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The Bánh Xèos At Syn – Asian Grill And Bar, Taj Deccan

by FoodDrifter

Syn – Asian Grill and Bar at Taj Deccan is one of the few restaurants where we’ve gone multiple times and stands the test of time. The sushi is one of the best in the city, the Asian brunch is limitless and pure indulgence and I like the fact that they’re constantly innovating in terms of the menu. Even after multiple visits to the place, I know that I’m going to find something extraordinary as part of it’s menu at Syn.

Syn Asian Grill And Bar

Syn is artistically pleasing to the eyes and looks beautiful during dinner time. It’s like an aqua feel with neon lights criss-crossing through the roof panels and yet soothing at the same time. Chef Rishi Manucha this time has come up with a simple and yet delicious range of Bánh Xèo’s as part of their menu.

Syn Interiors

Syn - Outdoors

Syn - Outdoors (1)

I did try a lot of Bánh Xèo’s during our trip in Vietnam. The day almost always started off with a bowl of pho and as I walked down the streets of Hanoi, I couldn’t help not reaching out for a Bánh Xèo once in a while. The Bánh Xèo is a must-have along the streets of Vietnam and you can hear the sizzles of the batter on the hot skillet as each cart keeps dishing out orders. It’s due to this ‘sizzle’ sound that it’s named Bánh xèo, literally meaning “sizzling pancake.”

Table For The Night

Bánh Pan Seared Tenderloin Rendang (2)

There is a lot of influence of French cuisine in the Vietnamese food culture and the Bánh is among the most noticeable of them. It resembles the French crepe but crisply with a stuffing of your choice. Contrary to people’s thinking, the actually gets it’s color from turmeric and not from eggs. In fact eggs are not even used to make a Bánh Xèo.

Bánh Pan Seared Tenderloin Rendang (1)

Among the various filling in the Bánh Xèos at Syn, we quite liked the Bánh Baby Shrimp and Bánh Asparagus and Water chestnut. Apart from the choice of meat and vegetarian filling, each of the bánhs are stuffed with onions, bean sprouts and fresh greens are provided on the side to fill as per your liking. I quite liked the sauces which had been given alongside with the Rendang sauce being a favorite among them. I did miss a bit of Nuoc Cham (fish sauce) while having my Bánhs.

Bánh Asparagus And Water Chestnut

You can savor the Bánh Xèos at Syn – Asian Grill and Bar, Taj Deccan from 19th – 28th February, 2016 | 7PM-12AM.

The menu for the Bánh Xèo is as below.

Bánh Xèo Menu

Address: Taj Deccan, Road 1,Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.
Phone : 040 66663939

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