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Guinness Beer – A FoodDrifter Review

by FoodDrifter

How many of you actually picked up a glass of Guinness on March 17th to raise a toast? Well 13.4 million glasses did this year 2015, according to a survey which goes on to tell us about the huge market that the beautiful dark beer has captured. So here in this writeup, I actually take a look at the craziness behind this one brand of beer. What makes us love the Irish Drink, a sensation and a landmark out of a tiny country.

Guinness Draught Beer 2

Neidhi, the better explorer of the blog has had her fair shares of the Guinness beer but for me it was a first time experience. And I am thankful enough for her to get me couple of Guinness cans from her recent visit to Dublin. So having put my Guinness can in the refrigerator to chill I waited for a charming Friday night to pop it open.

With a pack of Doritos and Salsa by side, soothing music as my feet tapped to the rhythm, I pop open the can of Guinness Beer to a smooth fizz. Naturally I thought it would be great to do a review on it.

Ethereal Flow:

Special mention on the first adjective used above for when you first pour Guinness into a glass. The first expression you give when you are pouring over a pint is “Damn! That’s a beautiful beer!!” You actually feel real happiness on seeing it come alive in the glass. Guzzling from bottom up, it releases bubbles into a thick pillow head of a gorgeous light beige. But the best part of Guinness is all about that wait, the wow in seeing the bubbles settle to a liquid completely black with the most beautiful head you can find in a beer. This is actually due to the trick of the widget at the bottom which can be read more here.

Guinness Draught Beer 1

There is none of that strong fizz or the glugging while tilting over a can of Guinness and it is pure smooth delight. This might be presumable due it being thicker than regular lagers.

Olfactory Sensations:

As with most of my drinks I love absorbing the distinct smell of each of them. Each of them has it’s own distinguishing fragrance and Guinness carries with it the aroma of roasted malt. There is also a strong waft of coffee beans it carries with it. It is an Irish Stout after all and hence a little drier than the other regular sweet stouts. It also carries with it a wee bit of vanilla, at least those my receptors picked up on.

Guinness Draught Beer 4

The Drink:

As I lifted my first sip of the Guinness I couldn’t help noticing the mouthfeel to be smooth and refreshing. This truly black drink slides in clean through your mouth and those who don’t like strong flavors might not fall for it the first few sips. The alcohol warms the palate soothingly and the roasted malt pervades the nostrils. Despite the large foamy head that remains after the last sip of the pint the carbonation level is moderate.


The Guinness is a solid stout beer with more complexity than I expected. Despite being told that Guinness is a filling drink, I didn’t find it so. Comparing it to the regular beers on market shelves, the calories in Guinness are a lot less. Guinness is beer brewing at it’s finest and after having an entire pint of it, I understand why it has half the world craving it more. It might be a brilliant market strategy but that doesn’t change the fact that it is also one of the most finely brewed drinks you’ll have. The alcohol limits in Guinness are nominal and moderate drinking has hurt no one. Now off to pop open another can of the Black Ambrosia.

Also have a look at these Luxury Fudge Chocolates which I have opened a pack off. Just like the drink they are extremely smooth and melt in the mouth. I’m now looking to try the other variants of Guinness now.

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