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For people who’ve been following our Facebook page regularly will know of our love for SodaBottleOpenerWala, Hyderabad or as we put it SBOW. The menu is short but yet felt a little incomplete. And that has always been because the amazing, quirky drinks that we associate with SodaBottleOpenerWala had been missing to give it the major uplift.

After all a Parsi without his alcohol is no fun, and SBOW did miss it’s eccentricity without the license. Thankfully now SBOW is complete. With the government handing out alcohol licenses, the Bamabaiya cocktails we associate with SodaBottleOpenerWala of Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai are here in Hyderabad. So here we have the drinks menu of SodaBottleOpenerWala to help you choose your stuff the next time you’re there.

Majama Mojito: A Gujrati comes down to your table and you’ve just downed one of these Mojitos. The first question he asks is “Kem Cho?” And you sure will be like ‘Hic, Majama’. This is SBOW’s take on the classic Mojito with a twist. It’s light and made with fresh tender coconut water making it quite a refreshing drink to have on an afternoon.

Hello Darling And Bambai Mary Hai

Hello Darling: As we jump up in terms of concentrate of alcohol in SBOW’s menu, the next is the Hello Darling. For people who like vodka based martinis, this drink made with fresh muskmelon and watermelon juice makes for a great one to have. I like the fact that SodaBottleOpenerWala uses fresh fruits to make the concentrate rather than using the tetra-packs.

Hello Darling

Bambai Mary Hai: It isn’t SodaBottleOpenerWala if it hides it’s love for Bombay….oops Bambai. You’ve had the classic Bloody Mary and now try SBOW’s take on it using tamarind, roasted cumin and tomato.

Bambai Mary Hai

Kokum Nasha: The Kokum Nasha was the sweeter of the drinks on the menu. It might have been due to the kokum concentrate that they’d been using. It gives a spice hit with every sip at the back of your throat making sure to cut it down with lemon and fizz.

Kokum Nasha And Bambai Mary Hai

Out Of School: It’s nostalgic to remember the good old days when we would run out of school, buy guavas right outside the school premises and rub it all over with masala. Those were the times when distances didn’t matter when we had a cycle to take us everywhere. SBOW recreates that with the Out Of School with an addition of vodka.

Raspberry Breezer: For anyone who’s been to the Irani cafes of Bombay, there is no missing the Raspberry drinks with every meal. But didn’t we say before that alcohol makes stuff even better and that’s what the Raspberry Breezer does too.

Raspberry Breezer

Raspberry Shooters

Papa ne Queen: There are a few things the Parsis absolutely love. His car, alcohol, eeda and movies. Taking an inspiration off the Parsis love for movies is the Papa ne Queen. A white a dark rum based drink with hints of apple, mint and grape.

Papa ne Queen

Dikra/Dikri: This has to be the best of all the Cocktails created specially at SodaBottleOpenerWala. It’s vodka served two ways and has to be done in shots (atleast according to us). The Spiced Lemon vodka is brilliant and it doesn’t feel complete until you’ve downed the next kala khatta vodka. The next time you’re at SBOW, do make sure to create a game around this with your group of friends.

Dikra Dikri

And we have a little bit of “love is in the air” extra cuteness coming down at SBOW this Valentine. We quite like their concept of the Bambaiyya Love Tiffin Menu. A meal served in nostalgic tiffin dabbas for two.

Bambaiyaa Love Tiffin (Veg)

Bambaiyaa Love Tiffin (Non Veg)

The menu is quite unique starting off with the bhel (veg or seafood), a barley and vegetable soup with a dash of thetcha, cutlass, Chicken Sanju Baba (Yep the very same recipe by Sanjay Dutt at Noor Mohammadi) and Bambai Biryani. To close off the love affair with this food the Kala Khatta Cheesecake and Ferro Rocher Cake for desserts.

Bambaiyya Love Tiffin at SodaBottleOpenerWala-

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The best part about Mumbai is that I can take a nice walk silently down the road, soaking up the culture still be amazed by how much the city has to offer. My favorite destination has been the effervescent and yet surprisingly blissful walking down Fort area. It was one of those times when a stroll down the elegant Ballard Estate, the business end of Mumbai gave way to it’s prized possession. A cheery red and white signage, paints peeling off the walls and yet a long line flowing onto the boulevard and you’ve arrived at Britannia And Co.

Britannia & Co.

Luckily I had reached early before the tourist, office goers, visiting Parsis filled up the restaurant and took a quiet table at the doorway. The cheerful Mr. Boman Kohinoor was at the entrance chatting up with the guests that were slowly trickling in and winding his way around the tables too. The high-point of visiting Britannia is actually catching with Mr. Kohinoor at times. A devout Anglophile, almost pushing 92 years, Mr. Boman Kohinoor is an encyclopedia of stories to catch up on. Some of his views are passé about the colonial times spent under the Raj but it reflects the mutually co-operative understanding the Parsis and the British enjoyed. After all it took Rashid Kohinoor, the founder of Britannia only 24 hours to get his F&B license on the condition that he give his café an anglicized name.

Britannia And Co.

The waiter took my order as Mr. Boman came over to my table to enquire if all was good. He takes his time to explain the dishes on his menu to the first-timers. My order was for the Chicken Berry Pulav. Move over Biryani, coz when at Britannia, then the Berry Pulav is a must have. Many label Britannia & Co. to be over-hyped. But at a time when many Parsi eateries have closed shop, Britannia and Co. stands tall because it serves the best on a plate.

The Berry Pulav is made of light fluffy rice mingled with chicken breast and chicken mince balls mixed with delicately spiced gravy topped off with the little red jewels. They pay special attention to the ingredients they use like the berries or barberries for the Berry Pulav, as they are especially imported from Iran and is actually a cross between pomegranate and cranberries explains Mr. Boman Kohinoor.

Chicken Berry Pulav

As I had my Berry Pulav and sipped on my Spiced Ginger Pallonji’s Soda, I couldn’t help noticing the sagging cardboard cut-out of Prince William and Princess Kate which adorned the end of the balcony. There is so much more to the food at Britannia and Co. The amazing Salli Boti, Patrani Machi and loads of Egg dishes are hard to resist. There’s a no nonsense nostalgia to the menu itself too. But the Puddings at any Parsi café are an old-fashioned affair. The Caramel Custard is brilliance in a bowl and a must try. Not too sweet and floating on a bed of burnt caramel, I couldn’t have asked for a better dessert.

Caramel Custard

A visit to Britannia and Co. isn’t just about the food but also about the heritage it carries on it’s shoulders. Right from the nifty little chats with Mr. Boman Kohinoor to the flaking pastel paint and whiteboards on the walls to the antique clock ticking away in the middle of the restaurant, the place is overrun with so much history. Britannia & Co. truly is an iconic place.

Pallonji's Spicy Ginger

Address : Britannia & Co. Restaurant, Ballard Estate, Opp New Custom House, Mumbai
TEL:022 2261 5264
Hours: 11:30 am – 4:00 pm

They do not accept Credit and Debit Cards. Payment mode is cash only.

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