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Mother’s Recipe Instant Mixes – Poha Ke Kebab

by FoodDrifter

A neatly packed gift had arrived, delivered by the mailman. Now being quite an online shopper, we sometimes tend to forget which package is what unless it’s all opened. So you can imagine the elation on seeing the package from Mother’s Recipe. As a part of the package of their ready-to-eat mixes, we were in for a surprise to see newly launched products.

Mother's Recipe Box (1)

There were the masalas like the Chicken Curry, Butter Chicken, Vegetable Biryani and Paneer Butter Masala. The spices mix were all instant. The only things to be added were Chicken or Rice or Paneer respectively. Easy Peasy and we have a meal ready in minutes.

Mother's Recipe Masala

The other instant mixes were to be just added hot water and ready within minutes were the Upma, Semiya Kheer and Poha Mix. We did get an extra Tomato Pickle to top off the good stuff. A little bit on the side of the plate once everything ready. Now these are all ready to eat recipes, but we at FoodDrifter wanted to do something different. An innovation with the instant mixes and we narrowed down to the Poha to create a unique version using the instant Poha mix provided by Mother’s Recipe.

Poha Mix

So what was cooking in the Kitchen this time? It was the Poha Ke Kebab.

Recipe Below that we created –

The below recipe of the Poha Ke Kebab serves 2-3 pax


1 Packet of Mother’s Recipe – Ready-to-eat Poha Instant mix
1  bunch of Chopped Palak Leaves
2  boiled Mashed Potatoes
1  cup of Green Peas
25  grams Grated Paneer
3  tbsp. roasted Jeera Powder
1  tbsp. Red Chilli Powder
1  tbsp. of Garam Masala Powder
2  green Chopped Green Chillies
2  tbsp. Ginger Garlic Paste
1  tbsp. Amchur powder
1  tbsp. Chopped Coriander Leaves
1  tbsp. Chaat masala
Salt – As per taste

* To make It spicer, We can also add the Mother’s Recipe Tomato Pickle. It tasted really good and spicy.


  1. Cook the Poha mix as per the process mentioned on the packet. Separate a small bowl of cooked Poha for coating later.
  2. Take a big bowl. Add chopped palak leaves, add grated paneer and boiled mashed potatoes.
  3. Mix roasted jeera powder, red chilli powder, garam masala powder, green chillies, ginger-garlic paste, chaat masala, Amchur powder and the coriander leaves. Finally add the cooked Poha mix and mix it throughly. Add salt as per taste.
  4. Heat Oil in a frying pan. Wet the palm of hand and shape the kebabs flat on the hand. Coat the kebab with cooked poha and fry on pan till well done to give it a crispy coating.
  5. Sprinkle Amchur powder on top. Served with lemon, Sliced onion and coriander chutney.

And there you have some amazing Poha Ke Kebabs ready to serve using the ready-to-eat Poha Mix by Mother’s Recipe

The Best Part of using Mother’s Recipe packet is its easy to make, authentic taste and you can use your creativity to create your new favorite dish. Hope you enjoy your dish like we did.

Poha Hara Bhara Kebab

Do let us know if you liked our dish. We will create few more in the coming weeks.

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