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Inazia Chime – An Oriental Food Sojourn

by FoodDrifter

I’ve been going to Sheraton right from the time they converted from the earlier Regenta:One. They’ve been constantly innovating and coming up with new and more importantly niche concepts. They have now launched their specialty restaurants Inazia and Chime, and I must say they fit right into the Sheraton aura.

Inazia And Chime

Firstly there was no mistaking that Inazia and Chime are two different thoughtfully conceptualized places. There is no mixing both of them and each carries it’s own significant individuality. They might share the same walkway but each carries a soul of it’s own. Chime is where the action kicked off for the night. A slow-beat fluorescent ambient lighting reflected off the tastefully hung bells covers Chime. A deft hand swishes behind the bar as artistically created drinks are passed on to the tables. Yep, that was Ami Shroff whom we’ve followed quite a bit on her Facebook page and I finally got a chance to try out her amazing concocted drinks.


Ami Shroff

The Bok Choy Martini and Wasabi Martini were purely marvelous. But it was the Bell Pepper Martini which got me hooked. Served in colorful bell peppers, you catch a whiff of the bell pepper as you take a sip of the drinks which elevates the experience. We started with our appetizers at Chime which made for a great amalgamation with the drinks being made by Ami.

Wasabi MartiniBell Pepper MartiniBok Choy Martini

The Batter Fried Tempura Vegetables and Steamed Crystal Shrimp Dumplings were well complimented with the drinks. The Crispy Fragrant Duck was my favorite though among the appetizers. I think it was the side serving of homemade-Hoisin Sauce which lent it the much needed wow factor.

Steamed Crystal Shrimp Dumpling

Chicken Satay With Peanut Sauce

As the evening progressed, I moved on to Inazia. Inazia is managed by international Chef Ninja Suksamai. She carries with her a vast experience about Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese cooking. Chinese Tea was served alongside meals which worked as a great palette cleanser among courses. Beginning the Asian food journey at Inazia were with the salads. The Prawns Salad was rich on flavors with a fragrant dressing of lemongrass and mint. It was fresh and the glass noodles used in the salad made it absolutely delectable. The Shredded Raw Papaya Salad or Som Tam was good but it needed a little bit of acidity with the bird chilis giving a real spicy hit.


Chinese Tea


The Chicken Mild Coconut Soup had a delightful essence of galangal and kaffir lime. The veggies were aplenty in the soup but it’s quite a rustic soup. The coconut was not overpowering as I’d expected and I actually enjoyed a soup quite a lot after so long.

Moving on to the main course, we started off with the California Crab Meat Rolls. It had been neatly packed with avocado with a topping of flying fish roe. After quite an appetizing soup and starters, the main course did bring out the efficiency of a newly-opened kitchen. Chef Ninja’s prowess behind the kitchen was evident in the Thai Green Curry. This simple dish can be quite hard to create with all the flavors intact and with just sticky rice it was fabulous.

Stir Fried Deep Fried Shell Crab

California Crab Meat Rolls

Thai Green Curry

Inazia and Chime aren’t just another Asian place looking to a make a mark. Right from the drinks to the food, they’re pushing the boundaries in getting authentic Asian and Oriental food. And with Ami and Chef Ninja, they’ve sure been off to a great start. I’m definitely going to be around more to savor the food and drinks.

Green Tea Ice Cream

And to end the review of Inazia with this mesmerizing video of Ami Shroff.


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