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Summers have set in and heading out to most destinations is going to be met with the same fate, the heat. The urge to travel is very much there but sometimes it’s good to leave the touristy stuff on the side and relax. That’s the void which Staycations fill in. When dreaming of travel and yet want to save up some money and time, staycations give the feeling in town. Relaxing and rolling around in a comfy bed, ordering room service, spa treatments and loads more leave you feeling fresh prepped up for your routine.

Couple of weekends back we checked into IBIS HITEC, the newest property by Accor Group in the Hyderabad. A smooth check-in later, we were welcomed by chef’s special shahi tucked in the room.  I’ve stayed in IBIS properties when travelling in Prague, Bangkok and loads more places around the world and have always loved them. I mostly choose IBIS for their efficiency and policy of 15 minutes to make your stay great if you have any issues.



The room was equipped with the standard Flat Screen TV, AC and Wi-Fi. But what I loved the most is the location and proximity to most usual haunts in Hyderabad. Each of the IT companies are about 10-15 minutes from the IBIS Hitec property. If in the mood to shop then there is Shilparamam, an arts and crafts village. Ethnic Festivals, Traditional jewellery and sarees and handcrafted wooden and metal wares are some of the stuff which are sure to entice you in Shilparamam.



Spice It at the Ibis Hotel offers a great selection in their buffet. There are also loads of food places to explore around Ibis. Madhapur nearby is packed with food-trucks post 11 PM serving great food. There are many restaurants around to indulge in your choice of cuisine in from Hyderabadi, Andhra, Italian, Mexican and many more.


We managed to get up early and try their breakfast buffet. A huge variety of spread that offers both local and continental meal to start your day. The staff is so friendly that they make sure you are stuffed before you head out. I loved their live egg station and their dosa station.

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the Ibis HiTEC. Their strength lies in their location and the great service they provide. Staycations are fun and with Ibis Hyderabad we had a great time. While leaving, they made sure we were up for the summer heat by gifting us a box of freshly cut fruits, vitamin water and chocolates. Well weekend spent after all. Thanks to Chef Punit, Angelo Martins and the entire staff for kickstarting our staycation for 2017.

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Rocky and Mayur need no introduction in today’s time. If their onscreen life were to be chronicled it would just end up with good humor and lots of eating. They literally are the biggest foodies we came across and it was lovely interacting with them and taking them to the various places to eat during the Hyderabad shoot of FoodMad.

Concu Cakes Shoot

FoodMad focuses on specific set of food cravings across the country. The Hyderabad edition was also shot around to feature some of the cravings – Deep Fried food, Chocolate, Exotic food, Iconic food, Spicy food and different kinds of rice items. It was an experience to sit with the FoodMad team and narrow down on the restaurants for each of these cravings.

Brunch Shoot At Olive Bistro

It’s a treat in itself to watch Rocky and Mayur at work, the endless jokes, the camaraderie and pure impromptu talk translates onto the screen, exactly how they are. We hung around watching them shoot in Hyderabad over the two days. They showed keen interesting in understanding the different businesses and also encouraging the restaurant owners to improvise and grow further.

Rocky And Mayur At Oh So Stoned

FoodDrifter were asked to be part of the show for one of the segment. Our first time on camera and they just bonded us into the entire shoot, which felt more like a conversation than being in front of camera. A tweet after the shoot from them appreciating our efforts was the icing on the cake.

Rocky And Mayur Tweet

Here below is an excerpt from an article we had done for Hans India, Sunday Edition. Dated: 2.11.2014

FoodDrifter For Hans India

FoodMad Season 2 airs in December on NDTV GoodTimes.

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The city of the Nizams, the place that houses the elegant Charminar and the ‘Land of the Biryani’. The mammoth food options we get around in Hyderabad is well known. The best way to explore the Hyderabad Food in the city is to go local. Eat the dishes the locals eat, explore the hidden gems like never before and go street smart in terms of food.

We decided to put together a list of the most iconic dishes, for a one day city tour of Hyderabad. Right from the breakfast to ending with a late-night post-dinner, the list is quite extensive. If ever to cover Hyderabad in one day, these are the routes that you should take to go along on a spectacular food journey. We list out the 15 must do things in Hyderabad to be covered in a day.

1. The Butter Dosa And Tawa Idli Bandis: Yes thelas elsewhere are known as Bandis With an insane amount of Butter, Cheese and Paneer going into making each Dosa, know that you’ve started on a gastronomic journey. Ohh, and did we forget to mention that the filling too is Ghee Upma. Stop counting the calories and feel that smooth, crisp Dosa melt in your mouth, that extremely butter pan-fried idlis infuse happiness with each bite. Find your way to Govind, Laxman, Pragati & Ram ki Bandi for the best dosa’s & Tawa Idli’s. To see the first hand action in making the Butter Dosas and Tawa Idlis, watch the video.


2. Paya, Nihari, Kheema: These breakfast dishes would be a sin if not indulged in the right way. Most of the iconic hotels like Shadab, Alpha start to serve breakfast options since early morning. A plate of Bheja Fry, Palak Gurda, Nihari and Paya can be quite fulfilling.

Breakfast At Shadab

3. Irani Chai With Osmania & Tie Biscuits: To soak in the beauty of the Charminar early dawn with a cup of Irani Chai, overlooking all its splendidness is a must-do on the list. Many Irani Chai shops are located all over the city, but best had at the historic Nimrah Café right opposite the Charminar. Best enjoyed with Osmania and Tie Biscuits, dipped in and slurped.

Irani Chai at Nimrah

4. Andhra Thali: An afternoon can’t be the same without tasting the specialty Thali. Spicy, Tangy and Sweetness, all on one plate. The rest is up to you, if you wanting to slurp the rasam away to glory. The most authentic ones being the local messes like Kakatiya, Sri Kanya or Harsha Mess.

Andhra Thali

5. Hyderabadi Biryani: No day in Hyderabad is complete without Biryani. The quintessential Hyderabadi dish has had many a conversations and love affairs happen over a plate of Biryani. Bawarchi, Shadab, Café Bahar, Mohini, Sohail are to name a few the best places to entertain the taste buds to some authentic Biryani.

Hyderabadi Biriyani

6. Dum ka Chai: With the sun almost setting, little is known about the Dum ka Chai than its famous counterpart Irani Chai. The Black Tea is put under heavy heat – dum before mixing with milk and being served. Head over to Café Iqbal in Goshamahal for a cup of Dum ka Chai.

Dum ka Chai

7. Pathar ka Gosht: its hard thinking that meat can be made over a hot stone like the ancient times. But this city sticks to the tradition of Mutton prepared over a slab of hot stone and the outcome is pure juicy sin. Head over to Dine Hill and Bade Miyan in Tankbund for savoring this dish.

Pattar ka Gosht

8. Munshi Naan with Marag: A walk around Purani Haveli and you’ll a line of shops making Munshi Naan, made right in an underground hearth. Best had with a gravy like Marag or fresh kebabs, this Naan can be found in mostly 4 different shapes with the Char Koni being the most famous of them. A masterpiece which hasn’t left the borders outside of the Old City. For more about Munshi Naan you can watch the video

Munshi Naan


9. Bagara Rice with Dalcha and Khatti Dal: a part of almost every Hyderabadi household, these dishes are extremely hard to come by in hotels and restaurants. Nonetheless some of the oldest eateries still do have it on the menu like the Café Iqbal, Shadab, Sohail etc.

Bagara Khaana

10. Qubani Ka Meetha and Kaddu Ka Kheer: No meal is complete without Desserts. Hyderabad doesn’t lack behind when it comes to dessert discoveries. The Qubani ka Meetha (Apricot soaked in Sugar Syrup and Nuts) and Kaddu ka Kheer (Bottle-Gourd Kheer) are some of the must haves.

Qubani ka Meetha

11. Double ka Meetha: To think the important status that this sweet enjoys after a meal is mind-boggling. A bread based sweet, a counterpart to the Shahi Tukda, it’s impossible to miss if going the traditional Hyderabadi way.

Double ka Meetha

12. Badam ki Jali: Lost in history and not quite well-known, the Badam ki Jalli is near impossible to find. Even the most local people will be unable to guide as to where this is found. In a quaint little neighborhood of Aziz Bagh, the Badam ki Jalli is made by a few families only on special order. Pic Courtesy: Badam ki Jali FB Page

Badam ki Jalli

13. Jauzi ka Halwa: Right on the main junction of Nampally, you’ll find a small shop outlet in the name of Hameedi. Made with Jauzi (Nutmeg) and heavily laden with Ghee, the last Nizam had loved it so much that he sent a letter to name the shop after the nickname of one of his sons.

Special Jauzi ka Halwa

14. Famous And Bilal Ice Creams: Seasonal Fruits and along with it comes the seasonal Ice Creams. The oldest of the city’s dairies produce them freshly made from natural fruits and do make it a point to ask, what’s new on the menu miyan?

Bilal Ice Cream

15. Mandi At Barkas: Barkas is an area completely cut-off from the main city. Known for it’s Persian and Yemenis population, they’ve combined both the food cultures together. A late night long drive and then settle over a huge plate of Laham or Faham Mandi at Mataam-Al-Arabi, Yum Yum Tree and the likes and you’ll be licking your fingers dry. Post 12 AM is the best time to head out to these place, once the late night hunger kicks in.

Mandi At Barkas

The lineup covers the most iconic of dishes as seen through a local point of view. Hyderabad as a city has a lot more to offer when explored. But a walk down the lanes brimming with kebabs and Biryani and you sure are going to be beginning a journey, with lots of memories and more food journey to come back.

If ever in the city during the holy month of Ramzan, when the entire city of Hyderabad is all decked up with festivities and a lot more, having to taste the Haleem should figure high on the list. The Iranians might have invented it, but Hyderabad is where it’s soul lies. Some of the city’s outlets too serve Haleem throughout the year, but most of the city folks swear by having it only during this month.

Haleem At Cafe 555

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There has always been this question of Buffet Vs À la carte popped a little too many times to us when asking for recommendations to eating out. We as Indians love a good spread. After all who doesn’t want to have that extra Gulab Jamun or an extra helping of that delicious chicken curry? Thus the major conundrum in taking the decision of sticking to a buffet or À la carte.

Sea Food Platter At Olive Bistro

When thinking as a group, Buffet does make for a better option. The safest bet to take when you don’t know everyone’s palettes or tastes. It’s each man for himself, stretch, stand and shove onto plates, the food items you love. But every time after a buffet I end up with a full stomach and not so satisfied meal, I know I should have stuck to the À la carte.

Buffet 1

When going for À la carte and ordering for myself at the table I know exactly what I want and which dishes I’d want to try and moreover how to want it. Sometimes it’s a good feeling knowing that the chef in the kitchen is going to pay that extra bit of attention to making and plating my order than the food in a buffet spread, left to dry and die. I don’t have to be getting up a number of times, to pick food for my plate. Just relax back and wait for the hot piping food from the kitchen to arrive directly onto my table and be served by the waiters.

Carte 2

Economically viewing, buffets stand out quite ahead. Enjoying an unlimited array of food, laid out as you can refill anything and everything any number of times does make for a practical choice. But how many times have we at the end of the buffet realized that we never could try most of the dishes on offer? That almost everything to anything was passable at best.

Buffet 2

À la carte on the other hand, you might end up with a gratifying meal, but the bill at the end of the gastronomic journey is going to cost you. For people who dislike buffets and still have to go with a group, the next best thing is the Set Menu. You get to choose the dishes that you want to be served to the group from the menu for a set pricing and needn’t worry anymore as to having your food cold from the spread table. The waiters serve your orders at your table directly too. But this too can’t be as satisfying as an À la carte order considering that the chefs in the kitchen will have to be cooking for a gathering than a particular table.

Carte 4

In all conclusion, it is a never ending decision to be made every time a party, a get together or a dining out has to be planned. Buffets are the way to go when eating out with a large gathering. But when sticking to small company or individual, the À la carte is the pragmatic choice. It all really depends on the dining experience, the food you want to eat and what you want to tuck into that small pocket you call a stomach.

Carte 3

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Tata Starbucks, a joint venture between Tata Global Beverages and Starbucks Coffee Company has opened it’s first store in Hyderabad. After the launch in Chennai, the land of the filter Coffee, Tata Starbucks goes operational in it’s sixth city and 58th outlet in the land of the Irani and Dum ka Chai. The hype, the frenzy leading up till the launch has been crazy.

Starbucks + India

The location was kept under wraps until the invites were sent out to a few selected people and bloggers. The online food forums were all abuzz, the comments featured that one word “Starbucks” in most of the conversations before the sign boards started to pop up over the city.

Coffee Shot Frappucinos

The store is done up artistically beautiful neo-urban décor using the simplest of conceptual design. The store blends coffee with art in it’s elegant hand-polished woodwork. Being India’s first all natural-light store, it feels spacious with it’s two floor seating design.

Caffeine High

Going by it’s culture of amalgamating local heritage in their designs, Starbucks Hyderabad has wooden pearl hangings decorating the corners exhibiting that deft touch of the regionally inspired culture and furniture. The spacious and comfortable seating inside gives a break from the clamor of the traffic outside and the patio seating, creating a relaxed atmosphere for setting up the perfect conversations over coffee.

Coversations Over Coffee

The customary ribbon cutting done, people were ushered in with greetings of “Welcome to Starbucks Hyderabad”. The guests were given shots of the most popular coffees on the menu, while you could go over to the counter to order your choice or drinks and eats. A coffee tasting and brewing station was set up on the balcony upstairs for the invitees to understand the nuances of freshly brewed coffee.

Coffee Tastings

Ordering at Starbucks, you can choose between your Short/Tall/Grande/Venti coffee mug sizes. You are also given a choice between regular, nonfat and soy milk to get the perfect drink blended as per your preference.

Choice Of Coffee Mug Sizes

The Java Chip was our favorite Frappuccino of the day. The bittersweet Mocha Sauce with the delicate layer of chocolate chips and the coffee was the perfect brew of the evening. The green tea lovers can enjoy the much loved Green tea latte that is TATA TAZO tea special offered to the Indian Market.

Chai Lattes

FoodDrifter Recommendations:
The best of the lot in the non-vegetarian food section was the Double Meat Club Sandwich, a humongous roasted lamb, chicken and sausages in parmesan tomato bread sandwich. It was cheesy and exquisitely filling with every bite.

Double Meat Club Sandwich

Vegetarians fret not, there is a lot options here at the Starbucks food counter. The Hummus and Pita Bread platter is the outstanding among all things vegetarian and is also completely vegan.

Hummus And Pita Bread Platter

As the evening progressed, people relaxed with a cuppa chatting up with friends soaking in the perfect Starbucks setup. The top 20 winners from the warmuptostarbucks.in campaign were gifted with reward membership cards. The swanky Starbucks store, the first of many, as it sets it’s expansion plans in the city of the Nizams is sure going to be the new rage in town.



Starbucks Cups

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The person who uttered the wise words “There’s always something happening over a glass of beer” was right on so many levels. The feeling of having a glass of crisp, freshly-brewed beer in your hands, smashingly delicious finger food in front of you and conversations to get you going glass after glass is a feeling like no other.

Conversations Over Beer

So what gets a Microbrewery culture going in Bangalore with many breweries being set up across the Garden City? It’s more of the experience, the combination of food with freshly crafted frothy liquid goldenness which makes it appetizing. The IT Capital is slowly turning out to be the unofficial Beer Capital of India what with thanks to various microbreweries.

Dishing Out The Cool Music

Here’s our look at the beer culture that Bangalore has revolutionized onto. Mad over beer lovers that we are, makes us want to do a trip down to this beautiful city just for the excuse of visiting the various breweries. Yes, the microbrewery uprising might have started out at The Biere Club which has very a good selection of fresh beers but we settle for two others which have become our regular favorite guzzling grounds.

Toit Interiors

Toit – The moment you enter through Toit doors the atmosphere breathes energy and the music gets to your feet at the very instant. The microbrewery in Indiranagar boasts of a regular customer with us to be counted among them with more focus on their beers like first love. Interiors done in an English pub setting with a very good selection of rock numbers playing in the background this place has the most amazing craft beers.

Chicken Lasagna At Toit

Six of the craft beers being the Dark Knight, Colonial Toit, Basmati Blonde, Toit Red, Tintin Toit and Toit Weiss being regulars on the menu they have seasonal flavors as well. We loved the Litchi and Apple Cider ones the last time we visited from their festive menu.

Beer Samplers - Toit

The best part is a visit to the Mocktails page which actually might give you a good laugh with quirky drinks like The G-String and Indian Doctor’s Prescription drinks on the menu.


The food is least to be disappointed about with the Baked Mac and Cheese and Prawns on Fire being the absolute standouts.

Baked Mac 'N' Cheese - Toit

Our Picks: Colonial Toit, Tintin Toit, Toit Weiss, Apple Cider and the Hefeiweizen. Dark Knight with it’s black coffee flavors isn’t for everyone. Recommended to try the beer platter before settling for the best one as per tastes.

Prawns On Fire - Toit

298, 100 Ft Road,
Indira Nagar II Stage
Contact: +91 901 971 3388, +91 901 981 3388

Website: http://toit.in/
Arbor Brewing Company – Old school wooden benches and light bulbs overhanging and the lovely sound of beer fizz as it escapes the tall glass. What more could Beer Aficionados ask for? Overlooking the Garuda Mall in bustling Brigade Road, ABC Brewpub, the Indian cousin of the famous Arbor Brewpub in Ann Arbor can be a bit hard to find if going the first time.

Arbor Beer Samplers

It’s on the 3rd floor of the complex and as soon as you enter and notice the huge vats of beer being brewed, you know you stepped into Beer Heaven. It’s India’s first American Craft brewery with the concept of pairing food and beer together.

Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich At ABC

Having up to eight regular flavors on the menu with other beautifully crafted varietals being a regular, it boasts of a beer menu like no other. The Food Menu is also vast as the beer selections. The Spicy Fried Calamari and Flaming Chicken Wings are not to be missed.

Chicken Wings -  ABC

Our Picks: Raging Elephant, Phat Abbot, Spiced Ale, Pilsner and IPA

Heavenly Drumsticks -  ABC

Arbor Brewing Company
8, 3rd Floor, Allied Grande Plaza, Opposite Home Stop,
Magrath Road, Brigade Road
080 50 144477

Website: www.arborbrewing.com

The other notable Beer places around town are Prost Brewpub, Barleyz and Windmills Craftworks. Reservation is a must on weekends for most of the breweries.

So before we do end up with a case Cenosillicaphobia, let’s be ordering another round of drinks for our tables and there’s the “Cheers”. Drink responsibly and do give share some gyaan once a bit high with your fellow mates.

The Right Lady For You, Eh

Photos By: Abhishek Mishra and FD

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Late night revelry in Goa and you know that there is some place you need to get over that throbbing hangover. Don’t hesitate ever to make way to Lila Café. A quaint little café, picturesquely situated on the banks of the Baga River, this café will simply wow you with it’s fresh breads, croissants, jams and omelets.

Facing The Baga River

The best part is the place is so laid back with that delicious smell of hot bakes bread wafting through the air, as you relax on one of those wicker chairs facing the Baga River to enjoy your breakfast. The white muslin drapes are easy on the eyes and the food delectable for it to be considered one of the best bakeries in North Goa.

Lila Cafe Menu

Lila Café is run by a German couple since the past many years and now have moved to a new location a few meters down from where they originally were. From the moment you take a seat, breathe and soak in the relaxing ambiance, to being handed the menu card which looks more like a tabloid, to being served the fresh juices and smoothies.

Bacon Omelette

It’s all an experience to have been enjoyed. Breakfast, Lunch or High Teas, Lila Café is the place to be. So this food extravaganza for any loved foodie and you sure are happy to walk out delighted. Don’t forget to finish off with a Apple Pie, some of the best we ever had, served with fresh whipped cream.


Note: Closed during the monsoons from June to Sept. and on Tuesdays. They also do not accept Credit Cards.

German Bread

Contact Information:
Lila Café,
Near Baga-River,
Arpora-Baga, Bardez,

Phone: +91 (0) 832 – 2914687 or Cliff @ 9822150533
Email: lilacafe@sify.com
Web: http://www.lilacafegoa.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lilacafegoa
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For a city where every resident, from all walks of life thrive on one dish and can have it for all breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is difficult to argue as to where do you get the best Dahibara Aloodum. Every resident has his/her own personal favorite. It might be the one in his street, the street where his/her crush lives, right outside the school/college they’re studying at or maybe 15 kms away so that he can make the ride simply to enjoy a dish of awesomeness.


Cuttack is one hell of a labyrinth for the people who aren’t accustomed to it’s lanes. If you are a newbie around and have pushed your car into one of those narrow lanes, chances are you would have already caused a roadblock with every one trying to cut through or giving you the hand signal to help you drive through the narrow roads. But the bonding of every Cuttackian has happened over a plate of Dahibara Aloodum. The love for it encompasses any other food item they would have ever had and they might just be born with the gene to already love it by default.

Spicy Aloodum

So what is it about this simple dish that has a 1000-year old city crazy about it and licking their fingers? The bara’s are soaked and left in Dahi so that all the marinating seeps into the bara’s making it a lot softer and flavorful. And add to it the Aloo Dum and Guguni piping hot with the garnishing of sev, pudina and coriander and you have got one hell of a dish licking your fingers.

Kanika Chaaka Dahibara

The numerous Dahibarawalas can be found in plenty of spots in the 52 streets, 53 lanes city. Driving to houses in cycles, setting up stalls under trees and parking their lot outside of popular places, it’d be hard not finding one every 100 metres away.

The most famous ones:

  1. Raghu Dahibara – In Bidanasi, this guy has been around for so long that people even travel from other cities all the way to have his yet. He doesn’t believe in the concept of spoons, so better be licking the spiciness off your fingers and then asking for a sweet peda to douse that spiciness off your tongue
  2. Kanika Chaaka Petrol Pump: Has since shifted base to a shop adjacent instead of opposite and you can follow the crowd to his stall
  3. Deula Sahi: One of the few places where the mitha Dahibara is as good as the savory one. Personal favorite and swear by the guguni
  4. Ishuwar and Other ones outside Barabati Stadium: Used to be good and still attract the crowds though have lost some of the sheen in my opinion

The Various Stalls Outside Barabati Stadium

So after having some of the lip-smacking Dahibara Aloodum in the city, don’t forget to ask to fill up on some of the dahi to drink up, that’s your mocktail alongside and a handful of sev to go about then after.

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The first thing which comes to mind when mentioning Vietnamese cuisine is Phở. It is one simple dish which has an entire country’s food resting on its slender shoulders. When doing a trip through the landscape of Vietnam, from the North to the South, we had the opportunity to relish the history behind this simple dish and about the nation which is so crazy about it.

The First Impressions and Origins:-

The streets of Hanoi are lined from one end to the other with vendors selling Phở. The morning breakfast is incomplete without it and if you aren’t the early riser, you may as well miss the early bowl of fresh Phở. So whether pronouncing it fuh, fur, fuuhh, this is one dish which is going to leave you with a lasting impression on your Vietnam trip. And I sure had to practice and get my pronunciations right so as not to be be stopped on the street and be corrected by a local.

Hanoi Street Food

The origins of this humble dish are quite interesting. Some say that the French Officer’s lover was asked to prepare a pot-au-feu, the classic French beef stew and she couldn’t get her flavors right and use the local spices and ‘feu’ and behold the Vietnamese Dish was born.

Contrary to what I thought, Phở actually refers to the noodles and not the soup. The Northern Vietnam version i.e. Hanoi from where the dish originated usually uses the flat rice noodles and lot less ingredients than their counterparts in the South. The other necessary terms to know are the (beef) and (Chicken) so you know correctly if to order the phở bò (beef) or phở gà (chicken).

Pho Ga 1

Ingredients and Variations:-

When cruising through the streets of Hanoi, a lot of people drive their bikes right into the shops, ordering themselves a bowl and slurping it right on their bikes as they go about their day. The best way to judge Phở is by its broth. The broth should be clear and should pack a lot of flavor with the Cinnamon, Star Anise, Cloves, Cardamom and fennel, charred onions and ginger being the most essential spices. The rice noodles follow in the broth after that.

Next comes the meat. Usually in phở gà an entire chicken in used but for the phở bò the broth is usually done by simmering either the bones, oxtail or flank with the meat in the Phở when served, very minimal. When served Phở, you get a lot of herbs for garnishes on the side, but an insider secret don’t immediately go for the garnishes and actually sip the broth before messing with the dish. The herbs were usually some very interesting ones which we had not had before like the sawgrass, a quite prickly, subtly bitter and tangy at the same time. The others were the Cilantro, Culantro, Scallions, Basil, and Thai Chilies for that adding of extra spiciness and Bean Sprouts to round off that crunchiness to the Phở with a wedge of lime to provide the tangy taste. The other sauces to round off a bowl of Phở is with Hoisin, Sriracha or Vinegar which shall be provided.

Pho Ca (Fish Pho)

Is there a way to eat Phở?

There is no better way to eating Phở than being messy and it was a great learning experience. Armed with the chopsticks in one hand and soup spoon in the other, the best way is to sip the broth first as you work your way with the noodles with the chopsticks. I was told it’s actually polite to slurp as deliciously as you like with your mouth close to the bowl, so that all the aroma hits you right through.

Important Pointers:

  1. The first lesson from a local was to control the urge to splatter my Phở with the sauces and keep it a minimal and then dash it the flavors accordingly to the taste. Phở is best when sticking to its minimalistic flavors.
  2. The next best thing was I could actually slurp and lick the end of the bowl without anyone so much as giving me the stares. In fact it is considered polite to do that and compliments the chef.
  3. A Phở is nothing without its broth, its entire life and soul. So the best is to give the Phở its necessary due before messing with its basic flavors.

Fresh Pho

A dish so simple and a dish packing in it so much exquisiteness in flavor, it definitely holds true to have been redefining Vietnamese Cuisine. Unless you’ve done your research, probably the first dish out of your mouth when mentioning Vietnam would be Phở and yes it is so much worth when had first-hand. Phở has gone global and so has its humble origins. There are a lot more restaurants serving this spectacular dish with Phở 24, being most notable among them, but the best Phở is served by the family run establishments along the streets of Hanoi.

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