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A First Timer’s Guide To Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia Part 1

by FoodDrifter

We have got multiple requests from people who have asked us to help plan their itinerary in Malaysia. Malaysia is one of the beautiful countries to visit if you’re planning a vacation from India. Direct low-cost flights are available from almost all major airports in India to Kuala Lumpur with the major airlines being Malaysian Airlines, Air Asia and Lion Air. We decided to list out all that you need to know to help you plan your next trip to Malaysia.

Visa Process For Indian Citizens:

The Malaysian Visa is one of the easiest ones to attain for an Indian Passport holder. VFS Global handles the visa process activities for the Malaysian Govt. in India. You can either go direct to the VFS Global Visa Centers in your city or apply through a travel agent. It is advisable to always take the 1 year multiple entry visa to Malaysia which costs the same as a 3 month visa.

To Malaysia

Reaching From Airport To Kuala Lumpur City Center:

To go about the rest of the routes in Kuala Lumpur, you certainly have to reach city center. City Center is the heart of the city is from where all the roads diverge to the rest of Kuala Lumpur. Unless you are ready to shell out a huge amount for Airport cabs, the Airport buses and KLIA Exspres are your best bets. Uber works out too.

KL Airport

The KLIA is the major airport of the city and might just be the busiest airport in Asia. The Malaysian Airlines and Air Asia from India arrive at the KLIA in Kuala Lumpur. The KLIA Exspres is the fastest way to the city center and if you’re pressed for time, then it’s advised to use this mode of transport. There is 4G wifi on board and takes about 25 minutes to the reach the city center. Tickets costs RM 55 and can be purchased online.

The Airports buses are the best and most economical way to navigate from the KLIA airport to City Center. There are more than 4-5 bus services which ply between these routes with tickets costing RM 9-10. They are comfortable, have music on board (plays according to the driver’s mood) and take about 45 minutes to reach the City Center. The tickets can be pre-booked online too but I’d suggest to take the bus at the terminal itself depending on which of the airport carriers are waiting. So in that way you don’t have to wait for your own booked bus and just board the one that’s about to leave.

Bus Bay From Airport

Getting Around Kuala Lumpur:

Kuala Lumpur has great connectivity when it comes to using the Metro. Get a metro map at your hotel reception right when you’re checking in for future use. The taxis do not follow strict meter guidelines and you can end up being quoted a lot.

But honestly the best way for getting around KL was calling for an Uber. I found it to be the cheapest mode of transport during my visit to KL. For a ride from Suria KLCC to Bukit Bintang which almost every taxi quoted as RM 20, I ended up with a bill of just RM 5 for the journey.

The next posts shall concentrate more about Food, Places to Visit and Things To Do in KL.

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