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The newest property of ITC Hotels, doesn’t just redefine luxury, it ups the swankiness meter and yet stays true to the #ReponsibleLuxury theme. I walked through the doors of ITC Kohenur to be wowed by the chandeliers and a massive lobby. There is the elegantly done Peacock Bar on the left, the Golkonda Pavilion in the center and the receotion on the right with a massive chandelier made of lac bangles hanging right above.


ITC Kohenur

The place oozes the Nizami charm and yet still incorporates the modern touch. My room was truly splendid. Each of the settings of the room can be controlled using an iPad. But I will have to definitely talk about the Pillow Menu. I’ve stayed at many hotels across the world but it’s simple thoughts like this which make a Hotel truly spectacular. The ITC Kohenur, surrounded by the Durgan Cheruvu from all sides is an engineering marvel. A true kohenur in ITC’s and Hyderabad’s crown.

ITC Kohenur Room

ITC Kohenur Room

Peacock Bar

Peacock Bar

Dum Pukht Begum:

With the ITC Kohenur, comes the ITC Hotel’s most famous restaurant, the Dum Pukht. There was a time when a person had walked up to me and said ‘Indian food is truly hard to photograph and make appealing.’ Well you haven’t been to the Dum Pukht then. The massive ceilings, the menu, the aroma of Indian food, the Dum Pukht Begum is a restaurant par excellence.

Dum Pukht Begum

Dum Pukht Begum


Dum Pukht BegumDum Pukht Begum

I will have to talk about the Kakori Kebabs that I had at Dum Pukht Begum. The softest, exquisitely delicious and melt in mouth. I was left short of words for a minute or two and so were the others at my table. They absolutely melted away in my mouth and yet the spices didn’t overpower the meat.

Gucchi Pulao Dum Pukht Begum

The Dum Pukht Begum also incorporates Hyderabadi dishes into the original Dum Pukht menu. The Mahi Qaliya, Chowgra and Dum ka Murgh which you wouldn’t find in most places in the city have been proudly showcased.

Dum Pukht Begum

But that has always been the beauty of the Dum Pukhts across the ITC Hotel properties that I’ve dined at. Each of the dishes served stay tuned to the authenticity and have been well researched.

Golkonda Pavilion:

The ITC Kakatiya has it’s Deccan Pavilion while the ITC Kohenur has the Golkonda Pavilion. It’s only fitting to have named it as the Golkonda Pavilion as the Golkonda mines was where the world famous Kohinoor diamond was unearthed. Like I said, every aspect of the ITC Kohenur has a story to tell.

Golkonda Pavilion

ITC Kohenur Breakfast

Golkonda Pavilion

Post a great sleep, I had a wonderful Sunbeam Coffee at the Golkonda Coffee. ITC has invested heavily to bring forth specialty coffees with their Sunbeam range of which I’m a great fan, favorite being the Panagiri roast.

Croissant For Breakfast

Ottimo & Sky Bar:

Ottimo is their Italian specialty restaurant which opens up to the beautifully designed Sky Bar. They both have yet to launch but I can already feel them both being the talking point in whole of Indian. It’s modern, it’s suave and most importantly it’s chic. Imagine sitting at the Sky Bar, overlooking the Hyderabad skyline while sipping on cocktails. The view can’t get any better than this.



The ITC Kohenur is a ‘gem’. The beauty and effort put into designing the ITC Kohenur sings in it’s pathways and corridors. We might not have the Kohinoor yet, but we do have a Kohenur.


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