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Burma Burma – A Slice Of Myanmar In Mumbai

by FoodDrifter

A pure vegetarian restaurant and it has us meat lovers scampering out the door or hesitantly give in to go to the restaurant.  Despite the initially hesitancy we did want to drop by Burma Burma for the very fact that they serve pure Burmese only cuisine, as the name suggests.

Burmese cuisines derives its influence from the Chinese, Thai and Indian flavors to an extent so we were really curious to experience the food. A reservation at Burma Burma is really hard to get and upon trying to book one, we were kind of not surprised for when we were told that they were fully booked. Since, we were going to be in the vicinity, decided to drop by to check the place and see if we could manage a table. Upon entering and asking a staff, who very courteously informed as to that there were no tables vacant but that we could wait at the Herbal Tea Bar, in case a spot opens up. The Tea Bar space is huge and definitely a nice way to spend some relaxed afternoon but we were hungry and were just about to leave when the hostess informed of an empty table. This was certainly a point of elation because by now we really wanted to gorge on the delicious looking around at food being served.

Burma Burma

The ambience is pure modern, chic with a beautiful wooden décor with vibrant colored umbrellas hanging from the ceiling as you look up to the vast array of beautiful artifacts which adorn the display behind the bar. Everything so brightly fits in to uplift a wholesome dining experience. The atmosphere is soothing despite of the outlet being packed with patrons. The menu too is quite extensive, which we noticed as we started off on our order.

To start off, we ordered Brown Onion & Roasted Chilly Bun, Samuza Hincho Soup and to wash them down were the Burmese Blossom and the never-go-wrong Lemon Iced Tea.

Brown Onion & Roasted Chilly Bun

Brown Onion & Roasted Chilly Bun – The steamed Bun with toasted sesame on top explodes right with all flavors and brilliant to start with. The spicy onion with the roasted chilli adds the contrast and makes for a good appetizer to begin with.

Samuza Hincho Soup is specialty soup of the restaurant. The spicy soup reminded us of the Tom Yum soup but with a tad Indianisation of flavor with samosas dunked in. It had a lovely texture although we prefer less peas and more of the green vegetables in the soup. The balance of flavors was perfect and you are left asking for more. This definitely is a great way to start of your meal.

Samuza Hincho Soup

Burmese Blossom – A mix of cranberry, watermelon and more in a perfect blend for a refreshing drink. Lack of alcohol makes you try different mocktails and this was definitely one of the good ones we tried. Not serving alcohol might be the only downside of Burma Burma just that the vibrancy of the place makes you want to order a beer as you set off without a passport on a Burmese Country journey.

Brown Onion & Roasted Chilly Buns

For now everything had been so perfect with the dining at Burma Burma and we were ready for our main course to arrive on our tables and what can go wrong with a simple order of Street Noodles and Spicy Veg. Curry. The Street Noodles resembled the noodles that you would get at any street food cart back in Thailand and Burma. A regular stir fried noodles, would have expected a lot more flavors but this tasted like the regular noodles which in a way might is a good thing.

Street Noodles

The Spicy Veg. Curry is very simple take on the mix veg curry Burmese style. It lacked the punch but it was good when eaten with the street noodles and the mix of flavors between them were good.

Spicy Veg. Curry

Durian Ice Cream for dessert and this was a highlight of the meal. We for one know that Durian is really an acquired taste. Having had it during our travels through South-East Asia, it has the similar texture to the custard apple, but you definitely are left with a tingling sensation after a few scoops. If you can get over the smell of Durian, it actually is a great fruit to have. It is so smelly, that in some south east countries, it’s illegal to be peeling Durian in public. The Ice-Cream here served in Burma Burma is deliciously presented and a great take on what the Asians believe to be their ‘King Of Fruits’.

Durian Ice Cream

The meal for 2 set us back by Rs.2100  and it was a gastronomic experience to eat out at Burma Burma. And the best part of it is that we had such an amazing experience and forgot that it was Vegetarian only.

Burma Burma
Kothari House, Allana Centre Lane,
MG Road, Behind Mumbai University, Fort, Mumbai
Phone : 022 40036600,022 40036601


Photo credit – FD Team –   Neishaa & Kaumudi

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