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Airports And Chill – Plaza Premium Lounge

by FoodDrifter

I’m the kind of person who falls into the well-planned and researched type of travelers. Bags packed and reach early to the airport so I can avoid getting stuck in any of the last minute hassles. I had taken an early Uber to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport from where I was flying off from and found myself almost 2 hours ahead of schedule. With the crowds quite less on a weekday, the check-ins process was completed in 15 mins and I was left to wander around the airport. That’s when I dropped by the Plaza Premium Lounge.

My credit card does provide access to the lounge and I’ve seldom used it though. Only once earlier in KLIA and in the International lounge of Hyderabad airports were my earlier experience which were quite good. The Plaza Premium Lounge is open to travelers irrespective of airlines or class and provides a much needed travel rest.

Plaza Premium Lounge (2)

The Plaza Premium Lounge at the International terminal is quite spacious but the one in domestic terminal isn’t bad too. I had access to free Wi-Fi, Recharging and Computer Workstations, showers, food and best of all the view of flights landing and taking off as I sipped on my coffee.

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Being quite hot out, the Plaza Premium Lounge in the domestic terminal of Hyderabad provided a much needed respite. The buffet spread out for lunch was excitingly amazing. I started off with a soothing and full of flavor Roast Pumpkin Soup. I had quite some time for an entire lunch course and decided to indulge myself. For quick bites there were the sandwiches and salads for hurried travelers. As I sat back to watch the game, I could notice people grabbing a coffee, a sandwich and heading their way for their flight.

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Off the main course I chose the Kabuli Pulao and Rara Chicken. The Rara Chicken was smashingly delicious and is actually one of the Chef’s specialty dishes here at the Hyderabad Plaza Premium Lounge. It was the thick and superb gravy of the Rara Chicken which complimented the Kabuli Pulao so well. I couldn’t but help myself to a second helping along with the Dal Makhni.

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The desserts section had quite a variety laid out. The highlight among them was the Chef’s own taken on the Croissant Pudding. The refreshing Mango, Tapioca and Coconut Pudding was another I absolutely loves which is part of their ongoing Summer Special Menu. The service was nice and not too in your face. The chef even packed me a panini sandwich whilst I left to catch my flight to my destination.

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The Plaza Premium Lounges are located currently in Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad airports. The Lounge can be accessed for Rs 1200++ while they do have memberships with credit cards and companies. If you’re a person who’s constantly travelling or even one looking for some time to chill at the airport, checking out the Plaza Premium Lounge might not be such a bad idea after all.

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