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Food Walks In Hyderabad

by FoodDrifter
Food Walks In Hyderabad

Hyderabad, The City of the Nizams is a foodies paradise. Rich heritage, cultural diversity and the gastronomic delights that has shaped over the years is seen in Hyderabad’s lanes and bylanes.

Through the Food Walks, you weave your way through the hustle & bustle of the city, sampling with a like-minded group of foodies to try the best that the city has to offer.

So why the Food Walks in Hyderabad? Each place has a history and story to tell. As a tourist or even living in the city itself, we feel that Hyderabad’s culinary history is best enjoyed with a group.

The better the company & the yummy food, the more food to sample and actually connect with people who share the same passion of combining history through food.

Tawa Idlis

We at FoodDrifter, have taken this initiative that considering Hyderabad’s rich history, we aren’t going to just make you eat. We want to show the traditional secrets and redefine your tastebuds to what Hyderabad has to offer. This city isn’t known only for it’s Biryani but also a lot of other secret culinary dishes which have been around for generations.

We also offer customized Food Walks for your groups, tailoring to your requirement.

To be a part of our Food Walks conducted around Hyderabad and to know more on the details drop in a mail at fooddrifter@gmail.com

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