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The Hyderabad Micro Breweries List – Part 1

by FoodDrifter

For the people who’ve met me, know of my absolute love for Beer. There are wine enthusiasts, Single Malt Aficionados and then there’s me who considers himself a huge lover of Beer. From going off in talks about the intricacies of Beer to explaining to people about the different kinds. My love for Beer can be seen on my wall, where I proudly display my Beer Crown Collection on a plaque of the different kinds of Beer that I’ve had during my travels.

So you should be able to understand my elation of when the State Govt. of Telengana allowed for Microbreweries to be set up in Hyderabad. This was a first step which was going to change the Beer drinking culture in the state. Now it’s been more than 3 months with 4 breweries having already opened their doors and many more opening in the next few months. In this post we shall take a look as to how the 4 breweries have fared.

Micro-Breweries (6)

HyLife Brewing Company – The first Microbrewery to open it’s doors was HyLife. The moment you walk in to Hylife, the space is absolutely massive and lots of room to take a seating of your choice while you gulped a cold one. The first week of it’s launch, I truly liked the Lager (Drunken Monk) and Wheat (James Blonde). It was perfectly matured and had all the makings of a great beer. But it’s been a downhill from there. At no moment of time, they have any of the beers of tap available and also the food choices on the menu are terrible.

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Prost Brew Pub – Prost had opened it’s doors first in Bangalore and finally now in Hyderabad. Located on the Jubilee Road No 45 stretch, it’s an exquisite property. From outdoor seating to lively indoors, Prost has got it all. The Brews at Prost have also been consistent. Prost is probably the only Microbrewery to have Stout available most of the time. The Wheat Beer is best among the 4 breweries as of now but the Apple Cider falls way short than intended. Prost is strongest in it’s huge choices in food that it serves. From the Bacon Wrapped Prawns, truly good pizzas and Kerala Style Beef. The food at Prost pairs great with the Beer that they serve.

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Over The Moon – To be honest, I had been a bit skeptical of how the Brew Pub at OTM (as it’s affectionately called) would turn out. But it had to chew my own words in this regard, coz this for me is probably the best Micro Brewery in Hyderabad right now. The Ales are beautifully crafted (Both the American and Amber). The German Hefeweizen is the stuff of legends. The Stout though at OTM isn’t heavy and will be liked by light beer drinkers. I much prefer my Stout with a heavy body and loads of flavor unlike the one at OTM. The White High (Belgian Wheat) too is amazing and do request a slice of orange in the Wheat to bring out all of it’s robustness.

Micro-Breweries (3)

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Zero40 Brewing – The newest entrant into the Micro-Brewery scene is Zero40 Brewing in Rd. No 10, Jubilee Hills. They are fairly new and the beers still do need a bit of time to mature. The names of the Beers are catchy and the food menu is beautifully crafted. I liked the flavors in The Ex (IPA) but it still needed a bit more of the crispness which comes with maturity. Considering that no other Brewery has brewed an IPA till now, this is a first and they’ve done a good job with it. They also serve a pretty decent Robust Porter.

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The brewery scene is still picking up in the city which sure is going to change for the better in the coming months once the new entrants come in. There’s Olive Bistro and Heart Cup too which shall be launching there’s too in the near future. Tell us in the comments of the best ones that you’ve enjoyed among the four Micro-Breweries.

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