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Turning Point Wines and Sangrias

by FoodDrifter

Youthful, Unpretentious, Vibrant and Uncomplicated. These are what Turning Point aims to capture with the launch of it’s pre-mixed Sangrias. Ashwin Deo who has worked in many wineries around the world formed the Trinity Vintner’s Pvt Ltd in 2011. They launched their signature Turning Point and JLT in under guidance from winemaker Mark Dworkin. The Turning Point range of wines are being sold across many outlets in India.

Ashwin Deo

The main idea of Turning Point wines is to appeal to the new age wine drinkers and each of the bottle of Turning Point wines is doing that with their fun packaged colorful bottles. They explain their wines through three words on each bottle. This is very attractive strategy and uniquely different from the usual naming and packaging conventions of most wines. They have 5 wines as part of the Turning Point Collection and each carries along with it that adjective which describes it best.

Turning Point Shiraz – Spicy, Smooth, Sublime
Turning Point Shiraz Cabernet – Luscious, Luxe, Lyrical
Turning Point Rosé – Sensuous, Summery, Sassy
Turning Point Sauvignon Blanc – Fresh, Fruity, Fabulous
Turning Point Chenin Blanc – Crisp, Candid, Chic

We were invited to Café D’Wine in Khar which has an extensive wine collection and prides itself in being one of the best Winebars in Mumbai.

The Turning Point Chenin Blanc, pale in colour and slight grapefruit taste was the perfect start for the evening. Light on the palate and crisp, it went perfect with the Pita and Hummus.

As we move forward, the Turning Point Sauvignon Blanc, was served. This turned out to be refreshing and Crisp on the palate. Light bodied and served with cheese stuffed mushrooms,  bruschetta and fresh tomato and cottage cheese crostini. These felt like the perfect companion.

The Turning Point Rosé  is perfect for any evening delight.


Turning Point Shiraz, deep ruby colour, it has exquisite taste and feels light in the mouth. This felt more acidic than the rest and I am not very appreciative of this particular wine.

The Turning Point Shiraz Cabernet was smooth and goes well with spicy food. It definitely is simple and full bodied,  tasted fruity on the palate and will go well with Indian food and red meat.

Turning Point Cabarnet

But were the wines just enough?  Ashwin Deo always wanted to explore further and here we get the Pre-Mixed Sangrias packaged in funky bottles. Sangria has over the last few years become the largest selling cocktail in the country with all the leading hotels and bars serving them by pitchers! It is this trend that has been captured in a 330ML bottle by Turning Point Wines.

Ashwin Deo always felt Wine has a huge potential and wanted to experiment with wine much deeper in the market. He wanted everyone to accept the wine drinking culture and make them more fun to have along with their food. After an extensive 3 years of research on various flavors the ready-to-drink Sangrias were launched.

Pre Mixed Sangrias (1)

We had a chance to sample the pre-mixed sangrias. One each from the red and white wine variants and found them to be quite a novel concept. With super fun bottling and competitive pricing coming to about Rs 135/-, this might as well be the next party Drink. Turning Point sangrias has innovation and that chic look going for it. And that makes for a neat way of sipping down your wine. “Off From A Bottle”

Gift Box


Tuning Point Wines are priced at Rs. 375 for 375 ml bottle and Rs 675 for 750 ml bottle.

You can find them at – http://www.turningpointwines.com/

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