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Spice It Up…Gujarati Style – Momo Cafe, Marriott

by FoodDrifter

Gujarati food has always been very close to my heart. Having grown up in a Gujarati neighborhood, Sunday mornings were essentially spent having the combination of fafda jalebis as part of breakfast. The sweet kadi made up most of my family dinners and we all waited for the winter more for the undhiyo than the season itself. Till date I make sure, I get one box of undhiyo every winter to make up for my cravings. The ‘When Tradition Meets Taste Buds’ festival at Momo Café – Courtyard by Marriott had us excited to relish the traditional Gujarati dishes by home chef Nirupama Gandhi.

We started our dinner with an appetizers plate consisting of Khandvi, Patra and Methi ka phool wada. Khandvi is made usually with three basic ingredients – gramflour, curd and turmeric and then tempered beautifully and folded into rolls. It’s then steamed and one of the best appetizers you could lay on your hands on. The Patra was next and I was told Home chef Nirupama sourced all the colocasia (arbi) from Mumbai.  The Patra was delicate and beautifully done. Methi ka phool wada is another authentic Gujarati dish that’s made with methi flowers, besan. These small bites of wada with imli/dhaniya chutney were a tasty bites of flavors.

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The Gujarati household have their unique way of making their food. The meal usually consists of shaak or subji, rotli, dal, kadhi, rice. The Undhiyo made almost differently by every other household with each adding their own choice of vegetables, muthiya and raw bananas. Right from the time I tasted the first bite, I knew this was the taste I had grown up on and loved every bit of it. The slight tinge of peanut and sesame seed paste with the coconut played the perfect balance of flavors and all I needed was a bowl of plain hot rice to feel at home. The Dal Dhokli which is another favorite was soft and delicate. We moved on to the Chowli ka Sabji. Now I have never liked chowli but the flavor of the spices with hot poori changed my mind and I would love to try these at home sometime.

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Last but not the least to end the meal was the Kadhi. I usually make the Gujarati style of Kadhi at home and love the sweet-salty flavor of it. Home chef Nirupama actually told me different variations of the kadhi that I could try at home and shared different recipes that I will definitely be trying soon.

This was one of the best homely meals that I have tasted in a long time. For desserts, the Besan ke Ladoo stole the show. Soft and rich in ghee, you could never be content with just one. The Puran Poli, Jalebi and Malpua made for a hearty end to the meal.

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The Gujarati Food Festival is part of the buffet at MoMo Cafe at Courtyard by Marriott and is on till the 31st of July.

Address: Courtyard by Marriott, Opposite Hussain Sagar Lake, Tank Bund Road, Near Necklace Road, Hyderabad
Phone : 040 27522999

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