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Tupperware Steam It – A Redesigned Revolutionary Product

by FoodDrifter

When I first received the package from Tupperware to review their new product Steam It, it didn’t really fit in with our lifestyle for quite sometime. The product review comes quite late but only when I have actually started to fall in love with the product and the numerous times I have cooked. For a person like me who ends up having a lot of my food outside, cooking has become a luxury and very little time is devoted for cooking in general.

Then the other day over the weekend, wanting a change from the outside food,  I finally decided to plate something healthy and delicious. Cooking has become much easier and blissful after using the Tupperware Steam It. The first dish I started off with the Steam It  was of course my favorite item – Momos. The Recipe was simple but I had failed many times using the bamboo basket. The momos would either turn too soggy or wouldn’t steam evenly.

Tupperware Steam It - Momos

I have been using the Bamboo Baskets for steaming at home as it gives the authenticity of ancient traditions but it becomes difficult to handle. The Steam it is easy to use as the surface is always above water level. It actually prevents water from boiling over into food. Also the water drains from the side and never falls on the food. While making the momos, the first thing I encountered was the momos didn’t stick to the surface and were easy to remove off the base. The handles are away from the steam and easy to hold and manage the steamer.

Tupperware Steam It - Momos 3

I’ve also used the steamer for my vegetables and considering that it is double decker, it  has an extra option to cook 2 different dishes at the same time. It has become a crucial part of the kitchen equipment. And the Tupperware Steam is so easy and useful for efficient cooking that steaming food is not part of my daily routine but of course leading to a healthier lifestyle.

Tupperware Steam It - Momos 2

They are available with any of the Tupperware Distributors in India and who can easily be found here.

Happy Steaming and Healthy Eating.

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