Mall.

ITC Masterchef (3)

ITC Masterchef (4)

ITC Masterchef (1)

Judging the dishes on parameters of Taste, Presentation, Aroma and Authenticity in flavors of the dish. Things got interesting as each of the home-chefs brought forward their dishes to showcase. We got to taste such diverse foods using ITC Masterchef Masala that evening. From Aloo Methi Masala, Rice Balls with a wonderful chutney with Bingos, Guntha Vankaya Curry, Paneer Butter Masala and loads more.

ITC Masterchef (2)

Each of the dishes were wonderful in it’s own way but we had to choose one winner who ticked off each of the boxes. Overall it was a fun evening with contestants who enjoy cooking and appreciate food.

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It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. A little box containing fine red shiny strands of Saffron by SaffroInd lay beside us. And of course the weather so beautiful needed an addition of spice to make it all better.


Saffron has long been used in food, medical and cosmetics for centuries. The beauty of a few strands of Saffron can elevate an entire dish to a whole another level of gourmet cooking. From seasoning to spicing up a dish, whipping up a delicious Biryani, a simple saffron milk or a complex kheer. There is no dearth in explaining the beauty of this wonderful spice. No wonder it’s been labelled the ‘king of spices

So what did we create to make Sundays feel all better? An exquisite Saffron Halwa using the saffron sent over by SaffroInd. You can use the recipe below to create one of your own.

Saffron Halwa


2 tbsp – Suji/Semolina
½ cup – Khoya
4 tbsp – Ghee
1 tsp – Cardamom Powder
1 cup – Water
½ cup – Milk
1/2 cup – Sugar
½ tsp – Kewra Essence/Nutmeg Powder for flavor ( Optional)
1 pinch – Saffron Soaked in Milk
1 tbsp – Dry Fruits for serving


Heat a pan and add 4 tbsp Ghee. Add Suji and roast till it turns light brown. Add sugar, Milk and keep stirring till it starts to thicken. Add the khoya and continue to cook. Cover Pan and cook for 8-10 mins till Sujo is cooked. Add water, cardamom powder, Saffron Soaked in Milk, (Nutmeg or Kewra Essence as per your wish) and continue to stir. Cover and cook for additional 2-3 minutes till it’s done. Serve topped with dry fruits. Your Saffron Halwa is ready.

Saffron Halwa

The kesar that we used from SaffroInd was of top-notch quality and one of the better ones we’ve used in our recipes. It gave off a heavenly fragrance soon as we popped open the mouth of the bottle.

You can purchase the saffron directly from their website here.

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Each time I noticed my favorite character on TV puffing a huge round of smoke, off the thick end of a Cigar, it’d amaze me. “I’m definitely going to have one of those” I thought. I remember my first cigar had been along with a friend. It left me quite astounded (and also a little more of cough) by the size and amazed.  I mean have you ever seen the Godfather smoke a cigarette? Nope he lights up nothing else but a Cigar. A glass of his favorite cognac in one hand and meticulously moving smoking his Cigar as he finishes off matters for the day.

Rocky Patel Range Of Cigars

Then began my love for the Cigar. I haven’t smoked a lot many though as of now, but have had the fortune of experience a few of the good ones. Nothing better compliments a cigar than a glass of Cognac. There is the feeling of exclusivity of being part of the Cigar and Cognac club.

Henessey Cognac

So you can imagine how elated I was on being invited by Westin to be part of the Cigar & Cognac club that night. The invitation was for a select few of their patrons with the seating right beside a beautifully lit pool at Prego, and things picked off.


Starting off the evening with a glass of Hennessy Very Special. As I gave it a light swirl, the waft fresh toast with roasted almonds lingered on lightly. I then got a subtle vine fruit aroma as I got the glass closer for my first sip. On the palate – the Hennessy Very Special brings with it a dimension of vanilla, all rounded off with an exuberantly fresh and floral finish. Now that the Hennessey had daftly cleared my palate, it was time to light up the Rocky Patel Vintage 1990. The Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 is a mild cigar which leans more towards the milder side. It has a nutty, kind of caramel essence. The Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 has been placed in the Top 25 Cigars of the Year by Cigar Aficionado’s.

Rocky Patel 1

Cigar Conexion

Now to my favorite Hennessey and that’s the Hennessy V.S.O.P. Many cognac aficionados prefer the Hennessy V.S.O.P for it’s strong flavors yet delicate notes. With the first fragrance you perceive spices like vanilla, clove and cinnamon. Then the delicately tossed notes follow, arising from the maturation in oak barrels. The Hennessy V.S.O.P is really smooth, harmoniously creating a blend of maturity and vigor.

Henessey Drinks

To give wondrous company to the Hennessy V.S.O.P was the Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve. It’s quite a thick cigar featuring the non-traditional wrapper leaf grown in grown in Costa Rica around a core of Nicaraguan & Honduras Tobaccos. These give it an earthy, almost leathery flavor with hints of coffee. It’s medium bodied with a fine balance of cedar, toast, coconut and cocoa bean. If lingers long enough, you can find a subtle finish of anise.

Rocky Patel Range of Cigars

The evening was well-spent over delicious tapas and conversation revolving around food, travel and a slight hint of politics thrown in the mix. Nevertheless the Cigar and Cognac Club by Westin opens up so many mediums, a group of exclusivity with discussions which can only happen over a glass of fine cognac and an occasional puff of smoke.

Tapas For The Night

Prego - The Westin Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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How many of you actually picked up a glass of Guinness on March 17th to raise a toast? Well 13.4 million glasses did this year 2015, according to a survey which goes on to tell us about the huge market that the beautiful dark beer has captured. So here in this writeup, I actually take a look at the craziness behind this one brand of beer. What makes us love the Irish Drink, a sensation and a landmark out of a tiny country.

Guinness Draught Beer 2

Neidhi, the better explorer of the blog has had her fair shares of the Guinness beer but for me it was a first time experience. And I am thankful enough for her to get me couple of Guinness cans from her recent visit to Dublin. So having put my Guinness can in the refrigerator to chill I waited for a charming Friday night to pop it open.

With a pack of Doritos and Salsa by side, soothing music as my feet tapped to the rhythm, I pop open the can of Guinness Beer to a smooth fizz. Naturally I thought it would be great to do a review on it.

Ethereal Flow:

Special mention on the first adjective used above for when you first pour Guinness into a glass. The first expression you give when you are pouring over a pint is “Damn! That’s a beautiful beer!!” You actually feel real happiness on seeing it come alive in the glass. Guzzling from bottom up, it releases bubbles into a thick pillow head of a gorgeous light beige. But the best part of Guinness is all about that wait, the wow in seeing the bubbles settle to a liquid completely black with the most beautiful head you can find in a beer. This is actually due to the trick of the widget at the bottom which can be read more here.

Guinness Draught Beer 1

There is none of that strong fizz or the glugging while tilting over a can of Guinness and it is pure smooth delight. This might be presumable due it being thicker than regular lagers.

Olfactory Sensations:

As with most of my drinks I love absorbing the distinct smell of each of them. Each of them has it’s own distinguishing fragrance and Guinness carries with it the aroma of roasted malt. There is also a strong waft of coffee beans it carries with it. It is an Irish Stout after all and hence a little drier than the other regular sweet stouts. It also carries with it a wee bit of vanilla, at least those my receptors picked up on.

Guinness Draught Beer 4

The Drink:

As I lifted my first sip of the Guinness I couldn’t help noticing the mouthfeel to be smooth and refreshing. This truly black drink slides in clean through your mouth and those who don’t like strong flavors might not fall for it the first few sips. The alcohol warms the palate soothingly and the roasted malt pervades the nostrils. Despite the large foamy head that remains after the last sip of the pint the carbonation level is moderate.


The Guinness is a solid stout beer with more complexity than I expected. Despite being told that Guinness is a filling drink, I didn’t find it so. Comparing it to the regular beers on market shelves, the calories in Guinness are a lot less. Guinness is beer brewing at it’s finest and after having an entire pint of it, I understand why it has half the world craving it more. It might be a brilliant market strategy but that doesn’t change the fact that it is also one of the most finely brewed drinks you’ll have. The alcohol limits in Guinness are nominal and moderate drinking has hurt no one. Now off to pop open another can of the Black Ambrosia.

Also have a look at these Luxury Fudge Chocolates which I have opened a pack off. Just like the drink they are extremely smooth and melt in the mouth. I’m now looking to try the other variants of Guinness now.

#Guinness Luxury Fudge #Chocolates

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A good refreshing drink after a tiring day can solve a whole lot of world problems. If only life was easier that way. To come back home after a long day and be greeted by a refreshing cooler which takes away the entire tiredness out the body.

A box containing 4 Club Mix Syrups by Pure Berry’s had arrived at my doorstep, neatly packed. Product Reviews are always fun because it brings out the creative side in us. The box of Pure Berry’s Club Mixes touched a sweet nerve, quite literally because of my penchant for a good refreshing drink and also that they were perfectly in time for the summer.

Mocktails 1

An indigenous brand manufactured by the Mala Family who have been into the industry for decades, they also make jams, honey, crushes, etc. The box of Club Mixes contained 4 bottles each of White Rose, Strawbella, Blue Passion and Lime Mock. I quickly tried a little of each with soda and they had quite a freshening effect on my body and then, we decided to get creative. These could be perfect for recreating some really good mocktails and cocktails.

The White Rose Mix was especially the best of them while the Lime Mock had a nice zing to it. And then started the experiments with the main intention being , to able to combine Indian flavors with a touch of fusion.

Curry Leaves Mocktail

30 ml of Lime Mock Syrup
1 tbsp. Roasted Curry Leaves
1 can of Ginger Ale/Soda
1 tbsp. of Fresh Grated Ginger

Curry Leaves (Kadi Patta) can be roasted in a Pan or Baked in the oven for 10 mins before it can be powdered. I decided to just roast it in the pan and to get a milder taste of the curry leaves.

Curry Leaves Mocktail

Pour the  Lime Mock Syrup in the glass. Add the 1 tbsp. of Curry Leaves Powder. Add the  Grated Ginger and you can mix them all. Now all the Ginger Ale or the Soda and your drink is ready to serve.

Curry Leaves Mocktail 1The Curry Leaf Mocktail is extremely refreshing when had on a hot summer day. Topping it with some crushed ice brings out the flavors entirely.

Spicy Rose Mocktail

30 ml – White Rose Mix
1 can of Ginger Ale
1 tbsp. of Indian Spice Mix (Mix of Red Chilli Powder, Roasted Cumin Powder, Chaat Masala)

Pour the White Rose Mix in the glass.Top up with the Ginger Ale. Add The Masala Mix and Stir Once. The spicy concoction is ready to be served. Top it with some ice and its perfect combination accompanying any Kebabs.

Indian Spices White Rose Mocktail

The best part about the Spicy Rose Mocktail is all the spices hit your nostrils soon as you get it close to the mouth. If you are a lover of all things spicy then this is a absolute must. I especially loved the smell of cumin while having my occasional sips.

* You can add 30 ml Vodka to each of these to turn them into enticing cocktail as well.

The Club Mixes by Pure Berry’s make for a great base when whipping up your version or classic mocktails and cocktails. Priced at Rs 225/- for a bottle of 4 different variants of the Club Mix Syrups, they are extremely budget friendly. Do let us know in the comments of any intriguing recipes of mocktails/cocktails.

Website: http://www.pureberrys.in/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pureberrys

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When I first received the package from Tupperware to review their new product Steam It, it didn’t really fit in with our lifestyle for quite sometime. The product review comes quite late but only when I have actually started to fall in love with the product and the numerous times I have cooked. For a person like me who ends up having a lot of my food outside, cooking has become a luxury and very little time is devoted for cooking in general.

Then the other day over the weekend, wanting a change from the outside food,  I finally decided to plate something healthy and delicious. Cooking has become much easier and blissful after using the Tupperware Steam It. The first dish I started off with the Steam It  was of course my favorite item – Momos. The Recipe was simple but I had failed many times using the bamboo basket. The momos would either turn too soggy or wouldn’t steam evenly.

Tupperware Steam It - Momos

I have been using the Bamboo Baskets for steaming at home as it gives the authenticity of ancient traditions but it becomes difficult to handle. The Steam it is easy to use as the surface is always above water level. It actually prevents water from boiling over into food. Also the water drains from the side and never falls on the food. While making the momos, the first thing I encountered was the momos didn’t stick to the surface and were easy to remove off the base. The handles are away from the steam and easy to hold and manage the steamer.

Tupperware Steam It - Momos 3

I’ve also used the steamer for my vegetables and considering that it is double decker, it  has an extra option to cook 2 different dishes at the same time. It has become a crucial part of the kitchen equipment. And the Tupperware Steam is so easy and useful for efficient cooking that steaming food is not part of my daily routine but of course leading to a healthier lifestyle.

Tupperware Steam It - Momos 2

They are available with any of the Tupperware Distributors in India and who can easily be found here.

Happy Steaming and Healthy Eating.

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Youthful, Unpretentious, Vibrant and Uncomplicated. These are what Turning Point aims to capture with the launch of it’s pre-mixed Sangrias. Ashwin Deo who has worked in many wineries around the world formed the Trinity Vintner’s Pvt Ltd in 2011. They launched their signature Turning Point and JLT in under guidance from winemaker Mark Dworkin. The Turning Point range of wines are being sold across many outlets in India.

Ashwin Deo

The main idea of Turning Point wines is to appeal to the new age wine drinkers and each of the bottle of Turning Point wines is doing that with their fun packaged colorful bottles. They explain their wines through three words on each bottle. This is very attractive strategy and uniquely different from the usual naming and packaging conventions of most wines. They have 5 wines as part of the Turning Point Collection and each carries along with it that adjective which describes it best.

Turning Point Shiraz – Spicy, Smooth, Sublime
Turning Point Shiraz Cabernet – Luscious, Luxe, Lyrical
Turning Point Rosé – Sensuous, Summery, Sassy
Turning Point Sauvignon Blanc – Fresh, Fruity, Fabulous
Turning Point Chenin Blanc – Crisp, Candid, Chic

We were invited to Café D’Wine in Khar which has an extensive wine collection and prides itself in being one of the best Winebars in Mumbai.

The Turning Point Chenin Blanc, pale in colour and slight grapefruit taste was the perfect start for the evening. Light on the palate and crisp, it went perfect with the Pita and Hummus.

As we move forward, the Turning Point Sauvignon Blanc, was served. This turned out to be refreshing and Crisp on the palate. Light bodied and served with cheese stuffed mushrooms,  bruschetta and fresh tomato and cottage cheese crostini. These felt like the perfect companion.

The Turning Point Rosé  is perfect for any evening delight.


Turning Point Shiraz, deep ruby colour, it has exquisite taste and feels light in the mouth. This felt more acidic than the rest and I am not very appreciative of this particular wine.

The Turning Point Shiraz Cabernet was smooth and goes well with spicy food. It definitely is simple and full bodied,  tasted fruity on the palate and will go well with Indian food and red meat.

Turning Point Cabarnet

But were the wines just enough?  Ashwin Deo always wanted to explore further and here we get the Pre-Mixed Sangrias packaged in funky bottles. Sangria has over the last few years become the largest selling cocktail in the country with all the leading hotels and bars serving them by pitchers! It is this trend that has been captured in a 330ML bottle by Turning Point Wines.

Ashwin Deo always felt Wine has a huge potential and wanted to experiment with wine much deeper in the market. He wanted everyone to accept the wine drinking culture and make them more fun to have along with their food. After an extensive 3 years of research on various flavors the ready-to-drink Sangrias were launched.

Pre Mixed Sangrias (1)

We had a chance to sample the pre-mixed sangrias. One each from the red and white wine variants and found them to be quite a novel concept. With super fun bottling and competitive pricing coming to about Rs 135/-, this might as well be the next party Drink. Turning Point sangrias has innovation and that chic look going for it. And that makes for a neat way of sipping down your wine. “Off From A Bottle”

Gift Box


Tuning Point Wines are priced at Rs. 375 for 375 ml bottle and Rs 675 for 750 ml bottle.

You can find them at – http://www.turningpointwines.com/

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Most of us want to whip up exquisite dishes made on Masterchef and other cooking shows. The chefs create a beautiful recipe and we are eager to recreate them for dinner. And then starts the search for the ingredients. From one outlet to another we drive in search of it. I have given up too many times for lack of ingredients to create the dish that I intend to. The other issue always is buying large quantities of spices, vegetables and not knowing what to do with the left overs.

Kung Pao Chicken Tacos

The concept of iChef aims at satisfying your craving for that fancy meal. One fine day, craving for some gourmet food and I decided to look up online to see if I can get to sample something different. I stumbled upon iChef and I was amazed with the concept. iChef is not just your regular restaurant delivery service but channelizes your inner Nigella or Ramsay. It puts the ‘i’ before the chef quite literally. You are the creator of the dish and they provide you with all the ingredients and recipes to cook them at your own pace at home.

Beans Falafel Shawarma

With such curiosity I decided to order the two best-selling dishes of the week, Kung Pao Chicken Tacos and Khow Suey. Now Khow Suey is an unique recipe because not many restaurants actually serve it in my area and also the ones I have eaten around aren’t as authentic as they should be.

Khow Suey Ingredients

The delivery came right around dinner time. Neatly packaged ingredients with fresh herbs and sauces. I quickly opened the yellow curry paste container and it tasted fresh. The kaffir leaves and other veggies were all crisp and fresh too. They send you the exact recipe to follow step-wise along with the ingredients and this makes cooking the dish so much easier. While the pot of water was put to boil the noodles on the stove, I sat down to cut the carrots, capsicum, chillies for the Khow Suey.

Fresh Veggies

Once the noodles had been cooked and drained & after cooling with cold water, they were kept aside. To the pan, added the cut vegetables with addition of all the spices and Pre-mixed curry paste. Added coconut milk and the stock powder which were part of the kit. Once the mixture had started to thicken, the noodles were added to be cooked along for a few minutes. Garnished with Basil and peanuts to enhance the taste and I had a complete meal ready in less than 30 minutes.

Cooking Khow Suey

iChef is an inspiration of it’s US counterparts like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh and brings the same fresh gourmet food to reality in Mumbai. Sneha Arya, the person behind ichef decided to share with us more about iChef. Below is some excerpts of the talk I had with her.

Khow Suey 1

FD: What made you launch iChef?

Sneha: After I graduated from university and came back to India in April last year, I found a gap between demand and supply of gourmet ingredients. I would often plan dinners at my house where I wanted to make something fancy to wow my guests but found it extremely arduous to do so in India. I particularly remember that for my birthday, I wanted to make a Mediterranean salad which needed feta cheese and zaatar spice, both of which were extremely hard to find. I ended up finding zaatar spice only in Crawford Market which came at an exorbitant price of Rs 1500/Kg. I only wanted to use 50 gram but the minimum packaging I had to buy was 1 kg so I was left with 950 grams of an extremely expensive spice that I never used again.

After doing some research online, I came across the meal-kit delivery concept that was extremely popular in the West. I asked a couple of my friends in the US to try one of these services and they absolutely loved it. My brother, Chirag Arya, had recently started a chain of restaurants called Wok in the Box so I already had a foot in the door.

FD: How do you select the recipes and who curates them?

Sneha: We list 6 different recipes every week – 3 veg and 3 non veg. We decide our recipes two weeks in advance. The chef and the management team together ideate on the recipes and we shortlist meals on a variety of factors. Some of the factors are analytically drawn from past dishes, seasonal ingredients, global festivals, recipes trending online and popularity of cuisines. We have two full time chefs, Shehzade Daruwala and Ajit Mhatre who have extensive work experience and exposure working with different cuisines.

Recipe Booklet

FD: From where do you source your ingredients because we noticed the extra care which was taken to maintain the freshness of the ingredients in the meal kit?

Sneha: We believe in working with the local community and all the vegetables and fruits are supplied by local farms directly. For exotic dry ingredients, we work with a range of major distributors across the country.

iChef definitely makes for a very unique concept of bringing the different cuisines of the world under one portal: made by you, for you. Imagine surprising your date or your friends with your cooking skills to their surprise. We have also tried their Buffalo Chicken Wings and Kung Pao Chicken Tacos and have been elated every single time with the results. They change their menu every week thus giving a chance to be trying our hand at different dishes every other time.

Buffalo Chicken Wings


Visit – iChef.in

Contact – 022-65680555. They deliver all over Mumbai. 

Drop in a comment to tell us how your experience was if you have tried them.

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The fizz as you open a bottle of beer or that sweet pop sound as you unseal a can of the Golden Ambrosia. That’s the beauty of Beer and we are huge Beer Aficionados here at FoodDrifter. Having done posts on the Breweries of Bangalore and Pune, this time the talk is to about the Budtails a.k.a Beer Cocktails being launched this Holi 2015 across India and we were invited to judge the best of Budtails across a couple of the city’s outlets.

Beer Lal - Mavericks

Bar Hopping is indeed a fun thing especially when you are going to drink a lot of beer. A car on standby with a designated driver, drinks in hand and once done, off to the next spot. And that was exactly what Budweiser had in mind. Turning your favorite Ale to something even more fun. Beer Cocktails are fun and enjoyed best when made with light beers and Budweiser is exactly that. In keeping with the Holi Spirit, the drinks were to be judged on the following parameters: Name of Cocktails, Theme (Holi), Balance Of Flavors, Presentation, Food Pairings and Overall Taste.


Starting off with the first stop for the evening was Tap Quench Bar. Right opposite the K.B.R Park in Banjara Hills, there were 3 Budtails on offer. The Ginger Technic, had a strong after-taste and hit of ginger as soon as you take a sip. It’s best for a Holi hangover, if you ever are in one. The tomato has always been an inspiration for the Bloody Mary’s and Sangritas but here it had a foray into Beer Cocktail. Astonishing perfect for a relaxing drink, the Tap Tangy was fantabulous and a great cocktail to indulge in. Margorona is a very loosely thrown-around name to be used for Beer Cocktails. Supposed to have started as a mix of Margarita + Corona, here it was instead replaced with the Budweiser for the Budtails. The decision came down to between the Margorona and Tap Tangy, but the Margorona topped because it had a colorful Holi spirit to it and got us asking for more.

Budtails At Tap Quech Bar

A drive to the next stop of Fly High by LS in Jubilee Hills and we were greeted with our next two drinks. Both the Beer Pong and Bobby’s Beer Cocktail didn’t really ruffle any wow-feelings in us. They were average at best with the Bobby’s Beer Cocktails, the better of the two. I’d rather order a Beer Smuggler which the Bartender created right at the counter and not part of the Budtails Menu. It had a refreshing hint of coconut to it.

Budtails At Fly High By LS

Mavericks Bar & Grill was a relatively unknown competitor to me. I had heard of the place but never really dropped by to visit anytime. Located on the top floor of the Manjeera Mall in Kukatpally, the newly opened Bar is huge and spacious too. The naming of the Budtails at Mavericks were all flat and without any creative thought process done for their nomenclature. Beer Lal and Bud Wiser turned out to be cranberry and Blue Curacao based cocktails respectively and were just too sweet for our liking. The Beer Pong was frothy and good too. It was an orange-based drink and again turned out to be a little sweeter than needed. Then the best drink of the night according to me arrived for the night. The bad naming aside of being Fusion Fizz, it was a roller coaster. The Fusion Fizz at Mavericks borders between a Beer cocktail and a Mojito and was easily the most refreshing drink of the night. Easily knocking the other drinks on the points table by a large margin.

The Budtails At Mavericks

The Bar Hop continued on to Komatose, our last stop for the night. Located in the Financial Dist. and part of the Holiday Inn Group, Komatose had our high expectations. We have loved the great food at Komatose and Jonathan’s Kitchen so we knew what to expect on that front. The Budtails menu at Komatose is expansive. They have a lot of those on offer. The Holy Koma was literally holy cow amazing. The other notable mentions is the Panipuri-based Beer cocktails which gives a whole new meaning to fusion named the Caramba, Fill Me Up and Flirtini. The only minor out of place for all the awesome drinks at Komatose was that they all looked the same color and hence losing out on the points for Theme. But for benefit of doubt, they don’t use any artificial colors at all and hence the colors to be expecting are toned down. The Budtails go great with the Marinated Olives and Focaccia Melt at Komatose.

Fill Me Up And Flirtini At Komatose

Beer Cocktails sure is catching up fast as one to indulge in. This is a great initiative from Budweiser on coming up with a Holi Theme of Budtails for their Holi parties across India. The winner of the Budtails contest shall be announced on Holi at Aqua, The Park and Marriott Convention Center where Budweiser is hosting its Holi Party in Hyderabad.

Fusion Fizz At Mavericks

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