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Brunches are like a gift that you should shower yourself with once in a while. I’ve always been a fan of brunches and still occasionally go for them once in a while with friends. Waking up late on a Sunday and heading straight for a brunch. That’s my kind of lazy Sunday pampering.


There is no denying that The Park hotel is a beautiful hotel. Overlooking the Hussain Sagar with an infinity pool, I don’t mind sipping on G&Ts al day while soaking in this view. The Brunch at The Park had a bit of everything. I started off my afternoon with a bit of childhood memories. Delightful Maggi Counters and Croissants, just the right start to my day. The Maggi can be prepared in any particular way of your choice.

Popcorn At The Children's Counter

Fruits Counter

But don’t fill up just yet. This is just the start to so much more creative counters set by the Chefs. Going along the gourmet lines are Sushi and Pastas. There were almost 3 variants each of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian sushi during my time. The Salmon Volcano was my favorite, where the substituted a roll of salmon instead of rice. The Barbeque Station offers a mix between Hyderabadi and North Indian. There were fillets of chicken and marinated fish. The Seekh Kebab were good too.

Irani Chai Counter

Irani Chai

Now to my favorite side of The Park brunch. Seldom do I see any hotel in the city offering Mandi as part of a brunch. Biryani always plays a much bigger role, but this Arabian dish has been slowly stealing away at people’s heart in the city. The Khabsa served at The Park was a standout and spectacular. The aroma of the rice gave way to an even exquisite taste. The chicken was tender and went wonderfully with a side of tangy tomato chutney. If you still have more cravings post this, there are still a huge array of main courses lined up.


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Special mention to the Beer sorbet which was spectacular. I waited in line patiently as the Chef whipped up a fresh Beer Sorbet with slivers of ginger using Nitrogen right before my eyes. The Park brunch is priced competitively at 1500 AI and make for an amazing afternoon Sunday indulgence. You can upgrade it to 2000 AI for unlimited IMFL drinks.

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Sunday Brunches have been a must for us. Waking up late on a Sunday, brushing off the Saturday night party off you and heading on out for a perfect Brunch. That’s our idea of a perfect Sunday Brunch. I’ve been a regular at the Sunday Brunches hosted at Prego in Westin Mindspace. It was great to know that they’ve now revamped their brunch to include more options in grills along with fun activities.

Prego Brunch (6)

Prego Brunch (7)

As I took a quick look through the spread, I couldn’t help but notice the decadent Ricotta Cheesecake right from the start. Turning away, I set my mind for later to anyhow get back to that. The Grills were the best way to start off a lazy Sunday. The Steak had been cooked Medium Rare as requested and the Jumbo Sea Prawns were quite enticing.

Prego Brunch (2)

Prego Brunch (8)

I loved the Artichokes in the Salad counter. There was quite an array of dips to accompany the choice of dishes but it was the homemade cheese from Coorg which I thoroughly relished. Pizzas and Pasta options from choice of toppings and types rounded off the main course. The exciting part of the new revamped brunch at Prego is the personal interaction with the Chefs as they serve out food to the customers grooving to Italian tunes. Chefs have been the rockstars behind the kitchen and I liked the way at Prego giving them a fun time interacting with the people they serve.

Prego Brunch (11)

Prego Brunch (9)

Prego Brunch (3)

I was back for the Ricotta Cheesecake as spotted earlier and true to say was absolutely delicious. The soufflé was another highlight which I don’t think any other brunch serves fresh as part of the menu. Ending off the brunch with a lovely scoop of homemade gelatos, the brunch at Prego is one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Prego Brunch (4)

Prego Brunch (10)

Prego Brunch (5)

Below is a Live Video of the celebrations at Prego during the Sunday Brunch.


Revamped Brunch At Prego

Prego, Westin Raheja Mindspace

Posted by Ashis Nayak on Sunday, 5 February 2017

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Sunday’s are usually end up being the laziest of days of the week. Starting off wondering what breakfasts should be, rummaging through the fridge and ultimately settling for some eggs, pancakes or French toast, hash browns and fresh juice. That’s our idea of a brunch when at home.

The idea Of Picnic Brunch launched at Olive Bistro had us excited. Having been to Olive Bistro numerous times earlier, there’s seldom been a time when we’ve walked out with our tummies half-empty. With the concept of Buffet, you end up wanting to try everything laid on the table and sometimes leading to wastage too. The Picnic Brunch is Olive Bistro’s concept to save on some of that wastage which are usually associated with Buffet. It aims to get fresh, hot food on your table on order so you can enjoy more dishes and also have a vast menu to choose from.

Olive Picnic Brunch (1)

Each table is set with a Picnic basket with a checkered cloth. The basket is filled with fresh homemade bread and butter, juice, newspaper and cutlery. The menu on offer is humongous and you can choose from a variety of salad, soup, eggs, grills, sandwiches, burgers, pizza pasta and desserts.

Chef Arun D’Souza has his own little garden of herbs and vegetables. This goes a long way in retaining the freshness of the ingredients in each of his dishes and delicate flavors.

Since this was a fun Picnic Brunch, freshly baked Banana Bread and Cheddar Corn Bread was served on the table. The Banana bread with a thin layer of maple butter was the perfect start to a delicious brunch. The Cheddar Corn Bread layered with garlic cream made it a perfect combination alongside freshly squeezed fruit juice.

Olive Picnic Brunch (2)

We then moved on to my favorite part of Brunch, eggs and chicken. You can choose from a variety of egg dishes on the menu. Choices on the menu include the classic Benedict or Florentine or Ham & Cheese. The eggs are also served with a choice Chorizo sausages and steaks alongside. We loved the Classic Florentine served with creamed spinach along with English muffin and hollandaise sauce.

Olive Picnic Brunch (9)

Olive Picnic Brunch (10)

A good salad is like a Mid-summers Sunday dream. The Caesar salad was a refreshing change on the plate. Not wanting to fill up with just these, we decided to move on to the next page of the menu which had the main dishes calling out to us.

Olive Picnic Brunch (3)

Olive Picnic Brunch (4)

Olive Picnic Brunch (6)

For the entrees, Olive Bistro does serve pizzas by the slices giving the option to choose from five varieties of wood-fired oven pizza. I’ve am a little inclined towards the BBQ and mushroom pizza here at Olive Bistro. The Caprese Pizza that was made with toppings of basil pesto, three different types of cheese and finished with balsamic glaze was absolutely delicious.

Olive Picnic Brunch (8)

There are also Burgers, Pastas and Wraps as part of the Picnic Brunch but we decided to skip those and move on to the desserts. The desserts also include freshly made-to-order pancakes and French toast.  The Orange Blossom Ricotta Pancake served with candied orange and drizzled with maple syrup was heavenly.  There were other desserts laid out on the dessert table which included Chocolate Mud Pie and other assorted cakes and pastries too. Mango and Rhubarb cheesecake is one of the new dishes on the menu worth trying.

Olive Picnic Brunch (12)

Olive Picnic Brunch (11)

It’d suffice to say that the Picnic Brunch at Olive Bistro is for the big appetite and slow brunch afternoons. It’s one of kind way to spend an outing with friends and family while enjoying delicious, indulgent food. It’s the kind of brunch, I’d much prefer to go to with the Chef making fresh food on order than a huge buffet which has a lot of food that one would mostly skip.

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Location : Olive Bistro, Road 46, Inside Durgam Cheruvu,Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad
Phone: 040 69999127

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As the weekend arrives, I can’t help but get excited each Sunday for the brunch at Jonathan’s Kitchen at Holiday Inn in Gachibowli. Jonathan’s Kitchen has been serving real wonderful food since quite sometime. We’ve always walked out of the place with great food memories. Add in the potent mix of creative drinks that Komatose whips out and you’ve had the perfect combination of a wonderful Sunday brunch.

Jonathan's Kitchen (13)

I’ve always been a person who prefers a set menu rather than a vast buffet spread. With a set menu I can choose to have the dishes, prepared fresh by the chef on order than walk around having left out food of a buffet. And when in Jonathan’s Kitchen you got to have the Lust from their line of signature drinks. Named after the ‘Se7en Deadly Sins’, the lust is a hot favorite. It’s a hot combination of chili infused vodka, strawberry puree and lime.

Jonathan's Kitchen (11)

Jonathan’s Kitchen has a vast and diverse menu which is also represented in it’s choice of set menu. Specializing in dishes from many regions of the world, I’ve always felt their strengths lie in Asian and Continental. So there was no denying when the Wasabi Prawns and Prawns Cocktail had arrived out our table that we had to just polish it clean. The Wasabi Prawns especially were brilliant and is almost part of our every order when we visit Jonathan’s.

Jonathan's Kitchen (7)

Jonathan's Kitchen (4)

Jonathan's Kitchen (12)

The liquor flowed as the afternoon progressed and so did the food. The Bhatti da Murgh was served fresh out of the tandoor while the Dahi ke Kebabs was a highlight from the vegetarian starters. Pizzas is where I’ve always felt Jonathan’s towers ahead than many restaurants. Their thin-crust pizzas are simply put – cheeselicious.

Jonathan's Kitchen (9)

Jonathan's Kitchen (6)

Jonathan's Kitchen (5)

Jonathan's Kitchen (14)

Having already been stuffed with the starters, we went light for the main course. Skipping through the Indian dishes, we settled for a simple Pasta and Chicken breast. I always tend to be more inclined to the mashed potatoes when it comes to a continental dish and the one here on the plate was polished off clean. The mashed potatoes had been made exquisitely and it takes a simple dish to understand the brilliance of a chef.

Jonathan's Kitchen (15)

Jonathan's Kitchen (10)

Completing our brunch with the dessert, we had spent nearly quite a while being set up for high. The drinks are truly potent and the food is wonderful. For a five-course meal at Rs 999/+-, the brunch at Jonathan’s Kitchen is pure value for money. But I’m one who looks more at quality and Jonathan’s Kitchen delivers on that aspect with brilliant dishes as part of their menu. We walked out of Jonathan’s Kitchen with yet another great experience wanting to go back there another weekend.

Jonathan's Kitchen (8)

Jonathan's Kitchen (2)

Address : Jonathan’s Kitchen, Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Gachibowli, Hyderabad
Phone: 040 33165791

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I’m a self-confessed Beer lover and don’t mind having a chilled pint to beat this summer heat. A beer in mind needs a burger on the other. And lo and behold the setting the Beer, BBQ and Burger festival was born. Sheraton Hyderabad has been constantly coming up with a variety of changes as part of it’s menu at Feast and the Burger and BBQ is yet another amazing addition.

Beer Burgers And BBQ

Sides (2)

Sides (1)

Sides (3)

The Burgers and BBQ are part of it’s regular buffet menu and one is spoiled for choice with the varied menu. Among the vegetarian Burgers are Spiced Beans Rancher, Sun-dried tomatoes & Basil white bean burger and Soya ginger infused tofu. The sun dried tomatoes and basil was the pick of the lot with the sourness of the sun dried tomatoes and freshness of the basil shining through.

Burgers (3)

Burgers (2)

But what’s a burger without meat. I mean it’s okay to have vegetarian options when it comes to Burgers but meat is where a true Burger shines through. The Louisiana style fried chicken slammers, Chicago style pulled pork grinder, Nizami spicy Lamb and fajita chicken & lemon garlic burgers wrap up the non-vegetarian options. We were hugely partial to the Nizami style spicy lamb burger and it was smoothly washed down with a chilled beer in hand.

Burgers (1)

The Barbeque were an absolute delight with the Lamb Chops having been perfectly made. The BBQ come with a huge range of option of marinade to choose from with the chefs willing to dish your choice of meat with the particular marinades. My choices would be a combining Chicken with the Jerk seasoning, lamb chops in smoked BBQ or a beautifully done fish steak in basil pesto lime.

Barbeque (1)

Barbeque (2)

The Burger, BBQ and Beer festival is the perfect menu to unwind with friends and family. The burgers are all beautifully handcrafted and the barbeque delectably done. The festival is one till the 26th of April 2016 at Feast.

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Sundays are made for Brunches. Who wouldn’t love the idea of getting up lazily on Sunday morning, have a cup of coffee/tea and head out for a grand spread of food that you can lay your eyes and hands on. You can walk across the entire restaurant floor making the most difficult choice of which dish should be picked up first on the place. As you have seen, we have had a previous debate on our article [ ala carte vs buffet] but we love our brunches as much as our ala carte on the table. Novotel Airport is synomous with its huge Sunday Brunch.

Swimming Pool

Carving Station On Entry

We have visited it couple of times before to enjoy the pool, cocktails and enjoy the meal till late afternoon and drive back home. The distance actually makes up for a nice little getaway away from the city and their weekend stay + brunch can be perfect relaxing weekend plan.

Salad Bar

Salad Bar (4)

Salad Bar (5)

Oysters (3)

Oysters (2)

Oysters (1)

We were invited to try the new chapter of their Sunday brunch. Hungry and short drive later, we actualy managed to reach around 12 to see the Chefs still setting up the the huge spread. We occupied our table and instantly asked the Chef – to make our decision easy by letting him choose what we should start our meal with. Quick scan around the brunch and there were more than 90+ items with live grill, children’s play area In the garden, almost 25 items around the dessert section.

Salad Bar (2)

Salad Bar (1)

Salad Bar (3)

The chef introduced us to some of the breads that are made in house and we popped some freshly laid garlic and coriander rolls. These change every week and we managed to get some good bread rolls every time we have been there.


A quick look at the live soup station and the menu included khow suey. This is one of my favorite dishes that sets a bench mark for the restaurant if its on the menu and I wasn’t disappointed. Light flavored soup served with generous portion of fried garlic, onions and I managed to devour at least 3 portions of it.

Khow Suey

Quickly we moved on to try few of the live station starters – Kati Roll, dim sum, tempura along with a glass of freshly made mojito. They even had a kids only menu on the corner with veg spring roll, crumb fried chicken, mini doughnuts in chocolate and sugar sprinkle and mini cup cakes that was very enticing even to try as grown up.

Kid's Menu (2)

Kid's Menu (1)

Although not part of the menu on display at times, you can still get your portion of Sunday eggs and pancake. We ordered sunny side up along with their freshly grilled sausage and barbecued chicken and some avocado artichoke salad and this got us feeling healthy already. We then decided to take a quick glance and jump on the main course.

Main Courses (1)

Main Courses (3)

Main Courses (2)

We usually prefer continental dishes during brunch buffet but couldn’t help ourselves to a generous portion when we saw nalli nihari, rarah murgh, prawns malai curry with plain rice. The flavors were localized to suite the spicy palate but we enjoyed the nalli nihari with naan. Switching back to our original love for continental dishes, we decided to try the roasted chicken with poached tomato, order some risotto fresh off the live station.

Main Courses (5)

Main Courses (7)

Main Courses (4)

Main Courses (6)

We were already full by the time we packed in second set of main course but having eyes set on the dessert table since start, we managed to get few delectable dishes on our plate. The best was of course the crème caramel, perfectly sweetened along with lamington and hot chocolate fudge. If you decide to have all the desserts first like the next time we did, you won’t be able to even reach the main course.


Creme Caramel

Desserts (1)

Desserts (2)

The menu keeps changing and the Chef at Novotel Airport spoke of innovating and creating different dishes just for Sunday brunch so people can sit back and let chef create the wonder that is the humongous lazy Sunday brunch.

Address : Novotel Hotels, Hyderabad Airport, Shamshabad, Hyderabad
Phone : 040 66503000

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The Breakfast Club is an institution in the London dining scene redefining the word Brunch. Nestled among vintage shops and antique stores, a bright yellow café shines bright and is hard to miss with the long queue of people waiting for a table inside. The small window only offers a small peak of the world of food inside.  I visited The Breakfast Club branch in Islington located in Camden Passage near to Angel Tube station.

With all the hype that is The Breakfast Club, the first thing which you’ll have to navigate is the extreme long queues spilling out onto the street. After almost a 45 minute waiting and unable to get an early seating inside, we chose to sit outdoors. The indoors décor is very casual and bright. I couldn’t help but notice American pop culture items plastered all across the walls of the café as loud pop music blared in the background. It is quite quirky and kitsch.

Let The Thumb War Begin

A fair bit of warning as you get a peek at the menu. You’ll want to eat everything. Keeping true to it’s name, the menu offers an array of Breakfast options. While I went full out and ordered for ‘The Full Monty’, my friend opted for the ‘Reggie The Veggie’.

Reggie The Veggie

I took a peek at the pancakes with a huge dollop of Chantilly cream at the opposite table to know the portion sizes are super huge. As we waited for our orders to arrive at our table, I relaxed myself over a flat white coffee. The double shot of espresso over microfoam did wonders for the little hangover I had from last night. The orders did arrive pretty quick for a place so packed and that too on a weekend.

Flat White Coffee

‘The Full Monty’ is a complete, huge classic London breakfast on a plate. Bacon, Sausage, Black Pudding, Eggs, Fried Potatoes, Mushrooms, Beans, a grilled tomato and toasted multigrain bloomer. Phew…that was a lot and did definitely help with the hangover. My “vegetarian” friend’s order for ‘Reggie The Veggie’ consisted of a veg sausage, fried potatoes, eggs, mushrooms, grilled tomato, beans and toasted multigrain bloomer, though she opted to do away with the eggs.

The Full Monty

A Close-Up Of The Blood Pudding

The food was charmingly simple and absolutely delicious. If you do not mind waiting in long lines, then Breakfast Club is worth all of it. The service is quick and make you feel comfortable. The food is delightful and moreover it’s a London food institution which you wouldn’t want to miss. Put this down as part of your travel itinerary for London. It’s a bit pricey but it’s worth it.

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Brunches are always the answer for weekend food fix. On Sundays we have a NO-Cooking policy, when we relax over a glass of wine and delicious food. Brunches have always been the best part of my week. A time to spend with family, friends and conversations. As the sparkling wine pours down the your glass and you look out to soak in the afternoon sun, you know Brunch had been created to give a new definition to ‘Gratuitous Indulgence’.

Sparkling Wine

Assorted Breads

It’s no secret that Trident hosts a beautiful brunch every Sunday. An elaborate spread ranging to Sushi, Panipuris, fresh salads, Pasta, desserts and so much more had me going Phewww. If you’ve been following our FoodDrifter page, you must know of our loves for Salads. If I could be inspired from ‘Lord of Rings’ then you’d hear me quoting “One Good Salad To Rule Them All”.

Smoked River Salmon and Orange Salad

Salads (3)

Salads (2)

Coming back to the brunch at Trident, the first to get your attention is the fresh and colorful ingredients. Bright colors awash from quality ingredients and we couldn’t have asked for more. A good look at the Salad section and I must say I’m thoroughly delighted. From simplistic Watermelon and Feta to Mozzarella in Bell Peppers. There is also a bit of the healthy Dhokla sneaking in while the Non-vegetarian options range to Chicken Tagliatelle with Citrus dressing, Chicken Roulade and Zucchini. A delicately prepared Smoked River Salmon and Orange Salad had me smiling on a wonderful afternoon.

Watermelon And Feta


Salads (1)

There was quite a crowd by the Panipuri section which gives an option to choose between the regular and Vodka version. Hic….A little bit of caution to not go overboard with a bit too many of those. There was also an ornate plate filled with the choicest of Sushi options and a Dimsum section with the option to get freshly made ones right at your table. Being Trident, how can their Italian spread be not good. The live Ravioli and Pasta counter is fabulous. Giving you a choice of sauces, they whip up those dishes and serve you right at your table.

Sushis (2)

Sushis (1)

Dimsum To Order

But I had been so content with my salads, that little was left was left to fit in the main course. But a little look through the spread and I couldn’t hold myself back. The Bengali preparation of Macher Jhol was terrific with plain white rice, but the stand-out was the Malay sea-food preparation in coconut milk which was nothing short of words.

Main Course

Roasted Vegetables

The dessert counter was extensive. The Strawberry Parfait and Crème Brûlée were quite delectable. Cronuts, Donuts, Croissants, Muffins and other baked goods lined up generously and made it difficult to choose and pick. The Kaffir Lime Baked Yogurt was enticing enough to pick up a another.

Red Velvet Cake


Baked Goods

Cheese Dessert Counter

The Sparkling Sunday Brunch at Trident is worth taking a little time off the busy schedule and relaxing while you enjoy some of the finer things in life. It’s ok to be pampered once in a while and when it comes to Trident, they definitely know how to indulge the senses.

Opera Cake

Fruit Tarts


Address : Amara, Trident Hyderabad, Opposite Cyber Towers, Hitech City, Hyderabad
Phone No. : 040 6623 2323. 

The Brunch is priced at 2400+ taxes for the Sparkling and Rs. 1800 (+taxes) without the alcohol. 

Desserts (1)

Amara - Trident Hyderabad Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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