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A Humongous Sunday Brunch – Novotel Airport

by FoodDrifter

Sundays are made for Brunches. Who wouldn’t love the idea of getting up lazily on Sunday morning, have a cup of coffee/tea and head out for a grand spread of food that you can lay your eyes and hands on. You can walk across the entire restaurant floor making the most difficult choice of which dish should be picked up first on the place. As you have seen, we have had a previous debate on our article [ ala carte vs buffet] but we love our brunches as much as our ala carte on the table. Novotel Airport is synomous with its huge Sunday Brunch.

Swimming Pool

Carving Station On Entry

We have visited it couple of times before to enjoy the pool, cocktails and enjoy the meal till late afternoon and drive back home. The distance actually makes up for a nice little getaway away from the city and their weekend stay + brunch can be perfect relaxing weekend plan.

Salad Bar

Salad Bar (4)

Salad Bar (5)

Oysters (3)

Oysters (2)

Oysters (1)

We were invited to try the new chapter of their Sunday brunch. Hungry and short drive later, we actualy managed to reach around 12 to see the Chefs still setting up the the huge spread. We occupied our table and instantly asked the Chef – to make our decision easy by letting him choose what we should start our meal with. Quick scan around the brunch and there were more than 90+ items with live grill, children’s play area In the garden, almost 25 items around the dessert section.

Salad Bar (2)

Salad Bar (1)

Salad Bar (3)

The chef introduced us to some of the breads that are made in house and we popped some freshly laid garlic and coriander rolls. These change every week and we managed to get some good bread rolls every time we have been there.


A quick look at the live soup station and the menu included khow suey. This is one of my favorite dishes that sets a bench mark for the restaurant if its on the menu and I wasn’t disappointed. Light flavored soup served with generous portion of fried garlic, onions and I managed to devour at least 3 portions of it.

Khow Suey

Quickly we moved on to try few of the live station starters – Kati Roll, dim sum, tempura along with a glass of freshly made mojito. They even had a kids only menu on the corner with veg spring roll, crumb fried chicken, mini doughnuts in chocolate and sugar sprinkle and mini cup cakes that was very enticing even to try as grown up.

Kid's Menu (2)

Kid's Menu (1)

Although not part of the menu on display at times, you can still get your portion of Sunday eggs and pancake. We ordered sunny side up along with their freshly grilled sausage and barbecued chicken and some avocado artichoke salad and this got us feeling healthy already. We then decided to take a quick glance and jump on the main course.

Main Courses (1)

Main Courses (3)

Main Courses (2)

We usually prefer continental dishes during brunch buffet but couldn’t help ourselves to a generous portion when we saw nalli nihari, rarah murgh, prawns malai curry with plain rice. The flavors were localized to suite the spicy palate but we enjoyed the nalli nihari with naan. Switching back to our original love for continental dishes, we decided to try the roasted chicken with poached tomato, order some risotto fresh off the live station.

Main Courses (5)

Main Courses (7)

Main Courses (4)

Main Courses (6)

We were already full by the time we packed in second set of main course but having eyes set on the dessert table since start, we managed to get few delectable dishes on our plate. The best was of course the crème caramel, perfectly sweetened along with lamington and hot chocolate fudge. If you decide to have all the desserts first like the next time we did, you won’t be able to even reach the main course.


Creme Caramel

Desserts (1)

Desserts (2)

The menu keeps changing and the Chef at Novotel Airport spoke of innovating and creating different dishes just for Sunday brunch so people can sit back and let chef create the wonder that is the humongous lazy Sunday brunch.

Address : Novotel Hotels, Hyderabad Airport, Shamshabad, Hyderabad
Phone : 040 66503000

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