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Budtails : Budweiser Beer Cocktails

by FoodDrifter

The fizz as you open a bottle of beer or that sweet pop sound as you unseal a can of the Golden Ambrosia. That’s the beauty of Beer and we are huge Beer Aficionados here at FoodDrifter. Having done posts on the Breweries of Bangalore and Pune, this time the talk is to about the Budtails a.k.a Beer Cocktails being launched this Holi 2015 across India and we were invited to judge the best of Budtails across a couple of the city’s outlets.

Beer Lal - Mavericks

Bar Hopping is indeed a fun thing especially when you are going to drink a lot of beer. A car on standby with a designated driver, drinks in hand and once done, off to the next spot. And that was exactly what Budweiser had in mind. Turning your favorite Ale to something even more fun. Beer Cocktails are fun and enjoyed best when made with light beers and Budweiser is exactly that. In keeping with the Holi Spirit, the drinks were to be judged on the following parameters: Name of Cocktails, Theme (Holi), Balance Of Flavors, Presentation, Food Pairings and Overall Taste.


Starting off with the first stop for the evening was Tap Quench Bar. Right opposite the K.B.R Park in Banjara Hills, there were 3 Budtails on offer. The Ginger Technic, had a strong after-taste and hit of ginger as soon as you take a sip. It’s best for a Holi hangover, if you ever are in one. The tomato has always been an inspiration for the Bloody Mary’s and Sangritas but here it had a foray into Beer Cocktail. Astonishing perfect for a relaxing drink, the Tap Tangy was fantabulous and a great cocktail to indulge in. Margorona is a very loosely thrown-around name to be used for Beer Cocktails. Supposed to have started as a mix of Margarita + Corona, here it was instead replaced with the Budweiser for the Budtails. The decision came down to between the Margorona and Tap Tangy, but the Margorona topped because it had a colorful Holi spirit to it and got us asking for more.

Budtails At Tap Quech Bar

A drive to the next stop of Fly High by LS in Jubilee Hills and we were greeted with our next two drinks. Both the Beer Pong and Bobby’s Beer Cocktail didn’t really ruffle any wow-feelings in us. They were average at best with the Bobby’s Beer Cocktails, the better of the two. I’d rather order a Beer Smuggler which the Bartender created right at the counter and not part of the Budtails Menu. It had a refreshing hint of coconut to it.

Budtails At Fly High By LS

Mavericks Bar & Grill was a relatively unknown competitor to me. I had heard of the place but never really dropped by to visit anytime. Located on the top floor of the Manjeera Mall in Kukatpally, the newly opened Bar is huge and spacious too. The naming of the Budtails at Mavericks were all flat and without any creative thought process done for their nomenclature. Beer Lal and Bud Wiser turned out to be cranberry and Blue Curacao based cocktails respectively and were just too sweet for our liking. The Beer Pong was frothy and good too. It was an orange-based drink and again turned out to be a little sweeter than needed. Then the best drink of the night according to me arrived for the night. The bad naming aside of being Fusion Fizz, it was a roller coaster. The Fusion Fizz at Mavericks borders between a Beer cocktail and a Mojito and was easily the most refreshing drink of the night. Easily knocking the other drinks on the points table by a large margin.

The Budtails At Mavericks

The Bar Hop continued on to Komatose, our last stop for the night. Located in the Financial Dist. and part of the Holiday Inn Group, Komatose had our high expectations. We have loved the great food at Komatose and Jonathan’s Kitchen so we knew what to expect on that front. The Budtails menu at Komatose is expansive. They have a lot of those on offer. The Holy Koma was literally holy cow amazing. The other notable mentions is the Panipuri-based Beer cocktails which gives a whole new meaning to fusion named the Caramba, Fill Me Up and Flirtini. The only minor out of place for all the awesome drinks at Komatose was that they all looked the same color and hence losing out on the points for Theme. But for benefit of doubt, they don’t use any artificial colors at all and hence the colors to be expecting are toned down. The Budtails go great with the Marinated Olives and Focaccia Melt at Komatose.

Fill Me Up And Flirtini At Komatose

Beer Cocktails sure is catching up fast as one to indulge in. This is a great initiative from Budweiser on coming up with a Holi Theme of Budtails for their Holi parties across India. The winner of the Budtails contest shall be announced on Holi at Aqua, The Park and Marriott Convention Center where Budweiser is hosting its Holi Party in Hyderabad.

Fusion Fizz At Mavericks

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