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Petronas Towers Tour And Aquaria KLCC – Malaysia Part 2

by FoodDrifter

If you’ve had any friend who’s visited Kuala Lumpur, it’s customary that he/she would have should you a picture of them with the iconic Petronas Towers. These are must do things which are part of every plan and it is with awe that you shall look at the Petronas towers. They were once the tallest towers in the world before the Burj Khalifa and Taipei 101, soared through the list.

Underneath the Petronas Towers is the Suria KLCC shopping mall. If you’re one of those who goes crazy and loves to shop, then the Suria KLCC is for you. With more than 400 stores ranging from house big box retailers, high-street brands, indie labels, local boutiques and a huge food court to boast of. It’ll be hours before you’re done with completing Suria KLCC as a whole.

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The Petronas Twin Towers (or “Menara Berkembar Petronas” in Malay) are twin skyscrapers located in the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (“KLCC”). The twin towers are constructed of reinforced concrete with steel and glass facade referencing motifs found in Islamic art. A sky-bridge connects the two towers together at midpoint.

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Tickets to visit the Petronas Towers almost certainly run out by 8AM in the morning. There are usually tourists lining up in queue as early as 5 AM to grab tickets for entry to the Petronas Towers. So it most certainly advisable to buy the Petronas Tower visit tickets in advance online to beat the rush and also help plan your day better visiting other hot-spots around KL. The tickets to the Petronas Towers can be purchased here.

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While you gather around in your group, the first stop on the “Petronas Tower Tour of Discovery”  and have a security briefing. You’re then most certainly shuttled off for photos for reasons which become apparent later. The group is then crammed into a lift which is then shuttled off till the 41st Floor. I would have truly loved the lift to have been of entire glass so that I could have watched the city’s skyline as I went up the floors, but sadly a video of you going up plays on the side.

The 41st floor is where the sky-bridge is. The sky-bridge connect the two towers at the 41st and 42nd floors. Contrary to what you might think, the sky bridge is actually not physically attached as it might look. It is designed to allow for swaying of the two towers during high winds. You will be allowed to stay here for 10 minutes to take photographs or just admire the views.

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After the 10 minutes of you’ll be asked to queue up to be taken up to Level 83. From Level 83 you will ushered to another pair of smaller lifts which will take you up to the actual observatory on Level 86 of Tower 2. The view of the skyline of Kuala Lumpur is phenomenal from the observatory deck and also you can get a view of the pinnacle of the two towers.

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The trip is then officially completed and you’ll be brought down and make your way out through the souvenir shop. You can choose to buy the merchandise and also the photographs which had been clicked by the staff earlier, embossed on the Petronas Twin Towers.

The Petronas Towers is an iconic structure depicting the greatness of Human Engineering feat and a must visit when in KL. After the visit to the Petronas Towers we headed through the Suria KLCC to visit the Aquaria KLCC.

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The Aquaria KLCC is housed in the same area and can be navigated to through the Suria KLCC. It’s fun to visit the Aquaria KLCC if you are with kids. They will have a gala time at the Aquariam.

Aquaria KLCC (6)

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Right outside the Petronas Towers is the KLCC Park, a huge man-made park. We chose to sit at the KLCC Park while watching the sun set over the Petronas Towers. It was beautiful seeing the two towers lighting up slowly as the sun set taking on different hue of colors as the natural light faded.


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