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Handmade Pasta Recipe

by FoodDrifter

Watching alot of Masterchef seasons these days and there was an intention of creating one of those stunning dishes at home. Weekends lately has been a lot of eating out. Hence struck the idea to make to make Pasta on a cold rainy day. Pasta as such has been made numerous times using the ready made supermarket varieties, but this time wanted to make pasta from the scratch.

A step-by-step complete easy process which we hit it right on our first attempt. Who knew making Pasta was so easy?

Ingredients For The Pasta Dough:

i. Flour
ii. Eggs
iii. Olive Oil
iv. Salt

Dough, Eggs & Olive Oil
Starting Off With The Dough:

So perfecto, with the 4 ingredients at hand, which are a part of everyday kitchen necessities, we flagged off the pasta making session.

Firstly taking two cups of flour, we made a well in between the flour to which we added two eggs, a generous amount of Olive Oil and a pinch of salt. The eggs were then beaten light with a spoon so as to enable even kneading. Pushing the flour from the inner rim while making our way to the outer vortex, we knead the flour all along making a super-malleable dough. The trick to a good pasta is that the dough should be elastic and remain so.

Pasta Dough Ready

Now to leave it for a resting period of minimum half hour helps in getting lighter pasta much later once rolled flat to cut. The resting period is an absolutely essential for making better pasta.

Rolling the Pasta:

With many pasta rolling machines readily available in the market, you know you got options to make the job easier. But believing in the art of how the Italians do, the rolling pin is always the best. The easiest way of doing it without the rolling pin is to make a cylinder of the entire dough and cut it into equal pieces and start square.

Pasta Dough Cut To Cylindrical Shapes

The next is the fun part with using your geometry skills. Cutting into elongated strands and voila, your pasta is ready.

Pasta Cut Into Strands

The secret to a good pasta is the sauce (An Italian already exclaiming Mama Mia! when tasting it). Red, White, Pink or any other version you’d like to go forward is just fine and you’ve got your fresh pasta ready for use. Pop open a bottle of wine along and you are ready to impress your loved one with a perfect home made pasta.

Handmade Pasta Nearing Completion

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