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Chili’s – The Sweet, Smoky And Hot Menu

by FoodDrifter

Bustling noise of chatter of the diners inside, great pop music in the background and sipping away at Margaritas while indulging in huge baby back ribs and steaks. You do feel at peace at Chili’s. The international chain that took Tex-Mex cuisine to the world has been an experience every time we drop in and we know we would be walking back with a smile on our faces and a hearty stomach. This is definitely the place to get your zing on after office hours. And come weekends when catching up on a movie or just winding away your day, a quick drop in and you know you’ve got your stuff right. Considering it is located in the busy Inorbit Mall, you can expect the insane crowd that Chilis attracts every time.

Chilis Inorbit

End of the year 2014 coming to a close and they’ve introduced a new menu for a limited period. Now to think as a TV presenter announces it with drum-rolls, the menu is aptly named Sweet, Smoky and Hot. The name did describe the food on their menu perfectly. The menu is quite extensive for one running for a limited period. And to think that this is in addition to what they are already serving at Chili’s on their regular menu.

When we spoke to Chef Abhijeet Gomare about the new Launch, he was excited to let us know how about each of the recipes having the elements of sweet, smoky and Hot. He described the elements of the fest and how they incorporated the theme. We were convinced and with his list of “must try”, we set off to Chili’s.

We started off with the Watermelon Margaritas and Watermelon Lemonade off their new menu. Sip on the Margaritas at Chili’s and you’ll be wanting to order for another. Margaritas are sinful and when with a shot of that extra strong vodka with watermelon and we have got our groove on already. The watermelon lemonade for customers who don’t prefer alcohol is the close second best to the margaritas.

Watermelon Margaritas.

With our drinks straightened out it was out for some of the best starters off the Sweet, Smoky and Hot Menu. The Pulled Chicken Corn Cakes were fabulous. The tender pulled chicken had all the hits working for it in sync. The sweetness and smokiness from the Chipotle Sauce, hot corn cakes and topped off with pickled onions and sour cream with a little hint of cumin and lime to it. The Corn Cakes were fantastic on all angles.

Pulled Chicken Corn Cakes

Taking another sip off our margaritas, we dug onto the next item at the table. There was the Green Chili Enchiladas, filled with chicken and Monterey Jack cheese finished off with green chili sauce and black bean salsa along with melted cheese. It’s served with rice and black beans and so is a meal in itself.

Green Chili Enchiladas

The Smoked Quarter Chicken was terrific. The chicken quarter was extremely tender entirely basted with a sweet and tangy mustard barbeque sauce. Served with mashed potatoes and just adding a little bit of thyme to it and we were in meat heaven. The smokiness to it was delivered by the corn succotash to the dish.

Smoked Quarter Chicken

Moving over from the serious parts of the menu was the sight of that Smoked Garlic Tenderloin Steak. The smoked garlic flavor had been oozing from every aspect of the steak and was fabulous. And to add to it all was the drizzling all over with honey-chipotle sauce. The only little falter was that it was well-done which ended up making it chewy. They did inform that upon request they do make it medium rare and medium, so next time get your perfect steak cooked the way you like it.

Smoked Garlic Tenderloin Steak (1)

Our affinities for a short while has been wavering towards pork lately. And the Sweet Mustard Seed Baby Back Ribs had to be at our table. The meat was almost fall-of the bone tender. The sweet and smoky barbeque sauce in which the ribs had been basted all over gave it an earthy feel. And to add to that a subtle sweetness from drizzling of honey and Worcestershire sauce. This along with the steak had to be the best part of the Sweet, Smoky and Hot Menu.

Sweet Mustard Seed Baby Back Ribs (2)

There was next the Spicy Smoked Shrimp Pasta which is also available in smoked chicken. The spicy Alfredo sauce is exquisite. But the problem with the dish was that the sauce was less than usual, so as soon as we got it at our table, they had soaked up all the sauce and the pasta had ended up dry on the inside. A small mistake that can be corrected. We ordered a small cup of Alfredo sauce on the side to finish the pasta and boy, it was one of the best sauces we have had in awhile.

Spicy Smoked Chicken Pasta (1)

The outrageous amount of food on our table was unbelievable. Everything had been fantastic with the minor error with the Pasta until then. But there is always that saying that no meal is complete without the dessert. The new menu had the usual hot fudge brownie but we were back at our favorite Paradise Mud Pie. This is the ultimate dessert with the chocolate chip pie with caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream and nuts binding the dessert together.

Paradise Mud Pie

Chili’s is one stop-over place where the drinks, the atmosphere, the food complement each other in every aspect. So if you get your feet tapping when dining in, don’t be surprised because that just happens to everyone when dining out at Chili’s.



A special thank you to Mr.Tayyab for the perfect service and making our experience worthwhile.

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