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As you enter Kurries & Burries, the first thing you notice is the café’s simple decor. The café is small and overtly crowded with teenagers, couples and families. Situated down the road from Wilson College, a group at the next table are busy taking selfies.  Throughout our time at the outlet of Kurries & Burries, not a single table had been left empty with one group outpouring onto a table soon as it vacated. The line outside was impressive enough to justify the popularity that is Kurries & Burries.

Kurries & Burries is what I would describe elevating amateur food to restaurant quality. There is passion which bursts forth in the food for a café that prides itself to be the only outlet in Mumbai serving Asian and Mexian food under the same roof. It might sound strange to be operating two significantly pole apart cuisines under one roof but it surprisingly works at Kurries & Burries.

Kurries & Burries Menu

Orders had been taken swiftly and I got to sit down with Kushal Todi, the mastermind behind the outlet to pick his brain till the food arrived. K&B started out as an ambitious project which was later turned over into a full-fledged business model. They make their own curries and pastes and almost all the recipes are developed by Kushal’s mom and then innovated by the chefs. Each dish is under development and tested for 3 months before being launched. But to reform an idea into reality, needs a whole dose of passion and courage. And the talk with Kushal reaffirmed that passion does drive a brand with an outlet being jam-packed in 3 months of existence.

Crackled Spinach Chilly Paneer

The orders had started to arrive one by one to our table. Sipping on the Mango Mocktail, and I could finally give a sigh of relief. The sigh of having traveled a distance and then handed the best refreshing drink is like heaven on earth. The perfect amalgamation of Pineapple and Mango pulp makes it work wonderfully in sync together in a glass. With each sip that you take, you get a flavor of Mango which is followed by a tint of Pineapple feel hitting your taste buds. The good amount of crushed nuts topped on the drink gives u something further to munch with each sip that you have.

Mango Mocktail

Do good things come packed in Tortillas? Yes they very much do and you’ll have one of the most amazing ones right at Kurries & Burries. The Mex-Wich is outstanding.  That’s the super-awesome package of Mexican Beans, Salsa, Sour cream, Paneer marinated in Mexican Sauce, crushed Nacho Chips all sandwiched together between a Tortilla feels like. Ohh Wait! It isn’t over yet as the Mex-Wich is grilled & deep fried and then covered with Cheese Sauce & topped with Salsa, Sour cream and served with Mexican sauce on the side to go by. It’s the hottest selling dish and absolutely ‘Delicioso’.


The Crackled Spinach Chilly Paneer turned out to be pretty average. The Paneer was good but there was too much oil coz of the deep fried cottage cheese and spinach. The Thai Green Curry arrived at the table and completed the order for the evening. A perfect medley of vegetables, lemongrass in a beautiful delicate broth of coconut milk with the perfect blend of spices and went perfect with a bowl of rice.

Thai Green Curry And Rice

Adam Richman Aficionados, Kurries and Burries has the perfect challenge for you. The Big Daddy Challenge which relives the Man vs. Food contest, packs it with the ultimate K&B Fusion. A 16″ Burrito weighing over 1 Kg containing Beans, Salsa, Sour Cream, Cheese Sauce and also Asian starters like Crispy Baby Baby Corn, Kung Pao Potatoes and much more. Sounds Doable? Then give it a try at K&B and get your bill waivered off.

I left Kurries & Burries with a pleasant smile. To actually have a complete vegetarian meal and walk out content seldom happens with us and Kurries & Burries, I must say you hit a sweet spot. The pricing is extremely economical and students get a special discount too during weekedays. Mexican And Asian never felt so good under one roof.

Phone : 022-23671800
Address: 29/A, Jethabhai Govindji Building, Opposite Merchants Club, Metro Motors Lane, Rangekar Road, Chowpatty
Website: kurriesandburries.com/

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In recent times there has been a spurt of the so called “Multi Cuisine” restaurants. It’s like the most misused word in the F&B industry to be serving multi-cuisine. A mismatch of everything and anything stuffed into a menu like no other. And then there is the “Republic Of Noodles”, which is Multi-Asian without the Chinese. Republic of Noodles or RON as some fondly call it is the signature restaurant, part of the Lemon Tree Hotels.

Republic Of Noodles 3

The new Lemon Tree Hotel has just opened up in the financial district at Gachibowli and being near to the IT offices, we just couldn’t miss the chance to drop in at Republic of Noodles. On first glance around the place, as you enter is the beautiful and calm Buddha right in center of the restaurant with water showers around it. The light wind chimes and soft flute sounds play on in the background as you take seat. A look around, there is the various passports and visa stampings of the Asian countries. This pushes in the fact that you are not just here to eat, but go on a gastronomic journey through those what those Asian countries have to offer.

Republic Of Noodles 1

We were welcomed by Chef Binoy Xavier, the executive Chef of the Lemon Tree Hotels and Saurabh, the F&B manager. They explained the new additions to the menu and also that they specifically don’t serve Chinese but any other South-East Asian country and you definitely will be getting the most favorite food dishes here.


Crispy Fried Chicken With Roasted Chilis 1

The menu was extensive so we were already glee with what to try seeing so many exciting dishes on offer. We started off with the Crispy Fried Chicken done in an exquisite Roasted Chili sauce. The best part being that the sauces are all hand-made and available right at your table too. So you have your Roasted Chili, Spicy Yam and Sambal sauces being provided at the table. Crispy Water Chestnuts had been perfectly blended with Plum Honey sauce all over. The chili flakes gave each bite that perfect spicy element and it was a dance of flavors then right in the mouth.

Crispy Fried Waterchestnuts

Next we moved on to the Wok Flashed Thai Garlic Pepper Prawns perfectly cooked with blend of Thai spices and a dash of pepper. Pepper flavor was more prominent and worked perfectly with this dish. One of our favorite, the Thai Chicken Satay was impressive. The creamy peanut sauce gave it the perfect crunch in every bite.

Thai Chicken Satay

We personally preferred having a pan fried version of the prawns, to feel the freshness and succulence of the sea food better. Asked the Chef Prashanth for his personal recommendation, he got us the Cambodian Stir Fried Prawns. The dish with a side of curry sauce, a bit of lime juice smeared on top and you know you got a rocking set of prawns right in front of you.

Cambodian Stir Fried Prawns With Curry Sauce

For readers in recent times of our posts, know how much we have got an affinity of having a great pork dish whenever we can. Call it a phase, but it just doesn’t seem to be passé for now. And voila, we got an order of delicious looking Pot Roasted Pork Ribs glazed with honey and Ginger Plum sauce. Preferring a crispier version though, but the ones at Republic of Noodles is first steamed and then grilled to make the meat juicier. A change from the regular ones, we’ve been having lately.

Honey Glazed Steamed And Grilled Pork Ribs

The STAR dish of the day was yet to come. Packed neatly in banana leaves in sets on five was that one gastronomical secret. As you slowly unwrap the banana leaves, there is placed a delightful looking basa fish cooked in secret Balinese spices. One dig of the knife into the fish as you slowly put a bite into the mouth and go yumm.. That’s the Banana Leaf Wrapped Grilled Fish and you can watch the unwrapping video here.

Banana Leaf Wrapped Grilled Fish with Balinese Spices

Main Courses:

From our trip through the shorelines of Vietnam, we fell in love with this superb dish, the Pho. And you can realize, the elation of seeing that as part of the menu. One of the most complete meals in one bowl. The glass noodles, the fresh kaffir lime and herbs. A tinge of tanginess from the lemon wedge, and we were down slurping it off completely.


Moving on with the passports on the walls to the next country was the Thai Green Curry. To perfectly complement the Thai Green Curry was the Jasmine Rice. A subtle flavor to it and it went perfectly paired together.

Jasmine Rice With Thai Green Curry

So more additions to go with the Jasmine Rice was the Fiery Sri Lankan Curry Fish. Considering that RON uses mostly basa for it’s preparations, so some people who can’t actually stand the after taste can actually relish it. There is none of that smell and though serving Asian food, this being a specialty dish of Republic of Noodles is part of the menus across all the outlets in Lemon Tree Hotels.

Fiery Sri Lankan Curry Fish

We had to step into erstwhile Burma, now Myanmar for some of that Khow Suey. There is a beautiful side plate of neatly arranged fried garlic, onions, vinegar and the likes. A portion of crispy noodles too is given. This is one of the must haves at Republic Of Noodles. The Khow Suey at RON is more inspired from Northern Thailand than it’s Burmese roots.

Burmese Khow Suey

The culinary journey at Republic of Noodles was extremely thrilling and enjoyable. Special thanks to Reginald Corbett and Saurabh, the FnB manager for the amazing time as a host. Chef Binoy and Chef Prashanth for the amazing food served at the tables. Below is a small video of the wisdom, which the Chefs shared with us.

Republic Of Noodles - Lemon Tree Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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