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Inspire Me Chef Menu – Marriott Hyderabad

by FoodDrifter

There have been countless times I’ve walked into Marriott and come out a satisfied customer. But this time was different. On the ride over with a fellow blogger, I had asked her “What was the last meal which left you Wow?” Unexpectedly enough she took a while to answer which were seemingly haphazard combining dishes from meals here and there. As a blogger we are subjected such a variety of food that almost like an addict we still look for the initial Wow factor. Maybe that’s what Food Addiction can be rightly defined as.

We walked into the PDR room at Altitude to savor the “Inspire Me Chef” menu being recreated by Chef Yogender Pal and his team. The menu handed out to us was intriguing and had me excited right from the first glance. Of course the 8 hour braised Pork Belly on the menu might have had a lot do with the afore mentioned happiness.

An Amuse Bouche of Chocolate Macaroon with Chicken Pate #aboutlastnight

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We started off with a Clear Mushroom Tea soup. The robust flavor of the mushrooms gave a lovely flavor to the earthy broth. It was the Mushroom Ketchup Dumpling at the bottom which was a bit too sweet for my liking. After all this was an experimental menu and I was open to all possibilities.

Inspire Me Chef (1)

Among the appetizers were Vine Ripened Tomatoes with a homemade Buffalo Curd. It’s so incredible how much a freshly churned Buffalo Curd do magic to the flavor and aroma of a dish. Next up was the Crisp Chicken Leg on a bed of shrimp and bacon rice with a soya broth. This particular dish was a very Asian take on the Chicken and Rice served with a soya broth as street food across Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. The crispy skin atop the Chicken Leg was just wonderful.

Inspire Me Chef (5)

Inspire Me Chef (4)

This is the point when the dining at Marriott took a whole another turn. I’ve had the chance to have numerous conversations with Chef Yogii and have known of his inspired dishes from Massimo Bottura to Manish Mehrotra which has been showcased in many of the dishes he puts up. And if you’ve ever had the chance to dine at Marriott, which you definitely should then you’d definitely notice the use of carnations bringing out the pop in color in the dish.

The Tomato and Cheese Tortellini was just what you’d expect but the stunner was the Rocket Pesto spread across the plate. A slice of the Tortellini with a dash of the pesto was delicious. Among the mains that I were sunning was the 8 Hour Braised Pork Belly. Now for a pork belly which has been braised for so long, that too finished off with a Jaggery Tamarind Glaze, there would be little things which can go wrong. The Glaze on top the Pork Belly especially had a nice sweet and sour touch of to it complementing it perfectly.

The tomato and cream cheese tortellini with a lovely rocket pesto

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Chef Ratheesh is a master craftsman when it comes to dessert. If you’ve had the chance to encounter having any of his fine work of arts that he displays at Marriott Hyderabad, you’d know of the elegance and finesse in his creations that I’m talking about. Titled “The Earth” he dessert was just beautiful arranged on the plate. Soon as you remove the top off you’d find Citrus Vanilla Mousseline, Sour Cherry Compote and Chocolate Soil with a hint of perfume.

Inspire Me Chef (3)

The Inspire Me Chef menu is one which should be high on your radar. The menu changes every Saturday and with Chef Yogi and his team, be sure to know that you’re going to get the best possible food.

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