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Paper Boat Drinks : The Tea Based Drinks

by FoodDrifter

The Paperboat range of drinks is a unique way to bridge the gap of childhood and memories. Those flavors of Kokum, Jaljeera, Gogappa Paani as we saw the seller ringing his bells, enter our lanes to sell his stuff. Tugging at mom to hand over some to have those superbly awesome Nimbu Jaljeera, Aam Panna and Golgappe. God, the 90’s did fly away fast.

Fast-forward to the present day, Paper Boat by Hector Beverages is back to remind us of those very childhood memories. And the best part of the beverages are they are all natural without any of those artificial preservatives. Since the last product launch by them, we’ve grown quite fond of the Aamras and Kala Khatta.

Paper Boat Message

The delivery of the new line-up in their perfectly neatly packed fiber-bag had us excited. Paper Boat has got it’s drinks in a superior environmental pack, without compromising on the quality. This gives a phenomenal aesthetic value to the customer to know exactly what product he’s purchasing.

One peek into the bag and there 4 distinctly paperboat pouches of TEA flavored drinks. Two each of the Tulsi and Ginger Lemon Tea. Being great aficionados of tea, this bag had us quite excited.   An iced tea drink on our mind, we wanted to try something different this time.

First up was the Ginger Lemon Tea. The drink once poured, we could get a faint freshness of the lemon in it. It’s black tea based, but the feel of ginger lacked completely in it. It’s only after you get it down your throat, you get an aftertaste. The drink otherwise is very mild on flavors.

Ginger Lemon Tea Paper Boat Beverages

The Tulsi Tea on the other hand was a refreshing change in the packaged tea drinks. Made from Darjeeling Tea with a lovely delicate touch of tulsi or basil to it. This product had us pouring another glass of it.

Tulsi Tea Paper Boat Beverages

Here at FoodDrifter we love to do some innovative with the products we receive. If ready to eat mixes by Mother’s Recipe had us recreating Kebab’s out of Poha, then the Paper Boat drinks too were to be experimented upon. And the suggestion was to create mocktails and cocktails out of them. So tea flavored cocktails? Yes.

The combination of the first cocktail was Paper Boat Ginger Lemon Drink, Cinnamon Flavored Vodka, Monin Blue Curacao and a lemon wedge. A bit of salt on the rim to give it a twist as soon as the drink touches your lips. But the secret addition to it, honey. A lot of people prefer honey with their teas and yes it works the same case with the Paper Boat Ginger Lemon Drink Cocktail too.

Vodka Based Paper Boat Ginger Lemon Cocktail

The Tulsi Drink is refreshing so we didn’t want to lose it’s flavor. So combinations which worked best were the Vodka, Paper Boat Tulsi Drink, honey. Again to give it that deft touch, finish off with salt at the rim to give that hit of a taste with alcohol.

Vodka Based Paper Boat Tulsi Cocktail

With wine cocktails, we found again the Tulsi Drink went best. But a little bit of addition of chili to the drink made it wow. A hint of spice with that sweetness made it an exhilarating drink in hand.

Wine Based Paper Boat Tulsi Cocktail 1

With the drinks having no artificial flavors and preservatives to it, these are some fine beverages to be brought out by Hector. The best among the tea-flavored drinks being the Tulsi Tea, they need notch up the flavors in the Ginger Lemon Tea Drink a little. But they make for some great cocktails and mocktails too. So don’t shy away from storing them in your fridge, because these drinks are very much worth it.

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