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The Sheraton Culinary Academy At Bene

by FoodDrifter

After watching 7 seasons of Masterchef Australia, and loving it, all you can dream of is ever getting to wear that apron and be in a professional kitchen and have these amazing chefs help you learn and live around the thing that you are most passionate about, FOOD. And Sheraton helps you live this dream of yours. I don’t think I have ever been this awestruck ever in my life and I am forever grateful to the amazing team of Sheraton for making it possible.

Sheraton Culinary Academy (16)

Sheraton Culinary Academy (15)

Sheraton Culinary Academy (5)
But first let’s cut to a scene….
You’re in an awesome, fancy restaurant with perfect decor and set up (Bene), wearing your very own chef’s apron and hat with your notepad and pencil. Sitting on one of the three small tables facing one big kitchen counter, which is full of all kinds of Italian pastas and every other ingredient in small white bowls, very cookery show like, lit stove, knife holders and all. Behind the counter is standing Bene’s very own Italian chef, Giusseppe Lioce.

There you have it.. Your Masterclass, Sheraton style!

Sheraton Culinary Academy (3)

Sheraton Culinary Academy (4)

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The very friendly, very interactive chef demonstrated to us his three signature dishes.

Firstly he started off with making the dough, the base and most important part of most dishes. The ingredients and techniques involved in making the deceptively simple looking dough perfect. Simple and fabulous..
We got to try our hand at making Pasta.. Basil and pesto.

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Sheraton Culinary Academy (7)

Sheraton Culinary Academy (12)

Again simple and lip-smackingly delicious. Everyone almost licked their plates clean off. Third was a dessert.. Almond cookies . Equal parts almond flour and sugar, little bit of almond essence and butter. Bake for 20mins at 160degrees and you have your cookies.

Sheraton Culinary Academy (14)

Sheraton Culinary Academy (10)

As if these weren’t enough, the chef invited is to join him and his friends on the poolside and have some amuse-bouches along with drinks. And that turned out to be one of the best parts of evening. Not only the food tasted like little bits of heaven and the drinks were just right, we had one of best views of the city. Perfectly lit buildings and metro passing through frequently, but quiet. It was one of those perfect set ups to just laugh, have some drinks and delicious food and unwind with your friends. The end to the evening couldn’t have been written any better.

Sheraton Culinary Academy (1)

And I can’t thank Sheraton and team, for another perfect evening. I don’t pick favorites but they are making it really hard not to.You must visit them.. Not just for the perfect decor of their restaurants or the delicious food they serve or even the ever attentive staff or because they have the best view in the city.. But because if you decide on spending an evening with them , they make sure it is remarkable and they give you enough reasons to remember it always!

Sheraton Culinary Academy

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