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Hyatt Gachibowli

Mumbai is my home, a city very close to my heart. My childhood was spent gorging on delicacies sent over by our neighbors. So Maharashtrian dishes were ones with which I started my food journey. These are the flavors I identify myself with.

With an invite to the Maharashtrian Food Festival at Hyatt Gachibowli, I was ecstatic. This is one of the many cuisines that you don’t get to relish so often in Hyderabad. With Chef Santosh visiting from Hyatt Pune, the flavors had to be authentic. We first started off with the dry chutney that Chef Santosh had brought along with him for the festival. Maharashtrain Cuisine is as much about the chutney on the side as the main dish itself. They hold a great deal of influence and the chutneys featured Shengadana,Til, Karlachi, Jawas and Medhkut. There were also the Bombil Chutney made with dried Bombay Duck fish which was delicious. 


After all it was a Maharashtrian Food Festival and the unofficial national street food of Mumbai had to feature prominently. Vada Pav is one snack I absolutely adore. The one made in Hyatt Gachibowli had all the ingredients of a Mumbai-style Vada Pav. Coriander Green Chutney, Tamarind Garlic Chutney and a sprinkle of the dry peanut garlic chutney…this was Vada Pav at it’s best. Vada Pav as a snack is very commonly available but no one in the city of Hyderabad come close to making the original.

Vada Pav

The other snack among the starters were the Kothimbir Vadi. The Kothimbir Vadi is made with Coriander and Chickpea flour which are then steamed first. Once set, the vadis are then deep fried and served piping hot. These are insanely addictive to pop-in as a snack.


We then moved on to the appetizers of Chicken Sukka which was a Malvani style of dry chicken and is a hot and spicy preparation which can be had both as a starter and along with the main course. As we gradually made our way to the main course, I headed towards the Kolhapuri Chicken Counter. Kolhapuri food by itself is really spicy and packs a punch. Thankfully Chef Santosh had dialled down on the spiciness quotient although it still had the lovely color from the red chilies.

The other dish which deserves special mention from the Maharashtrian Food Festival was the Puneri Dal. A very simple preparation of lentils, this was simply superb along with the combination of Batata chi Bhaji and Jowar Bhakri which was being served on order. The other dishes among the buffet included Malvani macchi curry, kolambi pulao, masala bhat and bharli vangi on the night we were at Hyatt Gachibowli.

We ended our dinner with fresh Shrikhand, Malai Pedha among other Indian desserts which had been displayed. The Maharastrian Food Festival is on at Collage in Hyatt Gachibowli as part of their regular buffet. The dishes will be rotated on a daily basis both for lunch and dinner.

Gulab Jamuns

Boondi Ladoo


The Festival is on at their restaurant Collage with different menu for lunch and dinner between 24th April – 3 May, 2017. Priced at 1250 AI for Lunch and 1400 AI Dinner

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Teppanyaki cooking is a fun way to have a meal. The roots may be Japanese but it has now slowly spread to all parts of the world for the chef-to-diner experience it offers. Teppanyaki is a Japanese-introduced concept where most of the dishes are made on a hot iron pan right in front of diners. Chef Prashanth Martha has come up with a vast teppanyaki menu which one can order a la carte as per choice at Collage, the specialty restaurant at Hyatt Gachibowli.

Chef Prashant

I’ve had the chance of tasting few dishes of Chef Prashanth previously and he’s a brilliant Chef specializing in Asian cuisine. Starting off the meal with a simple salad consisting of greens, avocado and sesame seasoning, I couldn’t help but notice the freshness of the ingredients. The Avocado are a beautiful shade of green and the salad itself felt like the right start to a meal.



My highlight of the meal turned out a dish that I quite didn’t expect to be so good. The Miso soup was just bang on with the dashi and miso displaying its own unique flavor on the palate. It almost felt like ying/yang dancing in unison in a soup bowl. The silken tofu in the Miso soup and Nori completed the rest of the balance for a soup that was wonderfully executed.

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Ebi Tempura or Tempura fried Prawns were fresh off the fryer. The tempura was fried golden and I quite liked it with the soy sauce. But it wasn’t until the sushi, that my excitement went up. I’ve always marveled at the jobs of chefs and truly respect their profession. Now to be able to view a chef making sushi right before my eyes rather than inside a kitchen, is an experience that I’ll much prefer.

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Right from arranging the sticky rice and placing them on a sushi mat, neatly packing the fillings and meat, rolling it carefully to finishing it off with roe and sesame is a different kind of dining experience. The California Roll was delicious just as expected.

Sushi In The Making


California Roll

The action didn’t quite end with the rolls as it moved to the next sections of finishing the meats and cooking a lovely fried rice off a hot girdle. Hearing the sizzle of meat and seeing that beautiful char forming on the veggies as you wait for your order to be cooked is quite exciting experience.

The Teppanyaki Menu has now been incorporated as an a la carte option at Collage. The menu is vast and priced quite competitively. Kudos to Chef Prashanth on coming up with such a diverse Japanese menu which just makes eating out fun and also interactive.

Drinks Selection

Hyatt Gachibowli

Pictures Courtesy – Ravi Tenneti’s Photography

Address : Hyatt Hyderabad Gachibowli, IT Park, Road 2, Gachibowli, Hyderabad
Phone: +91-40 4848 1234

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