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There is a question I’ve been asked multiple times, “Why Jonathan’s Kitchen?” For people on my friend list to unknown who ping on the FoodDrifter FB page and Instagram. The number of times I’ve recommended Jonathan’s Kitchen or Komatose has been innumerable. There was a time when every 2nd day I’d been checking into JK. Then I became conscious about it, lest someone label it as too much of a favorite. It was then that I would be there but not check-in anymore. But photographing food as a habit that it is, that I’d whip out my phone and do a Insta Story of it.


Both of Jonathan’s Kitchen and Komatose has been a hangout for me of sorts. And this post is an ode to those countless hours I’ve spent there. I always am conscious about getting drunk. Yet Komatose is the only place where I’ve let go one night. Entertaining a friend or a client, an office party or a personal one. Komatose has been the answer to most of my answers.

From the countless times that I’ve been there to go through the entire menu, it was finally time for change. Their already extensive Sushi menu now has an even more options to choose from. The Uramakis, Nigiris, Tamagoyakis are emblazoned across the revamped menu. But it’s the Indian side of the menu that I’d like to talk about.



Jonathan’s Kitchen has been known for it’s continental fare. But little do people know that they can actually dish up pretty decent Indian food too. The Jhinga Khadi Mirch hits you with it’s chili and peppery nature of the prawns. But with a glass of whiskey is what you need to pair it with. Yep the light tingly feeling of chili down your throat as you wash it down with your favorite whiskey or single malt. That is exactly how’d love it. Not fan of the spice then the Murgh ke Parchey and Peshwari Chapli Kebabs should be your choice. I’ve had Chapli Kebabs innumerable times but have seldom seen it as part of a regular menu. Among the seafood is the a beautifully Grilled Pomfret. I’ve ordered it almost thrice now before writing this and the beautiful tandoor color on it is just exquisite.


Grilled Pomfret

Continental Cuisine has always been Jonathan’s Kitchen’s strong suit. Highly recommended is the Filet Mignon. A nice filet of beef, cooked the perfect medium rare and served with a side of veggies and mashed potatoes. If a bhakt had to sprinkle a million drops of the holy Ganga on me for eating the steak, then so be it. It will still be worth it. Also lemme tell ya that this marks the rise in the standard of how a filet should be cooked…EVER. Literally falling off the shank was my next dish, the Ossobucco. With both of these it’s just the right cooking that needs to be done to get the meat tender and JK get’s it perfect.

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Fish Steak

Ending with the desserts is the Tres Leche and Ghevar with Rabri. I’ve never been a fan of the Red Velvet anywhere and the Tres Leche at Jonathan’s Kitchen combines a Red Velvet with the traditional Tres Leche from Spain. While the people at my table did appreciate the dish, it wasn’t for me. Both of them are a little overtly sweet and people who especially enjoy sweetish-ly sugary desserts will do so.

Tres Leches

Meanwhile as I leave my table to head back to the Bar at Komatose, I can’t help but wonder how they’ve got another lovely menu on their hands. A comprehensive simple take on dishes and yet a sophisticated look which makes the new menu another standout. Jonathan’s Kitchen just gave me another reason to head back there just for the superb Filet Mignon alone.

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Teppanyaki cooking is a fun way to have a meal. The roots may be Japanese but it has now slowly spread to all parts of the world for the chef-to-diner experience it offers. Teppanyaki is a Japanese-introduced concept where most of the dishes are made on a hot iron pan right in front of diners. Chef Prashanth Martha has come up with a vast teppanyaki menu which one can order a la carte as per choice at Collage, the specialty restaurant at Hyatt Gachibowli.

Chef Prashant

I’ve had the chance of tasting few dishes of Chef Prashanth previously and he’s a brilliant Chef specializing in Asian cuisine. Starting off the meal with a simple salad consisting of greens, avocado and sesame seasoning, I couldn’t help but notice the freshness of the ingredients. The Avocado are a beautiful shade of green and the salad itself felt like the right start to a meal.



My highlight of the meal turned out a dish that I quite didn’t expect to be so good. The Miso soup was just bang on with the dashi and miso displaying its own unique flavor on the palate. It almost felt like ying/yang dancing in unison in a soup bowl. The silken tofu in the Miso soup and Nori completed the rest of the balance for a soup that was wonderfully executed.

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Ebi Tempura or Tempura fried Prawns were fresh off the fryer. The tempura was fried golden and I quite liked it with the soy sauce. But it wasn’t until the sushi, that my excitement went up. I’ve always marveled at the jobs of chefs and truly respect their profession. Now to be able to view a chef making sushi right before my eyes rather than inside a kitchen, is an experience that I’ll much prefer.

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Right from arranging the sticky rice and placing them on a sushi mat, neatly packing the fillings and meat, rolling it carefully to finishing it off with roe and sesame is a different kind of dining experience. The California Roll was delicious just as expected.

Sushi In The Making


California Roll

The action didn’t quite end with the rolls as it moved to the next sections of finishing the meats and cooking a lovely fried rice off a hot girdle. Hearing the sizzle of meat and seeing that beautiful char forming on the veggies as you wait for your order to be cooked is quite exciting experience.

The Teppanyaki Menu has now been incorporated as an a la carte option at Collage. The menu is vast and priced quite competitively. Kudos to Chef Prashanth on coming up with such a diverse Japanese menu which just makes eating out fun and also interactive.

Drinks Selection

Hyatt Gachibowli

Pictures Courtesy – Ravi Tenneti’s Photography

Address : Hyatt Hyderabad Gachibowli, IT Park, Road 2, Gachibowli, Hyderabad
Phone: +91-40 4848 1234

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Mekong by Marigold does such a beautiful justice to its name. There is an underlying thought which transverses boundaries with the name alone. Named after the river which flows through six countries, Mekong by Marigold brings with it the culinary tales as it travels the course of the river bringing a true pan-Asian fare. Sushi, Thai, Burmese, Vietnamese, they all find a place on the menu at Mekong.

We had a preview of the re-launched Burrp! App. The Chef’s table at Mekong had been arranged by Burrp! in association with FBAI. I remember the times when it was the only app which I could fire up to search for restaurants to visit. Those times it was a leader and a platform where I’d gradually started writing reviews too. Burrp! now under Network 18 has been seamlessly modified to get back to where it was and truthfully I quite liked the new UI.


The Chef’s table had been elaborately planned to include the best of what Mekong had to offer. We started off with the Yam Taohu which was a light salad of green vegetables, silken tofu and straw mushroom in chilly jaggery lime dressing. The chilly jaggery and Lime deliciously balanced the flavors as the dish tip-toes on the likes of spice, sweet and sour tastes.

Yam Taohu

Sushi is where our hearts lie and that’s where Mekong’s strength lies too. The Ikura Gunkan Maki is freshness personified. Capped off with fresh salmon roe, this was the stand-out dish of the night. The Oshinko Maki brought with it the crunch of radish and bell pepper.

Ikura Gunkan Maki

Oshinako Maki

I’ve always liked having sips of Jasmine tea between my courses coz it helps clean out the palate between courses and I was glad the service staff didn’t falter on filling up on the tiny teacup. Among the starters that night the Hanoi Toi Tom which comes with tossed in a delectable garlic sauce was the best of the lot.

Crispy Fried Lotus Stem


As we gradually made our way through to the main course, I settled over my plate of Lamb Massaman Curry. The Thai Massaman curry is rich in flavors and relatively rich, tracing its roots and inspiration back to Persia. The best way to enjoy a good Massaman curry is to have it with a simple jasmine rice where all its flavors burst through. The Gai Pad Bai Gaprow (Thai style mince chicken with chilly basil) and Curries Crab made for enjoyable accompaniments.

Lamb Massaman Curry

Gai Pad Bai Gaprow

Curried Crabs

The night ended over some good conversations with the Burrp! Team over a plate of desserts consisting of a Dates Cigar, Coconut Jaggery ice-cream and the heavenly Thap Thim Krawp. Mekong isn’t just any other Pan-Asian restaurant but one where a lot of thought has been given to design the food along the name it has to live up to.

Thap Thim Krawp

Address: Green Park Hotels, Greenlands, Begumpet, Hyderabad.
Phone: 040 67363636

Mekong - Marigold By GreenPark Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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