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The Love Story Between Two Cuisines – Tuscany, Trident

by FoodDrifter

The reasons to miss the beautiful city of Paris are inexplicable. From the quaint coffee shops lining the streets to baguettes, artisanal coffee and fresh hot croissants. Now to add a bit of rustic to the finesse of the French with Italian and we get the perfect marriage of French meets Italian. An old world meets the new, freshness meets desserts and Rome meets Paris. It almost as if the Eiffel Tower found a place right next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, food-wise. That’s how monumentally huge I’d describe the “Rome Meets Paris” festival at Tuscany, Trident Hyderabad.

To rephrase my steps back before delving into the intricacies of the festival is to take a trip down memory lane. For us our visit to Paris was a rip filled with desserts. Sure there is no feeling in the world which can beat the simple bite of a chocolate bar while watching the sunset over the Eiffel, but the Italian countryside has it’s equal share of memories. For a country which has a varied cuisine demarcation from the Alps in the North to the Mediterranean in the South, it shows tremendously in all of the Italian flavors.

Rome Meets Paris At Tuscany

The city of Hyderabad doesn’t have any full fledged restaurants showcasing the simplicity and yet complex finesse of both the cuisines. This is where the “Rome Meets Paris” comes as breath of fresh air to the dining scene in the city. We had the chance to preview some of the dishes of the festival and all I can say is ‘Wow’

We began with the Salads or the insalate, an Italian would say if I had him/her at my table. The Panzanella, a Tuscan style salad made of stale breads, tomatoes, onions with a drizzle of olive oil and vinegar and we had a beautiful, healthy dish to start off with. The Panzanella is a very summery dish with all the freshness that it packs setting the tone for the other dishes for the night to follow. The Salad Nicoise for me was a highlight. The tuna had been seared to near perfection with a delicious pink in the center with the nicoise olives, anchovies and vinaigrette providing the touch of sourness needed to balance out the salad.


The Chilled Vichyssoise along with the Salad Nicoise were the highlights of the night for me. The classic French Potato and Leek soup had been given a chilled twist. Instead of snuggling into bed with the potato and leek soup that we are so accustomed to, we had a restaurant makeover of it.

Nicoise Salad

One of the dishes that’s recognized all round the world as quintessentially French is the Coq au Vin. Literally translating to “rooster in wine”, it had renowned Chef Jamie Oliver stating it as his best dish ever. The Coq au vin traces it’s origin back to ancient Italy making it the perfect dish that marries the two cuisines together. The one at Trident was a beautiful chicken on bone, braised in red wine served with a side of herb rice.

Coq au Vin


Desserts is where Trident Hyderabad has always played to it’s strengths. The Paris Brest was exquisite with the praline cream in between the magnificently made choux pastry and topped off with exotic fruits. I really liked the bit of nougat in between as you cut through the layers to get the surprise element. The best part about the Paris Brest is that it leaves you with lingering memories of your dinner at Tuscany as a perfect end to the meal. The Cassata was delectable layered with candied nuts fruits and nuts and covered entirely in almond marzipan.

Paris Brest

The Rome Meets Paris is an elegantly crafted menu that isn’t just serving the dishes of the two cuisines but putting forward a love story of both on a plate. It’s almost with a je ne sais quoi (Yes, I did learn French for a couple of months) feeling that I walked out after the dinner at Tuscany that night.

The Food Festival is on from 20th June to 3rd July 2016 at Tuscany, Trident Hyderabad for dinner.

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