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Brunching At The Breakfast Club – London

by FoodDrifter

The Breakfast Club is an institution in the London dining scene redefining the word Brunch. Nestled among vintage shops and antique stores, a bright yellow café shines bright and is hard to miss with the long queue of people waiting for a table inside. The small window only offers a small peak of the world of food inside.  I visited The Breakfast Club branch in Islington located in Camden Passage near to Angel Tube station.

With all the hype that is The Breakfast Club, the first thing which you’ll have to navigate is the extreme long queues spilling out onto the street. After almost a 45 minute waiting and unable to get an early seating inside, we chose to sit outdoors. The indoors décor is very casual and bright. I couldn’t help but notice American pop culture items plastered all across the walls of the café as loud pop music blared in the background. It is quite quirky and kitsch.

Let The Thumb War Begin

A fair bit of warning as you get a peek at the menu. You’ll want to eat everything. Keeping true to it’s name, the menu offers an array of Breakfast options. While I went full out and ordered for ‘The Full Monty’, my friend opted for the ‘Reggie The Veggie’.

Reggie The Veggie

I took a peek at the pancakes with a huge dollop of Chantilly cream at the opposite table to know the portion sizes are super huge. As we waited for our orders to arrive at our table, I relaxed myself over a flat white coffee. The double shot of espresso over microfoam did wonders for the little hangover I had from last night. The orders did arrive pretty quick for a place so packed and that too on a weekend.

Flat White Coffee

‘The Full Monty’ is a complete, huge classic London breakfast on a plate. Bacon, Sausage, Black Pudding, Eggs, Fried Potatoes, Mushrooms, Beans, a grilled tomato and toasted multigrain bloomer. Phew…that was a lot and did definitely help with the hangover. My “vegetarian” friend’s order for ‘Reggie The Veggie’ consisted of a veg sausage, fried potatoes, eggs, mushrooms, grilled tomato, beans and toasted multigrain bloomer, though she opted to do away with the eggs.

The Full Monty

A Close-Up Of The Blood Pudding

The food was charmingly simple and absolutely delicious. If you do not mind waiting in long lines, then Breakfast Club is worth all of it. The service is quick and make you feel comfortable. The food is delightful and moreover it’s a London food institution which you wouldn’t want to miss. Put this down as part of your travel itinerary for London. It’s a bit pricey but it’s worth it.

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