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The Revival of Rivaayat – Kanak, Trident

by FoodDrifter

In our previous post on Rivaayat, a beautiful food festival which has it’s roots surrounding many of the lost and traditional dishes of India, we had in length discussed of the strong thought process gone into creating it. It had many takers the first time that Kanak at Trident had hosted it almost a year back.

Rivaayat (2)

Chef Manik Mangotra and his team are back again with the Rivaayat food festival verison 2.0 along with addition of various new dishes to the menu. I’ve always admired the research that the Chef and his team have gone to set up this exquisite menu. After visiting various khaansamas (masterchefs) across India, this royal experience that is Rivaayat which itself translates to revival.

Many of my old favorites of the last food festival were back on the menu and we of course were elated. Starting off with the appetizers from the Rampur kingdom. The succulent Rampur Seekh Kebab were absolute melt in the mouth and the Rampuri Paneer Tikka made for a great vegetarian appetizer. The Kumbh ki Galawat can be a little deceiving but fret not it’s actually a vegetarian minced mushroom galawat. I’ve always grown to associate the Galawat to be made from minced meat but this sure caught me off guard with it’s deliciousness.

Rampuri Seekh Kebab


Moving ahead with the main course, we’ve been pretty partial to the Aloo Gosht. Potatoes cooked along with the lamb always gives it a defining taste which makes the Aloo Gosht a must order. Along with some simple plain rice or garlic, this is one dish I can thoroughly enjoy without needing anything else on the side.

Aloo Gisht

Pindi Chole

Bharwan Amchuri Bhindi aur Pyaaz was a favorite among everyone at the table last time and this time too each of us seated loved it thoroughly. There is no denying that the addition of raw mango slices which weren’t around the last time made it so much better. A Mughlai dinner isn’t complete without having Butter Chicken which was creamy, mildly spiced and had a lovely lingering sweetness when had with butter naan. Also special mention to the amazing Lucknowi Dal which had been whipped up by the chefs. It was in so long that we had a great dal.

Bharwan Amchur Bhindi Aur Pyaaz

Butter Chicken

Stuffed with the range of appetizers and a heavy and scrumptious main course, there was little space left for desserts. But a small bite off the Dry Fruit Dudhi Halwa and I was stumped. It was extremely and for a person who loves dry fruits, this sure is going to be sinful.

Dry Fruit Dudhi Halwa

The Rivaayat food festival is on at Kanak from 16th March – 30th March for Dinner.

Rivaayat (1)

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