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A Complete Sunday Brunch – Jonathan’s Kitchen

by FoodDrifter

As the weekend arrives, I can’t help but get excited each Sunday for the brunch at Jonathan’s Kitchen at Holiday Inn in Gachibowli. Jonathan’s Kitchen has been serving real wonderful food since quite sometime. We’ve always walked out of the place with great food memories. Add in the potent mix of creative drinks that Komatose whips out and you’ve had the perfect combination of a wonderful Sunday brunch.

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I’ve always been a person who prefers a set menu rather than a vast buffet spread. With a set menu I can choose to have the dishes, prepared fresh by the chef on order than walk around having left out food of a buffet. And when in Jonathan’s Kitchen you got to have the Lust from their line of signature drinks. Named after the ‘Se7en Deadly Sins’, the lust is a hot favorite. It’s a hot combination of chili infused vodka, strawberry puree and lime.

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Jonathan’s Kitchen has a vast and diverse menu which is also represented in it’s choice of set menu. Specializing in dishes from many regions of the world, I’ve always felt their strengths lie in Asian and Continental. So there was no denying when the Wasabi Prawns and Prawns Cocktail had arrived out our table that we had to just polish it clean. The Wasabi Prawns especially were brilliant and is almost part of our every order when we visit Jonathan’s.

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The liquor flowed as the afternoon progressed and so did the food. The Bhatti da Murgh was served fresh out of the tandoor while the Dahi ke Kebabs was a highlight from the vegetarian starters. Pizzas is where I’ve always felt Jonathan’s towers ahead than many restaurants. Their thin-crust pizzas are simply put – cheeselicious.

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Having already been stuffed with the starters, we went light for the main course. Skipping through the Indian dishes, we settled for a simple Pasta and Chicken breast. I always tend to be more inclined to the mashed potatoes when it comes to a continental dish and the one here on the plate was polished off clean. The mashed potatoes had been made exquisitely and it takes a simple dish to understand the brilliance of a chef.

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Completing our brunch with the dessert, we had spent nearly quite a while being set up for high. The drinks are truly potent and the food is wonderful. For a five-course meal at Rs 999/+-, the brunch at Jonathan’s Kitchen is pure value for money. But I’m one who looks more at quality and Jonathan’s Kitchen delivers on that aspect with brilliant dishes as part of their menu. We walked out of Jonathan’s Kitchen with yet another great experience wanting to go back there another weekend.

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Address : Jonathan’s Kitchen, Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Gachibowli, Hyderabad
Phone: 040 33165791

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