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I’m a self-confessed Beer lover and don’t mind having a chilled pint to beat this summer heat. A beer in mind needs a burger on the other. And lo and behold the setting the Beer, BBQ and Burger festival was born. Sheraton Hyderabad has been constantly coming up with a variety of changes as part of it’s menu at Feast and the Burger and BBQ is yet another amazing addition.

Beer Burgers And BBQ

Sides (2)

Sides (1)

Sides (3)

The Burgers and BBQ are part of it’s regular buffet menu and one is spoiled for choice with the varied menu. Among the vegetarian Burgers are Spiced Beans Rancher, Sun-dried tomatoes & Basil white bean burger and Soya ginger infused tofu. The sun dried tomatoes and basil was the pick of the lot with the sourness of the sun dried tomatoes and freshness of the basil shining through.

Burgers (3)

Burgers (2)

But what’s a burger without meat. I mean it’s okay to have vegetarian options when it comes to Burgers but meat is where a true Burger shines through. The Louisiana style fried chicken slammers, Chicago style pulled pork grinder, Nizami spicy Lamb and fajita chicken & lemon garlic burgers wrap up the non-vegetarian options. We were hugely partial to the Nizami style spicy lamb burger and it was smoothly washed down with a chilled beer in hand.

Burgers (1)

The Barbeque were an absolute delight with the Lamb Chops having been perfectly made. The BBQ come with a huge range of option of marinade to choose from with the chefs willing to dish your choice of meat with the particular marinades. My choices would be a combining Chicken with the Jerk seasoning, lamb chops in smoked BBQ or a beautifully done fish steak in basil pesto lime.

Barbeque (1)

Barbeque (2)

The Burger, BBQ and Beer festival is the perfect menu to unwind with friends and family. The burgers are all beautifully handcrafted and the barbeque delectably done. The festival is one till the 26th of April 2016 at Feast.

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It’s been a few months since Sheraton opened it’s doors in Hyderabad. I remember the tour that the guys at Sheraton took us around to see their upcoming InAzia and Chime. Trust us you guys, there is a real beauty being built behind those closed doors. And once the concept of InAzia, a lounge which transforms to a club by the night is done, it sure will be the most happening place to be at.

Mirch Mumtaz

As with the hotel, the food at Feast too is on a transformation phase and with each visit, there is something new to offer. The ongoing Roast and Reds food festival shows promise. It’s a beginning of a journey for Feast itself. Soon as you walk in through the doors of Sheraton at Gachibowli, Feast lies on your immediate left with lots of options on the food spread. The Farmer’s Market Brunch at Feast is a one of a kind brunch to take place in the city, where you can shop and dine at the same time.

Tandoori Veg PLlatter

The menu for the Roast and Reds Food Festival shows so much promise. It’s an eclectic mix of continental, Indian and Chinese take on roast. A look at the Indian section and you have options with lots of variety. Trust me, they will not leave you disappointed if you’re a meat lover. Firstly let me start off with a little bit for the vegetarians. The Tandoori Veg platter might sound a little meh in terms of name but wait till you get the spice hit off the Hare Mutter ki Shammi. Lately vegetarian food seems to be attracting me a lot and I ain’t complaining with such variety of options. The stuffed mushrooms were polished off within seconds and for a hard-core meat eater, the Magaj broccoli needed a little bit of convincing for me to eat.

Chicken Keftas

Lamb Chops

Now over to some real food i.e Meat. Galauti Kebabs are hard for me to resist. Extremely soft minced meat with the apt amount of spices and a bit of polish of the garam masala to give the spice hit. Ohh, they were perfect. The Dohara Seekh Kebabs were good too, but they had a hard time following up after the Galauti Kebabs to tantalize my taste-buds.

Sour Dough Wrapped Prawn with Paprika Aioli

Pork Chop with Burnt Pineapple Glaze

Being an Asian-food aficionado, it was hard controlling my smile once the sour dough wrapped prawns and Indonesian Roast Duck arrived. The prawns were brilliantly marinated in fresh basil and deep friend. All it needed was a dash of lime and a dunk into the paprika aioli. The duck needed a little bit of marination to seep in but was alright. The Lemongrass Grilled Chicken plated like lollipops on a shoot of lemongrass carried loads of flavor of the lemongrass but it wasn’t overpowering.

Lemongrass Chicken

Indonesian Roast Duck

The next dish to come out of the kitchen at Feast, Sheraton needs a little bit of drum-roll before it reaches the table. Once a wise man said that if nothing is going right, add a little bit of barbeque to your life. That’s why we have the barbeque to uplift everything to a level of delicious. The chicken wings had been extensively marinated in barbeque through the night, with the sauce taking every chance to seep inside. It’s then roasted in the oven and what I had was heavenly.

Asian Prawns

Asian Main Course

There were also the Chicken Shish Taouk, Lamb and Chicken Keftas on the menu of Roast and Reds food festival. If you’re a meat lover, then this definitely warrants a drop-by. And if you’re not, the drop in to be converted into one.

Turkish Keftas

Kashmiri Gosht with Kesari Pulao

Address : Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel, 115/1, ISB Road, Financial District, Nanakramguda, Gachibowli, Hyderabad
Phone : 040 49251111

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