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Rivaayat – Reviving Traditional Indian Cuisine At Kanak

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Rivaayat stands for tradition or customs. Kanak at Trident Hyderabad has come up with a beautiful initiative that helps you discover the traditional forgotten delicacies. When was the last time you remember having the traditional dishes from across the country like the delicious Galavat Kebab or Purani Dilli Fried Chicken Kebabs. Most of the heritage dishes have lost their originality and some of these recipes get lost down the line because they were not documented.

Rivaayat at Kanak, Trident strives to capture the nostalgia of flavors with their food festival this time.

The Table Setting

Indian street food has always been rich on flavors on taste. From the Jama Masjid to Aminabad to Charminar, Rivaayat captures the essence of those dishes. The menu at the food festival covers a nostalgia of flavors as it takes you on a gastronomic passage through Awadh, Punjab, Delhi and Hyderabad. The Master Chefs at Trident Manik Magotra, Siddarth Sharma and Sandeep Bhattacharya visited various khaansaamas across the country to hone their skills and curate a traditional experience.

The Menu Awaits

We had the chance to try the menu at Kanak, Trident Hyderabad for the ongoing Rivaayat festival.

As we began our pilgrimage through a beautiful menu laid out in front of us, we were quite excited to have some of the best dishes that hold memories and have been a part of our childhood growing up.

We were first served the Rampuri Paneer Tikka. Rampuri cuisine is one of the most evolved of royal Mughal cuisines known especially for its innovative creations. The Paneer was extremely soft and freshly made. With strong flavors of clove marinated in Yogurt and Chili, the Rampuri Paneer Tikka was stunningly delicious.

Rampuri Paneer Tikka

The vegetarian item on the menu continued on with the Soya ka Tootak. Elegantly golden brown and snuggled in the crisp semolina balls was spiced Soya beans. Because semolina is deep fried, the outer layer can tend to go hard and is meant to be had piping hot. By the time we were done with the photos of the dish we encountered the cold hard crust. But we scooped out the inside and the spiced soya beans was delightful. It pairs perfectly hand-in-hand with a glass of white/sparkling wine.

Soya ka Tootak

Fond memories of Delhi, wandering in the Jama Masjid area, which is a treasure trove of great food and sinking in to the exquisite fried chicken from around the streets remains a memory. The spice mix of the kebabs in various eateries is still a secret with them being handed down the generations in the family. Every family kept their own version of the spice mix a close guarded secret. The Purani Dilli Fried Chicken Kebab tasted exactly like what we had before and has gotten the spice mix perfect. Impeccable and marvelous, this is an absolute must try of all the appetizers.

Purani Dilli Fried Chicken Kebab

Of the starters of the day which didn’t stand out for us were the day Machi Amritsari. The bhetki hadn’t been marinated enough and was a lot less on the salt. We were also quite excited about the Galavat Kebabs, but it didn’t hit the right flavors as intended. The mincing of the meat was perfect but the salt dominated this time around. So small tweaks which can be corrected and these dishes will be perfect.

Machi Amritsari And Galavat Kebabs

Being hardcore non-vegetarians, the meats hadn’t lived up to their expectations from the appetizers section other than the impeccable Purani Dilli Fried Chicken Kebabs. But little were to know that the main course were to blow us away.

The Bharwan Amchori Bhindi aur Pyaaz has to be eaten to understand how meticulously beautiful okra can be cooked. It is cooked in amchur or raw mango powder with stuffing of masala and lot of onions. The first bite in and you are left wanting for more. The spices hit the right note for your tastebuds.

Kadhai Paneer has been a regular in many of the North Indian home since long. Hence it is unmistakable to not have it part of the menu and for us, it turned out to be average at best.

Bharwan Amchori Bhindi

A bit of Pindi Chole on the plate with butter naans and all is great in the world. It reminded me of pure Delhi and Punjab flavors as soon as I had that first morsel of the Pindi Chole. But can a North West Frontier cuisine be complete without the Butter Chicken. It shall be a resounding ‘NO’ from us and let me tell you the Butter Chicken at the Rivaayat festival was elegance on a plate. Loaded in butter and meat, its heaven on the plate. We always prefer a little more creamier texture, but this will work wonders on your tastebuds nevertheless.

Main Courses At Trident

Maratban ka meat is traditional lamb curry cooked in an earthen pot. The name maratban comes from the pot which is used to store pickles in many Indian homes. It has a slight pickled flavor. Back to a recipe from the streets of Old Delhi for anyone who has been to Karim’s or Gulati is the Purani Dilli ki Nihari. The lamb pieces in the gravy were extremely succulent with lots of flavor and the aroma of saffron to it.

Purani Dilli ki Nihari

The deserts included Dudhi Halwa and Gulab Phirni. The Dudhi Halwa is a pudding made of bottle gourd. It was loaded with dry fruits and we also found sesame to be part of the pudding too. The Gulab Phirni had a beautiful rose flavor to the rice pudding and a tuile to bite into as you enjoyed your subtly flavored Phirni.

Dudhi Halwa And Gulabi Phirni

Rivaayat will take you through a culinary journey with the traditional of recipes from India on a single platter. The festival will be at Kanak from 22nd March – 5th April at Trident Hyderabad. It is a definite must try if you want to experience history through food for Dinner.

Pricing – Rs. 2000 per couple average on ala carte.

Rivayat Festival


For reservations, call: 91 40 6623 2323 OR e-mail: happenings.hyderabad@tridenthotels.com

Venue and Dates: Kanak, Trident, Hyderabad from March 22nd – 05th April, 2015

Timings: Dinner only.

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