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Hampi : A Food Travel Diary

by FoodDrifter

Hampi is one of the trips you need to take in a lifetime. The entire town of Hampi is dotted in ruins of the Vijayanagara Kingdom on the banks of the Tungabhadra river. It’s classified as an UNESCO World Heritage site. For a tourist to be living among of the ruins of what was once a mighty kingdom, has a charm of it’s own.

Tungabhadra River

To navigate Hampi, it’s important to keep one small thought in mind especially for a foodie. The Tungabhadra River bifurcates the town. While one bank accommodates the temples and hance non-vegetarian isn’t allowed on this side. But once you take the ferry to the other side of the river, everything is allowed. Being a Temple-town, alcohol isn’t sold in Hampi but you can carry your own booze and also some smaller hotels do provide beers on the other side of the river.

In this post we take a look at what to and where in Hampi.

  1. Mango Tree: Mango Tree was a landmark by itself. It was once nestled beneath a huge mango tree, boasting of river views which is still unmatched. But a lightning struck taking away the iconic mango tree but the spirit of the restaurant still lives on. Now situated in the bazaar lane right in front of the Virupaksha Temple, Mango Tree continues on to serve delightful thalis.

Meals At Mango Tree

  1. Gowthami Guest House: Our favorite is to live of the other side of the bank of the river. Gowthami Guest House is one of the must visit hotels in Hampi. They grow their own produce and the chefs in the kitchen are mostly travelers looking to make a living to fund their journey. This has benefits. One the food is as authentic as possible. And two, the food is even more tastier with their organic produce.Gowthami Guest House
    An Israeli Menu
    Teas At GowthamiMust Try: They make the most amazing Pasta and especially go for the ones with Pesto Sauce. German baked goods with lots of cheese. An Israeli Laffa which is almost like the shawarma but packed with even more ingredients inside. And yes don’t forget their relaxing teas. They truly give meaning to the word Chillin’. They also have some delicious breakfast with options like German Bread, Hash Browns and many different kinds of omlettes.Alfredo Penne At Gowthami
    Breakfast At Gowthami
    German Cheese Bread
  1. German Bakery : The first bakery soon as you embark to the other side of the Tungabhadra is the German Bakery. It’s just an extension of a house and he closes shop pretty fast. He makes really good Rum Balls and German Cake. You can find all kinds of bread, cookies and cakes. But you need to be in time before they are polished off.German Bakery
  1. Laughing Buddha: This is a tiny terrace seating on the first floor of a housing complex. It feels very makeshit and is mostly crowded for the Hookahs and one of the few places which serve Beer. But do order their Shipudim Plate. It’s an Israeli platter of Pita Bread, Fries, Fresh Hummus, Barbecue Garlic Chicken Nuggets and fresh salad.Shipudim Platter

The essential thing to remember in Hampi is that you’re there to relax and soak in history. Take a walk among the ruins or among the sugarcane fields. Hampi is also one of the largest producers of sugarcane and it is a whole other feeling to sink your teeth into fresh sugarcane. And for some light munching by the river, there are always some local products like the below one.

Hyderabadi Biryani Flavor Snacks

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