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212 All Day Café & Bar – A Café to Unwind At

by FoodDrifter

There is a current growing trend of all-day cafés. The atmosphere and the spacious seating to enjoy your contemporary food in the company of good friends and family is a welcome change. 212 All Day Café & Bar has become one of my favorites after just one visit to the outlet. So much so that I’m already eager to go back once again.

Located in the Phoenix Market City, Kurla the moment you enter 212 All Day Café & Bar, the first thing you notice is the spaciousness and the vibe it exudes. You take a break from the chatter of the mall crowd and the door of the café segregates it well. The music playing in the background make you want to tap your feet under the table with it’s rhythm. I was having an extremely tiring day, and I wanted to just relax and soak in the atmosphere, I left my drink selection to the manager. He flawlessly whipped up a mocktail of his own, off the menu which he calls the Panther’s Punch and I felt re-energized. The flavors were perfect and is sure to refresh you. Order the Special to know the mysterious flavours of the drink.

212 All Day Café & Bar Interior

The best part about 212 All Day Café & Bar is their All Day breakfast selection. From waffles to selection of eggs the menu is simple yet elegant. In fact worth mentioning is that 212 Café have kept their menu small but each of the items are definitely worth it. A few sips of the Panther’s Punch and I was ready with my order. Starting off with the Watermelon and Goat Cheese Stack, the salad was delicious. The cheese sprinkled in the right amount and is the perfect summery salad on a warm day.  The watermelon cubes had been stacked neatly on the plate, almost like Jenga-esque style.

Watermelon and Goat Cheese Stack

The Crumbling Crostini’s were splendid, topped with Tomato and basil along with wild mushrooms and a feta mousse. In fact this was the dish which I loved the best of them all. The only small wiggle I found was they could have scooped the crostini’s a little bit more as to accommodate the topping better. That way when I take a bite, it doesn’t spill off the other end. If the next time you ever drop by 212 All Day Café & Bar , do remember to order this lovely dish even if you are a hardcore non-vegetarian and swear by meat. It’ll definitely take you by surprise as to how well prepared this is.

Crumbling Crostinis

The Seared Chicken skewers are served with a lovely piquante tomato chutney. The best part about it has to be the sauce where I got little hints of white wine and other herbs hitting the top of my palate. But the crumbling crostinis were so good that I actually started to have them with the piquante tomato chutney.

Seared Chicken Skewers

I love pizzas and eat them whenever I to a restaurant. And when they are those beautiful stone hearth, thin crusted flat breads then all the more the better. The manager obliged to let us have a half and half with one side being the Barbeque Chicken and the other the Spicy House Special. I love their own sauce and it is elegantly prepared with finesse and delicate flavors. The barbeque chicken toppings too had been perfectly done but somehow I was having my better experiences with vegetarian slice. A simple Spicy House Special with onions, corn, capsicums and mushrooms with a spicier side of jalapeno and chili was delicious. Being already so full, I still ended up going for a second slice of it.

Spicy House Special Pizza

Burgers are like my comfort food. The handmade burgers are made using fresh brioche buns and served with a side of salad and fries. Now after the Crumbling Crostini, I found my next best dish. It was a simple and yet elegant Shroom Burger. As you bite into it, the melted gruyère cheese flows right onto your fingers and leaves you licking. And filled inside it all is a Portobello and garden mushroom sauté. The ingredients that they use here are top notch. The BBQ Chicken burger was good too. Thank heaven I had only the sliders coz I can imagine the divine calories I had filled up on already.

Burger Sliders

With no more space left, but i was tempted and decided to jump on to the desserts. No meal for me is complete without it. I settled for a Carrot Cake and it was arrived  with delicate flavors of cinnamon and the dessert spoon went right through. But the icing on the cake, literally had to be the small carrot shaped fondant sitting on top. I expected it to be the usual fondant, sweet and sugary but this one had been spiced and a spoon of the carrot cake with a bite of the carrot-sized spiced fondant was all I needed for the end to my perfect dinner.

Carrot Cake

I am going to be back there for a lot more. Like already noted, 212 All Day Café & Bar has a small menu but the best part is they are all good on it. To be back there eating breakfast for dinner and juggling up my meal courses.


Address: F-97, First Floor,Phoenix Marketcity Mall, LBS Road, Mumbai
Contact: 022 33956166
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/212AllDay

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