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Concu is one of those rare places which defines itself by it’s work and warmth. The moment you walk in, you are wowed by the French Quarter styled minimalistic design of the café. It’s modern and it’s elegant but more important than that, it has that typical warm and cozy interior that is unique and original. It’s bright and it looks like the cozy corner of an inviting home. The pattern and color of the accent wall adds perspective and the simplicity of the rest only makes it more lovable. That’s exactly what we look for in a café, the ability to lay back to sip on some teas and indulge in sweet tooth cravings.


As you walk in the elegantly designed glass door displaying a beautifully new logo of the new vibrant Concu, a perfect indulgence awaits. A quick look through the glass display and the desserts look handcrafted by someone who knows his perfection when it comes to creating his confectioneries. We have loved the cozy feel of the earlier place that had housed Concu, but with the new one they have upped themselves. Introduction of new desserts to fill up on the dessert choices and also the addition of teas, smoothies and iced teas.

Concu 1

The Macaroons at Concu have been the best in the city. From the hard choices we had to make that day to order off the dessert display (we wanted to pick all of them), picked quite a nifty few of them, even though not going overboard.


The Russian Medovick is always a favorite and must try when visiting Concu. Layers of puff pastries with caramel. It is a dessert that is delicate, delicious, fragrant and plays on the tones of the sweetness that even a person who doesn’t like dessert wouldn’t refuse.

Russian Medovik Cake

We miss the Paris Brest which was in the earlier menu of Concu. Considering they have a changing menu, will wait when that will be back on. The Marquise, part of the new dessert collection which have been included doesn’t hold back on the chocolate. What we loved best was the coffee flavor to it, which makes it a symbiosis on two of the best things in life – Coffee and Chocolate. It’s beautifully shaped like an ice-cream bar. Before biting in, take a little time off to notice the intricate designs which shape it.


The smoothies are freshly made and the iced-teas of high quality Assam Tea. We had a Peach Melba Iced Tea which was extremely refreshing. In a unique social resplendent experiment, the bottles they are served in shall catch you by surprise.

Iced Tea And Smoothie

But if you are a tea person, order from on their finer tea collection. Had the Bulgarian Rose Tea which is subtle and were especially enticed by the aroma of it. It the perfect concoction for when you want to take that corner table in a café, sit back and read a book or get to work while you sip on some of the finest flavors.

Bulgarian Rose Tea

When not writing high praises about this place and with too much of a dessert craving, you shall find me in my corner table at Concu quietly reading a book. There is no denying to how much I have fallen in love with this café and the simplistic beauty it holds. The only thing missing now is the view of Eiffel Tower as I look out the window.



Address : Road No 21, In the lane beside Rayalseema Ruchulu
Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

Phone : +91 9985800031

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There has always been this question of Buffet Vs À la carte popped a little too many times to us when asking for recommendations to eating out. We as Indians love a good spread. After all who doesn’t want to have that extra Gulab Jamun or an extra helping of that delicious chicken curry? Thus the major conundrum in taking the decision of sticking to a buffet or À la carte.

Sea Food Platter At Olive Bistro

When thinking as a group, Buffet does make for a better option. The safest bet to take when you don’t know everyone’s palettes or tastes. It’s each man for himself, stretch, stand and shove onto plates, the food items you love. But every time after a buffet I end up with a full stomach and not so satisfied meal, I know I should have stuck to the À la carte.

Buffet 1

When going for À la carte and ordering for myself at the table I know exactly what I want and which dishes I’d want to try and moreover how to want it. Sometimes it’s a good feeling knowing that the chef in the kitchen is going to pay that extra bit of attention to making and plating my order than the food in a buffet spread, left to dry and die. I don’t have to be getting up a number of times, to pick food for my plate. Just relax back and wait for the hot piping food from the kitchen to arrive directly onto my table and be served by the waiters.

Carte 2

Economically viewing, buffets stand out quite ahead. Enjoying an unlimited array of food, laid out as you can refill anything and everything any number of times does make for a practical choice. But how many times have we at the end of the buffet realized that we never could try most of the dishes on offer? That almost everything to anything was passable at best.

Buffet 2

À la carte on the other hand, you might end up with a gratifying meal, but the bill at the end of the gastronomic journey is going to cost you. For people who dislike buffets and still have to go with a group, the next best thing is the Set Menu. You get to choose the dishes that you want to be served to the group from the menu for a set pricing and needn’t worry anymore as to having your food cold from the spread table. The waiters serve your orders at your table directly too. But this too can’t be as satisfying as an À la carte order considering that the chefs in the kitchen will have to be cooking for a gathering than a particular table.

Carte 4

In all conclusion, it is a never ending decision to be made every time a party, a get together or a dining out has to be planned. Buffets are the way to go when eating out with a large gathering. But when sticking to small company or individual, the À la carte is the pragmatic choice. It all really depends on the dining experience, the food you want to eat and what you want to tuck into that small pocket you call a stomach.

Carte 3

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Tata Starbucks, a joint venture between Tata Global Beverages and Starbucks Coffee Company has opened it’s first store in Hyderabad. After the launch in Chennai, the land of the filter Coffee, Tata Starbucks goes operational in it’s sixth city and 58th outlet in the land of the Irani and Dum ka Chai. The hype, the frenzy leading up till the launch has been crazy.

Starbucks + India

The location was kept under wraps until the invites were sent out to a few selected people and bloggers. The online food forums were all abuzz, the comments featured that one word “Starbucks” in most of the conversations before the sign boards started to pop up over the city.

Coffee Shot Frappucinos

The store is done up artistically beautiful neo-urban décor using the simplest of conceptual design. The store blends coffee with art in it’s elegant hand-polished woodwork. Being India’s first all natural-light store, it feels spacious with it’s two floor seating design.

Caffeine High

Going by it’s culture of amalgamating local heritage in their designs, Starbucks Hyderabad has wooden pearl hangings decorating the corners exhibiting that deft touch of the regionally inspired culture and furniture. The spacious and comfortable seating inside gives a break from the clamor of the traffic outside and the patio seating, creating a relaxed atmosphere for setting up the perfect conversations over coffee.

Coversations Over Coffee

The customary ribbon cutting done, people were ushered in with greetings of “Welcome to Starbucks Hyderabad”. The guests were given shots of the most popular coffees on the menu, while you could go over to the counter to order your choice or drinks and eats. A coffee tasting and brewing station was set up on the balcony upstairs for the invitees to understand the nuances of freshly brewed coffee.

Coffee Tastings

Ordering at Starbucks, you can choose between your Short/Tall/Grande/Venti coffee mug sizes. You are also given a choice between regular, nonfat and soy milk to get the perfect drink blended as per your preference.

Choice Of Coffee Mug Sizes

The Java Chip was our favorite Frappuccino of the day. The bittersweet Mocha Sauce with the delicate layer of chocolate chips and the coffee was the perfect brew of the evening. The green tea lovers can enjoy the much loved Green tea latte that is TATA TAZO tea special offered to the Indian Market.

Chai Lattes

FoodDrifter Recommendations:
The best of the lot in the non-vegetarian food section was the Double Meat Club Sandwich, a humongous roasted lamb, chicken and sausages in parmesan tomato bread sandwich. It was cheesy and exquisitely filling with every bite.

Double Meat Club Sandwich

Vegetarians fret not, there is a lot options here at the Starbucks food counter. The Hummus and Pita Bread platter is the outstanding among all things vegetarian and is also completely vegan.

Hummus And Pita Bread Platter

As the evening progressed, people relaxed with a cuppa chatting up with friends soaking in the perfect Starbucks setup. The top 20 winners from the warmuptostarbucks.in campaign were gifted with reward membership cards. The swanky Starbucks store, the first of many, as it sets it’s expansion plans in the city of the Nizams is sure going to be the new rage in town.



Starbucks Cups

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Nestled away from the sounds and lights of the city, away from all the hustle bustle of the daily lives is a quaint little Greek Village setting overlooking the secret lake. The entrance passages are lingered with gravel and the nights aglow with lightened up pathways. Olive Bistro is a beautiful setting that has taken charm, elegance and the allure of eating out to a setting so relaxed that dining in here is not just for the food but for the experience as well.

The monsoons are just about to be over and we took a peek into their “Monsoon Menu” on offer, and must we say we are delighted. To take off an enticing journey we decided to settle on the initial soups.

Barbecued pork ribs, grilled pork sausage, mustard mayonnaise

The vegetarian section had the Farmhouse Minestrone, a very rustic take on the tomato soup with chunky vegetables, butter beans and the grainy texture of the Grana Padano cheese, topping off with a hint of Basil, this soup was definitely a good start.

The Creamy Chicken and Vegetable Broth – A mix of chicken, carrots, beans and mushrooms was very subtle and light on the palate.

Smoked Chicken and Quinoa Salad – Quinoa is an ingredient which is hard to hard to combine in a regular menu. A mix of sweet from the pomegranate and sourness from the buttermilk dressing with the iceberg lettuce, it gives the much needed freshness to the salad.

The Watermelon and Feta Salad – Quite wonderful though conventional feels crisp and all natural fresh to the tastebuds.

Apple, Pinenut And Feta Cheese Salad

The Apple, Feta and Pine Nut Salad aligns a bit on the sweeter angle.

Paprika Chicken

Appetizers on our tables included the Paprika Chicken served on skewers and the Char Grilled Pork Sausages which were the highlight for us. The sausages are made in-house and with every bite, the flavors burst in the mouth.

Char Grilled Pork Sausages

Other best items on the menu which simply wowed us were the Lamb Meatballs and the Saffron Arancini.

Saffron Arancini

Filo Wrapped Brie Cheese – The best dish which stood out, drizzled with toasted almonds and saffron honey drizzle with a light flavor of orange to it.

Filo wrapped brie, orange, tosted almond and saffron honey

The Paprika Mushroom with feta and hazelnuts stuffing with a tangy Bravas sauce is a delight.

Paprika Mushroom

Another interesting dish of the monsoon menu was the Savory Tart, served with a side of rocket, orange and tomato salad, this tart of caramelized onions and goat cheese is delectable.

Savory Tart

Confit Chicken Leg which is chicken leg marinated overnight and slow cooked and the Pan Cooked Blackened Salmon are other intriguing dishes on the new menu.

Confit Chicken Leg and Pan Seared Basa

But the item which took us by surprise were the Calzones. Stone oven baked flat breads, the Calzones make a nice accompaniment with the tomato salsa.


Desserts, always the best part of the menu. Not going to lie, but we’re a bit put off by the mention of Eggless Pannacotta but upon being served the thoughts were put to rest but the lovely texture and fluffiness from not being prepared with egg was missing here.

Eggless Pannacotta

The Fresh Fruit Pavlova with Raspberry Coulis is like ecstasy wrapped in a small package. Gooey and fresh from all the fruits with a crunchy base. But the best dessert of all would be the Mud Cake Slice.

Fresh Fruit Pavlova

Olive Bistro for us will be more than the food alone. It’s taking a trip through an enchanting exotic setting, relaxing and breathing in the freshest of air while you are spoilt with the best of food.

Tuna Bagel

Olive Bistro
Inside Durgam Cheruvu Complex
Road No 46, Jubilee Hills
Contact: 040 69999127, 9248912347
Website: www.olivebarandkitchen.com

Pics Credit – Olive Bistro & FD.

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If it’s easy to drool and be messy and still love the food in front of you, it’s got to be a BURGER. A perfect juicy patty sandwiched between two soft buns with a delightful filling of coleslaw and mayo, sweet and sour at the same time, served with a side of chips. And yes that is how exactly we imagine a burger, one to be eaten with both hands and filling at the end of the meal.

Lamb Burger

So you can imagine the excitement when we got the notification for the “Global Burger Fest” and “Cheesecake Festival”. The menu was a bit limited, but the given options was worthy in the simple yet elegant menu. And yes “Tokyo Ramen Burger” already a craze taken from the Japan’s avenues and considered the next food creation fad to the world did feature in the menu. Last heard and seen in the Woodside Café in Mumbai’s famous burger fest, this was a welcome change to be featured here in Hyderabad’s menu.

Deli 9 Burger Festival

So we dropped in at Deli 9 for our evening snack & to catch a quick bite of the Burger fest. The Tokyo Ramen Burger is one enticing dish featured prominently and we could see few tables ordering it as well. Without wasting much time, we ordered two burgers off the menu.

Tokyo Ramen Burger – A juicy patty of chicken packed between two crunchy pan fried noodles had all the good things going for it. The pan fried noodles was a bit dry and little more crispy than expected but with the parts where the sauce soaked in, it just went right through, opening up a wonderful world of tasteful explorations that we relished. The wasabi Mayo hit the right notes and got us craving for more with every bite.

Tokyo Ramen Burger

Big Bash BBQ Chicken Burger – A big chunk of meat with the caramelized smoky onions and pickles all culminating in the right concoction of sweetness and sourness, this was exquisite. It is good at times to get your hands dirty while biting into a whole burger at once and the juices oozing out while you sink in your teeth.

Big Bash BBQ Chicken Burger

Chocolate Burger – An interesting take on the burgers here at Burger Fest was the Chocolate Burger. Gooey Brownies packed with hazelnuts, Oreo, topping it off with that enticing caramelized plum and a look at it and you know it’s going to be a delight in every bite.

Chocolate Burger

After the first round, we can’t wait to get our twitchy hands on that Towering Burger which we have reserved for the next trip back to Burger Fest.

Cheesecake Festival

Nutella Cheesecake

Dollops of Nutella glistening through the glass and the other Cheesecakes on display were extremely tempting. Red Velvet, Lemon Set Cheesecake, Rainbows and Oreos Cheesecake and can’t wait to try them all.

Red Velvet Cheesecake

A welcome difference from the regular eating-out here in Hyderabad and the fest is an extremely worth every bite.

Lemon Set Cheesecake

Chocolate Drizzled Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Cheesecake Filler Brownie Bites

Both the Global Burger Fest and Cheesecake Fest are on till the end of the month of September at Deli 9 at both their Banjara Hills and Begumpet outlets.

Rainbow Cheesecake Dip

Banjara Hills
1st Avenue, Road No. 1, Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad 500034, AP, India
Phone: 040-65506662, 7702255303

Shop 16 & 17, Ground Floor,
Behind Lifestyle, Begumpet,
Hyderabad 500034, AP, India
Phone: 040-66777727, 9963819502

Website: http://www.deli9.in

Deli 9 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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