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The Shiro Collection – Dumplings Over A Cup Of Tea

by FoodDrifter

Shiro is a well-established restaurant which seldom needs further praise. So we walk into Shiro on a weekday evening and the place is exquisite. You can see why the place is so well known for its rich taste as it has been designed with an eye for detail.

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We were greeted by the GM and Sous Chef Sameer Juvekar as we took our seats at our table. They have an ongoing dumpling festival called ‘The Shiro Collection’. The Shiro Collection concept marries the love for the rainy season with Dumplings. Imagine sitting over a hot cup of flavored tea as you savor the little, light, steaming hot dumplings. A lot of thought has been out into designing the menu for The Shiro Collection. It had initially started out as a trial of 80 kinds of dumplings has been perfected down to 40 in their elegantly designed chiseled menu. The dumplings include all kinds from Steamed, Pan-fried, an assortment of baos, vegetarian, non-vegetarian, there is something in it for everyone.

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Teas have always been an integral part of Asian culture. We tried the Jasmine Tea which was full of flavors and soothing at the same time. The Roses in Bloom gives the uplift to the beauty of roses in a cup. If you could ever taste rose, then this is how it’s to be treated. The dumplings combined with the flavored teas make for a great relaxing eating-out option.

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Now with the hot cup of our favorite drinks by our side we started off our night with the various dumplings on offer. The Crab Meat Dumpling has a beautiful texture and packs a lot of flavor within. The Prawn Sweetcorn Dumplings is effortlessly good but with the inner fillings being mashed together the distinctive flavors don’t stand out a bit. But the stand-out has to be the  Prawn In Thai Herbal Sauce. No starch, exquisitely cooked with a light level of acidity and a gorgeous sauce to get us drooling. We couldn’t have enough of it and especially with that Thai Herbal Sauce being so brilliantly done.

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The vegetarian options do not seem to be lacking at all. The Broccoli Dumplings give it a crispy and crunchy coming off the water-chestnuts filling while the Fried Mushroom packs the punch of a well-stirred mushroom with hints of garlic. Also loved the Crystal Dumplings which have a generous filling of shitake mushrooms, carrots, zucchini and Chinese cabbage.

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Next up on our tables were the Steamed Bao which can either be opted for with a Chicken Bulgogi or Vegetable filling. Deliciously moist and texture, these paired sweetly with the flavored teas. There is a lot more to the ‘The Shiro Collection’ menu to be explored. And all this over a hot cup of tea of course. Although there is no term called ‘too many Dumplings’  but to add to the lovely menu, we also have the delicious Pork Ribs with a sweet chili and blackbean sauce.

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‘The Shiro Collection’ food festival is on till the 28th of July 2015. As a wise man said “Lovely conversations have happened over a cup of tea”. Why not add some dumplings to those conversations and enjoy the beautiful season.

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Address: Shiro, Bombay Dyeing Mill Compound, P Budhkar Marg, Worli, Mumbai
Phone : 022 66511207 / 022 66511208

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