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Sea Food Festival – Vivanta By Taj, Hyderabad

by FoodDrifter

There has always been a soft side in my heart for sea food. Even though I love and indulge in red meats, yet sea food is one that I’m excited about. And to know that Taj Vivanta, Begumpet is having is a huge sea-food spread left me elated.

Sea Food Festival At Vivanta By Taj (2)

Sea Food Festival At Vivanta By Taj (1)

The sea-food festival is part of the regular buffet at Viva and to think of the humongous spread you get for the pricing is astonishing. I caught up with Chef Arun Reddy who’s taken over the reins of the Taj Vivanta, while he filled me on the idea and the planning that went into the buffet. While mostly people in South India people tend to turn vegetarians on Saturday, the idea was to put up the sea food festivals on Friday. In that way a lot more people end up enjoying the buffet on a Friday.

Fresh Sea Food

On the buffet among the sea food, it’s hard not to miss the grills. The Grills comes with a whole extended range of options among different types of sea food. So you have your ladyfish, mackerel, rohu, basa, anchovies and lots more in different choices of sauces.

Choice Of Sea Food On Grills

In fact the starters and salads itself set up the expectations for the buffet right at the start. I did like the Ceviche and Shrimp Cocktail among the starters and salads counter along with the flavorful seafood bisque by my side.

Prawns Cocktail

Sea Food Festival At Vivanta By Taj (4)

The Live Counters gave an option of choosing my fish steaks whether grilled, fried or steamed. I really liked that I could mix and match my choice of fish among the various sauces with some of them being Lemon, Dijon mustard and herbs, Cajun spice and sweet paprika, miso paste, Old bay seasoning, Kasundi and poppy, Rawa coated, Thai red paste marination, Indonesian sambal, Zaatar , Ambotik and Peri Peri. I personally liked the Miso marination the most. The choices among the sea food changes every week so that you end up with different combos and diverse dishes each time as part of the buffet.

Sea Food Festival At Vivanta By Taj (8)

Sea Food Festival At Vivanta By Taj (6)

Sea Food Festival At Vivanta By Taj (7)

Sea Food Festival At Vivanta By Taj (5)

Among the main course, the sea food plays a major role keeping in mind the theme. So while you have the Parsi Patrani Macchi and Meen Pollichathu of Kerala on one side, there is the simple Bengali Macher Jhol to be enjoyed with a plate of steamed rice. The kitchen is quite accommodating too and serve up dishes if you want to choose for different kinds of meat other than sea food.


The night ended on a sweet note with my favorite Rose Ice-Cream at Taj Vivanta. They do have huge selection of desserts, I prefer to end my food here at Taj Vivanta with their in-house Rose ice-cream.

Priced at Rs. 1500/- AI, the Sea Food Festival at Taj Vivanta is a steam considering the diverse options you get to indulge in. The Sea Food Festival is set every Friday at Viva from 19:30 onwards

Address: Viva, Vivanta By Taj, Begumpet, Hyderabad
Phone: +91-406725 2500

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