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Indian Chinese/Indo-Chinese or whatever else nomenclature you might give it is our comfort food. Tell me the number of times you’ve come back home one day, opened up your food delivery app and ordered for Schezwan fried rice and chili chicken. Or picked up a parcel of hakka noodles and Manchurian on the way back from work and sat down to relish it in front of the TV. The best part is you go to China and actually order for chili chicken or Manchurian or even say Hakka noodles, the only thing you’ll get is a look of bewilderment.

Deccan Pavilion

We as Indians have adopted our own version of Chinese food. So much so that this Indian-Chinese cuisine is actually the most popular foreign cuisine in India, surpassing the likes of Italian or Mexican. It is only fitting that Deccan Pavilion at ITC Kakatiya pays a tribute to this love for Indo-Chinese food.

The Indo-Chinese food festival has been incorporated as part of the regular dinner buffet at Deccan Pavilion. We had a chat with the Chef Kamal and it was exciting to know that they have their entire one week’s menu panned out differently. So you might end up with the Chicken Manchurian on one night and a Schezwan Chicken the next.

Indo Chinese Food Festival

The night that we visited, we absolutely relished on the Talumein Soup. And with a side of prawn crackers, this was absolutely fabulous. They might have been labelled as a Dimsums, but one opening the basket, what awaited us actually Momos. Sweet Corn soup, Momos, Chicken Dragon Balls, Deep batter-fried Mushroom, yes this was the beauty of Indo-Chinese all along.

Food At The Indo-Chinese Festival At ITC Kakatiya (6)

Food At The Indo-Chinese Festival At ITC Kakatiya (4)


As part of the main course of Fish in oyster sauce, lamb meatballs in schezwan sauce, stir fried vegetables and lots more. The Fried Rice was perfect with a topping of the oyster sauce. For deserts it was a sweet ending with Darsan, honey noodles with vanilla ice-cream.

Food At The Indo-Chinese Festival At ITC Kakatiya (5)

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Food At The Indo-Chinese Festival At ITC Kakatiya (1)

The Indo-Chinese Food Festival is on at Deccan Pavilion, ITC Kakatiya till 15th May as part of the regular buffet during nights only and priced at 1500+ taxes. The buffet includes other varieties as well.


Address : Deccan Pavilion, ITC Kakatiya, Begumpet, Hyderabad
Phone No. : 040 33165113

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