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Playing All The Right Cards – Oakleaf, Oakwood

by FoodDrifter

Oakwood had never registered in my head as a place I should definitely be stopping by. I always considered Oakwood as another hotel who would be putting up their food only for the convenience of their in-house guests and not something to be raving about. Having stayed in quite a lot of service apartments while travelling the country, this is a perception which had formed gradually. But Oakleaf did change my perception when it came to the food at Oakleaf.

The buffet laid out during lunch is fairly simple, but it’s their a-la-carte menu which is impressive. Covering a wide range from salads to desserts, Indian and Chinese to Continental and also a little bit of tadka thrown in between. With a menu like that it would be wise to say that their strength lies in their continental fare.

Starting off with the Shanghai Spring Rolls, Bruschetta and Wok tossed Chili Fish, I did find the inquisitiveness of their chefs to be dishing out good food. If I had taken a room at Oakwood, I would definitely not be looking out and be snuggled in bed ordering this kind of food upstairs to my room.

Shanghai Sring Rolls

Wok Tossed Chilli Fish

It was the Mutton Fry which was our clear favorite among the starters. Having that right kick of solid pepper, the only thing I missed that day at Oakwood was probably a chilled glass of beer to go along-with. It would be safe to say that I didn’t quite safe to say that I left my manners on the side and neatly polished off the last pieces onto my plate.

Mutton Pepper Fry

The Salads were largely there on the menu as healthy and flavorful options. But I’d still and continue to rave on about the Roasted Tomato Basil soup, I had at lunch that day. I know how hard it is to get a simple soup of Roasted Tomato Basil soup right, but this was bang on and packed a lot right flavors in a bowl.


Roasted Tomato Basil Soup

Asian Chicken Salad

Greek Salad

Among the Main course the highlights were the Achari Jhinga, Grilled Polenta with Mushroom Fricasse and Dum ka Murgh. The rice in the Seafood risotto had been completely cooked, let alone being al-dente. But I’d safely say the Indian course fared much better. The Chinese menu included Broccoli, waterchestnuts and mushrooms in a soya ginger sauce, Schezwan lamb and Burnt Chili Garlic noodles.

Grilled Polenta With Wild Mushroom Fricasse

Dum ka Murgh

Seafood Risotto

Hing And Jeera ka Chatpata Aloo

Chinese Main Course

Chicken Caesar Burger

Now to the highlight of the lunch, the Baked Yoghurt which left me wanting more. It was perfectly set, beautiful texture and one of the good ones I’ve had in so long. Especially with the summer heat, this felt like a perfect refreshing dessert. Oakleaf have got most of their menu right and have done a great job in changing my perception of service apartment food. It wouldn’t surprise me if they slowly start to get a clientele who trickle in just have food and not stay there alone.

Baked Yogurt

Address : Survey Number 115/1, Financial District, Nanakramguda, Opposite ICICI Bank, Gachibowli
Phone Number : 040 33165310

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