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Rainforest Resto Bar – The Jungle Experience

by FoodDrifter

Shopping in Phoenix Market city is a hectic affair. You just want to let go and relax after a shopping spree and enjoy a delicious meal. We decided to do just that and Rainforest Resto Bar caught our eye.  The decor at the entrance brings out the “Experience the Amazon Rainforest” while you eat in true style.

As you enter Rainforest Resto Bar, leaving the humdrum of the mall chatter and to a fresh conversations inside Rainforest. The first thing  that hits you is the waterfall. The sound of the water and the soothing music lets you get acquainted with the surroundings. They scream rainforest jungle theme to their core with their delectable interiors, Huge tree behind the table and a perfect bar with an eclectic set up ambience. Now who wouldn’t want to ease into one of those chairs at the bar as the set music plays in the background with a drink in hand.

Rainforest Entrance

Expectations were a bit cliché when we were handed out the menu card. Seeing as to the setting we were in, the names of the dishes would be jungle-themed too? But that wasn’t case. Surprisingly it showcased a menu of exquisite Italian and Chinese dishes with a good set of cocktails and mocktails. Starting off with the drinks of the night, Cosmopolitan and Watermelon Margarita. They were served with a nice serving of the peanuts and the addictive cheeslings. The Cosmopolitan was a tad on the sweet side while the Margarita was strong and perfect, the way we like it.

Watermelon Cosmopolitan

The specialty of Rainforest Resto Bar has been the Chicken Angarey Kebabs. In a few minutes post our orders for the appetizers, the Chicken Angarey Kebabs had arrived. Now the ambience is a lot dark, but stealing a quick glance at the Kebabs and they looked juicy. And swish there was a ‘fire effect’ on top as the dish lit up. The fire effect makes up for the show factor of the dish and secondly imparts a nice flavor to the kebabs. It was a lot spicier than we expected it to be but the chicken was succulent and we were left craving for more.

A Visually Lit Up Angaarey Kebabs

Chicken Angaarey Kebabs

Next we decided to try some Seafood. Now who doesn’t love a good Prawn Cocktails. They are the perfect when shared round a table as you sip on your drinks. The Prawns Cocktails is another of Rainforest Resto Bar signature dishes and the presentation speaks for itself. Served along with Garlic Chili Mayo, the prawns were extremely juicy and melt in the mouth. The garlic Chili Mayo raised the bar for the dish and is the perfect accompaniment to the dish served.

Prawns Cocktail

Next up we moved on to some Italian and ordered the Penne Pasta in Aye Quattro Sauce with Rawas. The sauce was creamy and perfectly done and definitely hit the right notes. The rawas fish was cooked with delicate flavors and complemented the pasta sauce. This can actually be a complete meal as it fills your stomach with the sauce and the fish.

Moving on to the Chinese side of the menu, the Pan Fried Noodles in Oyster Sauce was brilliantly done. It is simple and yet played on the lines of elegance with the soulful crunchiness of the Pan Fried Noodles served with mixed vegetables. The chicken in the Oyster Sauce was the typical chinese flavor you’d expect and was appetizing.

Not much can go wrong with a Sizzling Brownie and it was a delicious end to a satisfying meal. The sizzle of the hot chocolate sauce as it was doused on the hot plate is music to the  happy ears. The brownie made in house with their own secret recipe was gooey, moist and deliciously done.  It was an unexpected good end to a Mall Day.

Sizzling Brownie

Taking a break in the jungle is a good idea after all. They have 3 different location where you can enjoy your meal. The setting is perfect for date nights too.

They have Happy Hours from 12 pm to 8 pm and a range of different offers every other day. Do look out for the special children’s menu.

Address : 3, Phoenix Market City, LBS Road, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai
Phone : 022-30151019

Photo credit – FD Team –   Neishaa & Tara

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