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It’s been 70 years since the historic day of 15th August 1947 and some of the Taj properties across India have come up with a promotion so beautiful. The recreation of the pre-independence dinner at the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai in 1947. The idea all materialized when someone at the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai, stumbled across a menu from the night and this converted to the food we sit to partake, a recreation of India’s past.

The menu for the purely non-vegetarian and the menu was purely eclectic French and Continental. French Cuisine was going through a revolutionary phase and chefs had been employed from Goa and other European occupied states to give it that deft touch.


Although the original recipes aren’t available, Chef Nitin Mathur and his team at the Taj Krishna have done a fabulous job at recreating the original menu. We started off with the Consomme al indienne. The Consomme was crystal clear, with the enhanced flavors of the chicken shining through. The julienned veggies on the bed, showcasing the colors of India parted out as the consommé flowed right through. I thoroughly loved it. The appetizer of the night is one which didn’t feature in the original menu and had been added in. Delicacies a’l Hindustan literally translating as ‘Delicacies of Hindustan’ were three cottage cheese in three different variants of marinade.

Delicacies a’l Hindustan

The mains comprised of Paupiette de Saumon joinville (Salmon roulade, soft creamy mash, wilted spinach, turned vegetables and Joinville sauce), Poularde Souffle Independence (Chicken soufflé with steamed vegetables and lemon parsley sauce), Crepes aux epinards (Stuffed spinach crepes with Makani gravy) and Campignons vol au vents (truffle and wild mushroom with paprika cheese sauce). It was the Vol-au-vent which was my pick for the night. A classic Belgian dish, the vol-au-vent is a stack of puff pastry with filling of either mushrooms or chicken. The mushrooms give earthiness and with the crunch of the fluffiest puff pastry, this is an absolute beauty.

Paupiette de Saumon joinville

Poularde Souffle Independence

The set dinner ended with Vacherin de peches liberation (Peach infused Apricot Sorbet) served in Meringue cups. Having the sorbet alone was a bit too sweet for my palate, but it wasn’t until I broke down the whole dessert on my plate, that the deftness of it all shone through.

The recreation of the 1947 Menu at Encounters, Taj Krishna is a niche menu that comes along once in a while. It’s India’s history on a plate and with a pricing of Rs. 1947/-, this is one worth indulging in.

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It’s been almost 5 years now that I’ve moved to Hyderabad and it’s safe to say now that the city has embraced me completely. With Ramzan now here, the city is decked up with flickering lights, Haleem in every nook and corner of the city’s alleyways and gorgeous street food.

The first time when I had come visiting Hyderabad during the Ramzan season, my parents who were strict conservationists kept my away from having my Haleem. It was more of the thought of mixing Beef with Mutton in any of the Haleems served across the city. But they’ve now given up on after hearing of the endless tryst with different meats from across the world.

So approximately 5 years back is when I had my first taste of the dish that I had heard so much about. It’d be safe to say that it was the worst thing I ever had in my freaking life. It was in one word – Yuck. I gave up on the worst looking dish ever made on earth. Needless to say that whole month of Ramzan that year was spent eating everything else but Haleem.

Then arrived 2012 and by then I had made a number of Hyderabadi friends. With Ramzan arrived a fresh batch of homemade Haleem by one my friend’s mom. Falteringly I took my best bite and my completely perspective of the entire dish changed with that bite. It was exquisite, smooth and full of flavor. I literally still can’t comprehend how a dish which looks like it had been thrown up after an after-party, taste so good. Then started my Haleem quest in Hyderabad. From literally visiting each eatery to try their fare to becoming a self-confessed expert critic at it. Also a point to note is that the original Haleem just like the Kacchi Gosht ki Biryani tastes nothing like the ones made commercially.

Haleem at point in the city was served 365 days of the year. But there was a lot of time and patience that went into making the dish and also the heaviness of it. It was then that it got relegated to being a Ramzan only special. Hotel Nayaab was the first to start serving Haleem commercially in the hotel before the rest picked it up. The now famous Pista House was instrumental in getting the GI tag for Haleem for Hyderabad. It’s now become as much a part of the city as the Charminar itself.

As the city progresses, so does it’s cuisine. Restaurants started serving variants like the Emu, Fish, Topping it Zubaan and Chicken 65. The wow factor of the dish had finally descended on us with some going far out to making Haleem with Oats, Italian herbs of Oregano and Thyme. But they forgot to realize one important factor. Haleem is a wheat dish first and the red meat is secondary. It is all about getting the consistency of the wheat beaten to correctness while the meat melts away in the pot.

For me it will always be the perfect fulfilling dish it’s meant to be. Next throw in the brown onions, fresh mint and cashews. You then generously add a ladle of Sherwa to have the best goddamn food that Hyderabad has to offer.

You can still check out the 20 Best Places To Have Haleem in Hyderabad we compiled in 2015 below. The list shall now be updated once again with 2017.

The 20 Best Haleem Joints In Hyderabad


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If in Hyderabad you’d think that you’ve seen it all when it comes to Biryani. The other day The Hindu ran an article on the list of places which have inspired Biryani related concoctions and dishes. While United Kitchens of India had their Biryani-cocktail with aromas which exude the one dish that can get a Hyderabadi to bow down at his knees. I personally haven’t been a Biryani person myself. But this city has changed me to an extent that I do crave a bowl of it once in a while. Yeah here in Hyderabad, you don’t eat by a plate but a Bowl-ful

However, there is one place which lies in the bylanes of Nampally which should get it’s due in this regard. Deccan Achar has been making Biryani pickle for quite a while now. It’d be hard to find this shop if you were new to the area and didn’t ask for directions. Even Google Maps would send you in a circle for Nampally traffic is notorious for pushing you into corners you’d not think existed.

Deccan Achar (3)

Standing tall is the Deccan Achar where you’d see a throng of people busy having small plates in their hand as they taste each of the pickle varieties before buying them. From small packets to kilograms of the pickles, the customers parcel them in droves. I’d gone to Deccan Achar a couple of years ago while researching on interesting food and had totally forgotten about it. It wasn’t until that I got a call from Chef Kunal Kapur for new inventive pickles for his “Pickle Nation” that I did remember it.

When discussions go deep on the ingredients in food with @chefkunal #fooddrifter #masterchef

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The pickles are all made in huge aquarium size-vats set along the walls of the shop. Like most commercial shops making pickles, they also do use a lot of vinegar. This super-speeds the pickling process but vinegar leaves a tingling sensation in your throat as you have it in pickles. The home-made Indian pickles though go through a rigorous process of drying and pickling before finally being put to use.

Deccan Achar (1)

Deccan Achar’s star product is their Biryani pickle. A product carefully made by the current owner to bring back business after he took over the reins. It was all about being the showcase-factor for the shop but it definitely worked. While I took a bite of the pickle, I could deny the quintessential aroma of Biryani you’d get once a lid is lifter off a freshly cooked one. As the owner explains it’s made using Biryani spices and mangoes without divulging any other secrets.

I bought a packet to have with a portion of hot rice. This is when it all comes together. When mixed with steaming rice, it almost can be passed off as a Biryanish-Pulav. The taste is almost similar and can almost be passed off as a 2-cent Biryani. Not wanting to order-in and yet craving for a portion of Biryani? Mix a little bit of the pickle and you’ve got your lunch/dinner going.

Deccan Achar (6)

Hyderabad has had it’s Biryani-fication of various products. And the Biryani pickle from Deccan Achar adds into that list. They do have more than 50-60 other varieties of pickles including non-vegetarian ones. My favorite though is the Kariyapak (Curry Leaves), Karela (Bitter Gourd) and a Mango Green Til.

Deccan Achar (5)

Location : Deccan Achar, Nampally Market
Phone: 040 2321 4571

Deccan Achar (4)

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Tusacany in Trident Hyderabad has been one of my favorite restaurants in the city. The chic and simplistic setting of an Italian household coupled with the dim lighting makes it a beautiful place dine in. The one constant that I really like about Tuscany is that they keep reinventing themselves through their food. With the new Summer Menu, I might just label it as one their best menus yet. And all of this based on just a few dishes that I had.

We began our dinner with a Smoked Chicken and Rucola Salad, which believe me is as simple as it sounds. The beauty of the salad lies in the saffron and cheese spheres which had been nonchalantly arranged on the salad. As a salad, it was just the fresh greens and the smoked chicken, but you gotta burst the spheres to let the sauce flow in. The subtlety of the saffron wraps over the entire salad and gives it a whole different texture.

Smoked Chicken and Rucola Salad

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Next up was my favorite Carrot and Fennel Soup. Never have I had a soup so refreshing and summery. A cold soup, the soup is served with Orange Sorbet and an almond biscotti. I was literally scraping every last portion from the bottom of the bowl of the wonderful soup.


Up until now the dinner had been all about freshness and truly light. This changed with the main course. A Lemon and Thyme Fettuccini with homemade pasta was a delight made over with cream, walnuts and gorgonzola cheese. Alongside on my plate was a Risotto Milanese. Just like any Masterchef show out there, I too believe that the Risotto of an Italian restaurant can make or break the place. I’ve had quite a lot of mushy ones in my time but never at Tuscany. The risotto at Tuscany is perfection and a couple of spoons and you’re set. Again the dash of saffron provides it a burst of flavor in the Risotto Milanese with smoked salmon and fried calamari.

Lemon and Thyme Fettuccini


Chef Praful has been a wonder with the desserts. Whilst just written as Panacotta on the menu, I sure knew to expect something exquisite. Sure enough he delivered with the cold mango layer between the slices of Panacotta. The plating was a work of art with two Panacottas with the other being Blueberry with the vanilla crumble giving it the crunch factor. It was a marriage of soft and crunch whilst not overpowering with sweetness.

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The new Summer menu at Tuscany is superbly crafted and one worth visiting for. Take your partner out or indulge yourself for a quiet meal. The food by Tuscany shall not leave you disappointed.

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Mumbai is my home, a city very close to my heart. My childhood was spent gorging on delicacies sent over by our neighbors. So Maharashtrian dishes were ones with which I started my food journey. These are the flavors I identify myself with.

With an invite to the Maharashtrian Food Festival at Hyatt Gachibowli, I was ecstatic. This is one of the many cuisines that you don’t get to relish so often in Hyderabad. With Chef Santosh visiting from Hyatt Pune, the flavors had to be authentic. We first started off with the dry chutney that Chef Santosh had brought along with him for the festival. Maharashtrain Cuisine is as much about the chutney on the side as the main dish itself. They hold a great deal of influence and the chutneys featured Shengadana,Til, Karlachi, Jawas and Medhkut. There were also the Bombil Chutney made with dried Bombay Duck fish which was delicious. 


After all it was a Maharashtrian Food Festival and the unofficial national street food of Mumbai had to feature prominently. Vada Pav is one snack I absolutely adore. The one made in Hyatt Gachibowli had all the ingredients of a Mumbai-style Vada Pav. Coriander Green Chutney, Tamarind Garlic Chutney and a sprinkle of the dry peanut garlic chutney…this was Vada Pav at it’s best. Vada Pav as a snack is very commonly available but no one in the city of Hyderabad come close to making the original.

Vada Pav

The other snack among the starters were the Kothimbir Vadi. The Kothimbir Vadi is made with Coriander and Chickpea flour which are then steamed first. Once set, the vadis are then deep fried and served piping hot. These are insanely addictive to pop-in as a snack.


We then moved on to the appetizers of Chicken Sukka which was a Malvani style of dry chicken and is a hot and spicy preparation which can be had both as a starter and along with the main course. As we gradually made our way to the main course, I headed towards the Kolhapuri Chicken Counter. Kolhapuri food by itself is really spicy and packs a punch. Thankfully Chef Santosh had dialled down on the spiciness quotient although it still had the lovely color from the red chilies.

The other dish which deserves special mention from the Maharashtrian Food Festival was the Puneri Dal. A very simple preparation of lentils, this was simply superb along with the combination of Batata chi Bhaji and Jowar Bhakri which was being served on order. The other dishes among the buffet included Malvani macchi curry, kolambi pulao, masala bhat and bharli vangi on the night we were at Hyatt Gachibowli.

We ended our dinner with fresh Shrikhand, Malai Pedha among other Indian desserts which had been displayed. The Maharastrian Food Festival is on at Collage in Hyatt Gachibowli as part of their regular buffet. The dishes will be rotated on a daily basis both for lunch and dinner.

Gulab Jamuns

Boondi Ladoo


The Festival is on at their restaurant Collage with different menu for lunch and dinner between 24th April – 3 May, 2017. Priced at 1250 AI for Lunch and 1400 AI Dinner

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Firstly, let me state that Punjab Grill in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad is a beautiful property. It’s a packed a bit more than usual on both ends of their seating. But I still have a feeling that they are still exploring the restaurant space to make it so much better. The Punjab Grills across India and abroad had taken a trip to rural Punjab, bringing back with them rustic and lesser known dishes to serve to their patrons.

Rangla Punjab (5)

The trip culminated with a beautiful menu titled “Rangla Punjab” which is currently being hosted at the Hyderabad outlet. For the night we started off with the tangy popular Punjabi drink “Kali Gajar ki Kanji”. The Kanji is served in a clay cup with dark carrots. The first sip is going to give away your expression when hit with the mustard and hing (Asafoetida) but slowly grows on you.

Rangla Punjab (4)

Gradually moving on to the starters were the Tikki Choley. Must say after moving away from Delhi this was the first instance after so long that I relished the kala chole with super soft tikkis below. Garnished on top with julienned radishes this was delicious with the mint and coriander chutney. Most of the dishes at Rangla Punjab is served with radish on the strips bringing back the whole feel of Punjab.

Rangla Punjab (6)

The Mutton Tawa Tikke is tossed mutton cubes in aromatic spices. With a drink beside you, this along with the Chargha Murgh is the perfect accompaniment. If you’re the kind of person who loves fried food, the Chargha Murgh is the answer to every fried chicken craving. The Mutton Champa which arrived next at our table is a countrified mutton keema made into sheets.

Rangla Punjab (7)

Rangla Punjab (8)

The stars among the Rangla Punjab were in the main courses. Keema Karela and Atta Chicken were just fabulous. I have memories of my grandmother making keema bitter gourds on special occasions and the Keema Karela rightfully reminded me of that. Only difference being the meat was served on an open-faced bitter gourd giving a polished feel to a simple dish.

If you were to visit Kotkapur in Punjab, you’d see people carrying back parcels of Atta Chicken back to long distances of Chandigarh and Delhi. The “Kotkapure da Atta Chicken” takes inspiration from there and is the star of the Rangla Punjab menu. Now imagine first a whole chicken marinated for quite a duration in Punjabi spices with almonds and black pepper. The marinated chicken is then tightly wrapped in a muslin cloth and then sealed inside dough to be cooked in a tandoor. The juices of the chicken remain tightly sealed shut until the outer covering is broken. The moment the chef cut open the dough a whiff of the beautiful aroma hit me and the Atta Chicken goes beautifully alongside some butter naans.

The night ended with desserts which you’d find across the streets of Punjab. I liked the fresh fruits with cream for the fact that it wasn’t overtly sweet. The Gud Ka Halwa was bit of a downer though with the dessert holding back on the lovely flavors of the jaggery.

Rangla Punjab (2)

Should you check out the Rangla Punjab Food Festival at Punjab Grill? Most definitely Yes. It showcases true Punjabi food with the flavors it’s meant to be.

Rangla Punjab (3)

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For the people who’ve met me, know of my absolute love for Beer. There are wine enthusiasts, Single Malt Aficionados and then there’s me who considers himself a huge lover of Beer. From going off in talks about the intricacies of Beer to explaining to people about the different kinds. My love for Beer can be seen on my wall, where I proudly display my Beer Crown Collection on a plaque of the different kinds of Beer that I’ve had during my travels.

So you should be able to understand my elation of when the State Govt. of Telengana allowed for Microbreweries to be set up in Hyderabad. This was a first step which was going to change the Beer drinking culture in the state. Now it’s been more than 3 months with 4 breweries having already opened their doors and many more opening in the next few months. In this post we shall take a look as to how the 4 breweries have fared.

Micro-Breweries (6)

HyLife Brewing Company – The first Microbrewery to open it’s doors was HyLife. The moment you walk in to Hylife, the space is absolutely massive and lots of room to take a seating of your choice while you gulped a cold one. The first week of it’s launch, I truly liked the Lager (Drunken Monk) and Wheat (James Blonde). It was perfectly matured and had all the makings of a great beer. But it’s been a downhill from there. At no moment of time, they have any of the beers of tap available and also the food choices on the menu are terrible.

Micro-Breweries (3)

Prost Brew Pub – Prost had opened it’s doors first in Bangalore and finally now in Hyderabad. Located on the Jubilee Road No 45 stretch, it’s an exquisite property. From outdoor seating to lively indoors, Prost has got it all. The Brews at Prost have also been consistent. Prost is probably the only Microbrewery to have Stout available most of the time. The Wheat Beer is best among the 4 breweries as of now but the Apple Cider falls way short than intended. Prost is strongest in it’s huge choices in food that it serves. From the Bacon Wrapped Prawns, truly good pizzas and Kerala Style Beef. The food at Prost pairs great with the Beer that they serve.

Micro-Breweries (8)

Micro-Breweries (1)

Over The Moon – To be honest, I had been a bit skeptical of how the Brew Pub at OTM (as it’s affectionately called) would turn out. But it had to chew my own words in this regard, coz this for me is probably the best Micro Brewery in Hyderabad right now. The Ales are beautifully crafted (Both the American and Amber). The German Hefeweizen is the stuff of legends. The Stout though at OTM isn’t heavy and will be liked by light beer drinkers. I much prefer my Stout with a heavy body and loads of flavor unlike the one at OTM. The White High (Belgian Wheat) too is amazing and do request a slice of orange in the Wheat to bring out all of it’s robustness.

Micro-Breweries (3)

Micro-Breweries (5)

Zero40 Brewing – The newest entrant into the Micro-Brewery scene is Zero40 Brewing in Rd. No 10, Jubilee Hills. They are fairly new and the beers still do need a bit of time to mature. The names of the Beers are catchy and the food menu is beautifully crafted. I liked the flavors in The Ex (IPA) but it still needed a bit more of the crispness which comes with maturity. Considering that no other Brewery has brewed an IPA till now, this is a first and they’ve done a good job with it. They also serve a pretty decent Robust Porter.

Micro-Breweries (7)

The brewery scene is still picking up in the city which sure is going to change for the better in the coming months once the new entrants come in. There’s Olive Bistro and Heart Cup too which shall be launching there’s too in the near future. Tell us in the comments of the best ones that you’ve enjoyed among the four Micro-Breweries.

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Amara has been one of my favorite buffets in town. I’ve seldom been a buffet-kind of person yet Amara in Trident Hyderabad is one I’ve had my best of meals. It isn’t just about it’s extensive spread that Amara puts out but the freshness of the ingredients all which makes the food so much more delicious.

With the Coast to Coast promotion, Amara pays tribute to the freshest of seafood this time around. Mostly when restaurants do Coastal food promotions they concentrate on the coasts of India,but not Chef Manik and his team. Trust Chef Manik to think out of the box and cover the coasts of the world at Amara. It’s almost like docking at every port of entry of a new country with each dish.

Coast To Coast - Amara (8)

From the shores of Marseille in France, the delizioso food of Italy, Caribbean Islands and Western Coasts of the US, the fiery, spicy and tangy food of the Asians and Indians, the buffet at Amara had it all. The soup section has been their strengths and this time too it didn’t disappoint. The Thai Coconut Chicken soup was especially wonderful. The Seafood Bar had us in glee with crabs, shrimps and extensive selection of fish with choices of dips and sauces.

Coast To Coast - Amara (7)

Coast To Coast - Amara (5)

Coast To Coast - Amara (4)

Among the salads I especially enjoyed the seafood ceviche and shrimp cocktails. The Appetizers on our day at the buffet had Kerala style fried fish among other Asian starters. Now it was the Main Course which is the one going to leave you spoiled for choice. Oriental, Italian, Indian and Caribbean…phew it was task that I thoroughly enjoyed going through.

The highlight of the buffet was always going to be the seafood and it was the Gulf Coast Seafood Stew which stood out among them all. Notable mentions among the ones on my plate was the sweet and tangy Doi Maach of Bengal with plain rice and also the Phuket Massman Curry. As is my habit when dining at Amara, I had ordered up a plate of the ravioli. Amara is one of those restaurants which dishes up the best pasta ever as part of it’s best. In fact the one served at the buffet can beat any standalone restaurant a-la-carte dish while at it.

Coast To Coast - Amara (9)

Coast To Coast - Amara (10)

Coast To Coast - Amara (3)

If you have a sweet-tooth,you’re going to be spoilt for choice here at Amara. It features nearly everything from Creme Brulee to Pastries to Mousse. The Coast to Coast promotion is on at Amara, Trident Hyderabad till the 30th of November 2016. Not a bad way to dine out in style to end the month of Movember.

Coast To Coast - Amara (11)

Coast To Coast - Amara (1)

Coast To Coast - Amara (2)

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Hyderabad is famous all over the world for it’s delicious Biryani. But the fact is that most of the Biryani sold in the famous cafes and hotels have become a commercial variant of the original. We have Nawab Mehboob Ali Khan,a connoisseur of Hyderabadi cuisine take us through a step-by-step recipe of the original Kacchi Gosht ki Biryani.

Ingredients :

For Marination :

  1. Lamb Meat – Only Male Lamb aged between 6-8 months.
    Note : The meat should be washed only once and not left in water. For the experts who carve their meat, in fact it should be dressed in such a way that it doesn’t require washing at all and or cleaned with dry cloth.
  2. Basmati Rice (Proportion is 1 Kg of rice for 1.5 Kgs of Meat)
  3. Lime Juice
  4. Fresh Ginger and Garlic Paste
  5. Green Chili Paste
  6. Red Chili Powder
  7. Turmeric Powder
  8. Herbs (Coriander and Mint)
  9. Elaichi Powder (Cardamom)
  10. Shahi Jeera Powder (Cumin)
  11. Curd
  12. One small portion of potli masala
  13. Oil  – Cooking Oil has to be used in which onions have been fried earlier. Never use raw cooking oil

The meat has to be continuously mixed as each ingredient is being added.

Cooking Process:

The Rice has to be semi-cooked in hot water with some oil and Potli Masala. The first layer of rice for the Biryani which is layered in the handi is about 50% cooked. Next comes the marinated meat. It’s ideal to let the marinated meat for rest before using so that it can soak in all the flavors.

Another layer of rice is then put on top of the meat which is about 75% cooked. Hyderabadi Biryani is always cooked on firewood and only in copper vessels. In case of absence of a copper lid, aluminum foil can be used too.

The handi is then tightly sealed so as to let the Biryani cook on dum. Good meat is always the first to cook than the rice for the Biryani. It takes about 45mins-1hour for the entire cooking.

Note: Limit the usage of Papaya paste in the marination because it gives the meat a very powdery taste.

Below is the recipe video to take you through the process.

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Goa offers so much diversity when it comes to food. Goa is not just about shacks, King’s beer and beautiful beaches, but there’s so much that we end up exploring every time we visit Goa. Our last exploration in Goa let us to discover the 10+ different varieties of pao. Apart from the international cuisine that Goa welcomes with its open arms, they also have their own unique style of food.

Goa’s local food is influenced by the Portuguese and Saraswat Hindu and you see local flavors like coconut, vinegar, kokum, wine. Piri Piri – small chilies also play an important role in spicing things up. Hyderabad as such doesn’t have a standalone restaurant for Goan cuisine and opportunities to savor the Goan flavors locally are quite less too. So it was quite exciting to have Chef Anthony D’Souza from Vivanta by Taj – Panaji here to showcase the best of his Goan cuisine right here at Taj Vivanta – Begumpet.

Goan Food Festival (5)

We started our Goan food journey with Bolinas de batata – veg potato balls with gooey cheese filling. This vegetarian Goan dish was a pleasant delight. Diners around popped up as many 6-7 of these as soon as these arrived on the table. You should definitely not miss these at the festival.  I then moved on to try the different meats at the live station.

Goan Food Festival (7)

Chicken Jere Mere on Skewer, King fish peri peri. Coupled with beer, these can definitely take you back on the beaches of Goa. Spices along with ginger-garlic, vinegar and chilliest form the base of the marination for these meat and were definitely fresh and delicious. Prawns ravas fry with a Kokum drink served alongside was another one of my favorite among the starters that was perfectly coated and deep fried.

Goan Food Festival (6)

Goan Food Festival (2)

For main course, a quick walk along the counters and I picked up my all time favorite – Chicken Xacuti and pao. Now anyone who has visited Goa would have tried this dish which is most famous among the Goan curries. A coarse brown curry with a base of ginger-garlic, onion, chilies and coconut goes well with hot rice, pao and in fact any meat that you can lay your hands on. One bite and the flavors reminded me of how much I had missed this dish and I had to go back to Goa soon. But I was happy with the flavor right here in Hyderabad.

I moved on to the next few favorites Goan Fish Curry and Beef Chilly Fry. While the quintessential Goan favorite King’s beer was definitely missed again, hot rice paired with the curry was perfect. Goan fish curry was less spicy but the Beef Chilly Fry was perfectly done.

Goan Food Festival (3)

I usually don’t eat vegetarian food but looking at the Hindu Goan influenced dishes by the chef, decided to move on to featuring dishes like Varan Bhaat  – rice and dal served along with mix veg mardol, bean foogath which is dry preparation with coconut and beans and channacho ross which was subtle coconut curry. These dishes were definitely less spicy than their Portugues-inspired dish counterparts and the veggies brought out the freshness of the coconut and the kokum that it was cooked with.

Moving on to the desserts, decided to have a bite of Bebinca, the multi-layered Goan dessert. Featuring on the dessert menu was also the Doce, a chickpea and coconut sweet.

Goan Food Festival (8)

Goan Food Festival (1)

The Goan Food Festival at Viva, Vivanta by Taj is on till the 2nd of October along with the regular buffet at Viva. The menu shall be changing every day to feature so as to showcase many more of the Goan dishes,



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