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Brunches are like a gift that you should shower yourself with once in a while. I’ve always been a fan of brunches and still occasionally go for them once in a while with friends. Waking up late on a Sunday and heading straight for a brunch. That’s my kind of lazy Sunday pampering.


There is no denying that The Park hotel is a beautiful hotel. Overlooking the Hussain Sagar with an infinity pool, I don’t mind sipping on G&Ts al day while soaking in this view. The Brunch at The Park had a bit of everything. I started off my afternoon with a bit of childhood memories. Delightful Maggi Counters and Croissants, just the right start to my day. The Maggi can be prepared in any particular way of your choice.

Popcorn At The Children's Counter

Fruits Counter

But don’t fill up just yet. This is just the start to so much more creative counters set by the Chefs. Going along the gourmet lines are Sushi and Pastas. There were almost 3 variants each of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian sushi during my time. The Salmon Volcano was my favorite, where the substituted a roll of salmon instead of rice. The Barbeque Station offers a mix between Hyderabadi and North Indian. There were fillets of chicken and marinated fish. The Seekh Kebab were good too.

Irani Chai Counter

Irani Chai

Now to my favorite side of The Park brunch. Seldom do I see any hotel in the city offering Mandi as part of a brunch. Biryani always plays a much bigger role, but this Arabian dish has been slowly stealing away at people’s heart in the city. The Khabsa served at The Park was a standout and spectacular. The aroma of the rice gave way to an even exquisite taste. The chicken was tender and went wonderfully with a side of tangy tomato chutney. If you still have more cravings post this, there are still a huge array of main courses lined up.


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Special mention to the Beer sorbet which was spectacular. I waited in line patiently as the Chef whipped up a fresh Beer Sorbet with slivers of ginger using Nitrogen right before my eyes. The Park brunch is priced competitively at 1500 AI and make for an amazing afternoon Sunday indulgence. You can upgrade it to 2000 AI for unlimited IMFL drinks.

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