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Charosa – Wine And Food Pairings

by FoodDrifter

Walking into a fine dine restaurant, the glass of wine was reserved only for special occasions. Somehow the wine culture in India was relegated to only having had the imported lot and with continental food. But with the boom of Indian wines in the market, this is no more the case. The wine culture is finally opening up in India from what we’ve been firsthand.

Wine From A Bottle

With time we’ve started to appreciate the fine intricacies of the “Made in India” wine. There was a time when we’d cringe on hearing an Indian wine being served at the dinner table, but know we know, they aren’t far behind their foreign counterparts.


The revolution in wines and wine making is still a recent phenomenon, having gained momentum only in the last decade in India. That doesn’t stop the quality of wines being bottled anything of being world-class. Nashik, a four-hour drive from Mumbai is where all the wine magic has started to happen and is considered the Wine Capital of India now unofficially.

Here we have another new entrant to the wine market, Charosa Wineries also having the base location at Nashik. A relatively new entrant and already making all the right buzz, Charosa wines has a neat collection of some of the finest wines In India.  The Sauvignon Blanc, the Shiraz and the Reserve Tempranillo, India’s first 100 percent reserve.

Reserve Tempraillo

We believed we have ‘aged’ to be appreciating the finer nuances of wine and Charosa, with its smoothness, a bit of smokiness to the red ambrosia and a slight hit at the back of the mouth is some of the best we encountered having been produced in the valleys of Nashik.

Eggplant Bruschetta

Food and Wine pairings have been around. There is an art of pairing the right food with the right wine. A bit of saltiness, tanginess, fresh sauces and herbs with the right kind of wine can work wonders. So sitting down with Pedhapally Kishan, Head of Charosa Wines – Sales & Marketing, South India, we ventured off on our ambrosia journey at Via Milano, Jubilee Hills #36 with Ajay Harinath too for company.

In Conversation With Kishan

The Sauvignon Blanc: Indeed rightly termed the Sparkling White. The Sauvignon Blanc is best had with a cheese platter, a bit of saltiness in between the sips of this white wonder. For the not so cheese lovers, it’s good to know that the Sauvignon Blanc actually works wonders with tangy flavors. So don’t miss that occasional red sauces or citrus flavored dishes.

Beef Steaks

Shiraz: Shiraz is one of the most common wines to be used to pair with food. That’s because it goes best with the Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisines. Heavily spicy, barbecued with bold sauces food aren’t to be overshadowed by the Shiraz. So indulge in the red nectar over some chicken wings or a plate of Lasagna and you have a state of ‘aged’ ecstasy.


It’s wonderful with the Indian Wineries realizing the potential of good wines and creating such subtle and at the same time such hard hitting flavors to be complementing the food industry. Charosa is one of the new best entrants to be entering the industry and capturing the market. It’s oldest in the reserves might only fare back to 2 years vintage, but we found it to be better than some of it’s counterparts already.

Dessert Wine (White Wine Sangria)

For the wine enthusiasts, Food And Wine pairings sessions are to be conducted soon. You can contact us on fooddrifter@gmail.com to be part of it.

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